The Warwick Gold Cup

Warwick Gold CupThe Warwick Gold Cup is one of the biggest horse events in the world.  In 2014, over 800 horses and riders gathered at a single venue to compete, under identical circumstances and the same judge, for a single trophy.

Initially the Warwick Gold Cup involved competitors from New South Wales and Queensland and in the late 1970’s competitors from Victoria joined in.  Northern Territory competitors followed and some South and Western Australians have also made the trip to Warwick to compete.

The Warwick Gold Cup is a truly national event.

Terry Hall, winner of every event in the campdrafting calendar says, “No matter how many trophies you have, it’s the Gold Cup they all want to see.”

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Warwick Gold Cup Results & Videos

Hall of Fame

2021 Winner – Richard Hansen & 49er Shake.  [Find out more…]

Stallion Draft Winners

Photo by Kenyon Sports Photos. Ben Tapp & Cool Dust.
Photo by Kenyon Sports Photos. Ben Tapp & Cool Dust.  2012 Warwick Gold Cup Winners.