NCHA National Finals/Snafflebit Futurity & Breeders Incentive

At the end of every point score year the NCHA hold their annual National Finals in Tamworth NSW. Initially only the top point scorers for the year were generally invited, but this has since changed and entries are now open to all members.  Open and Novice categories are based on the horse’s earnings and the Non Pro is based on the rider’s earnings.

The show features a number of popular events including an Open & Open Non Pro, $5,000 Non Pro, $10,000 Non Pro, Novice classes and Youth events.

Jon Templeton & Pounce on Coals
Photo by Ken Anderson Equine Photography. Jon Templeton & Pounce on Coals, Snafflebit Futurity.

The Breeders Incentive show which was added to the National Finals schedule in 2014 proved very popular. The show features two aged events – Derby and Classic – and their non pro categories, and is designed to promote the leading sires in the industry. The show prize money is based on nominations from stallions and entries for their progeny as well as added money from the NCHA.

For a few years the Snafflebit Futurity was moved to the National Finals, but moved back in 2018.  It is a very popular event, with excellent prize money  and a $3,000 incentive if the champion horse was purchased from the previous Landmark Sale.



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