Nutrien Classic Horse Sale

The Nutrien Classic, formerly Landmark Classic, began in 2008 and has evolved to become Australia’s premier Campdrafting competition and Horse sale. Comprising five feature events and over $200,000 in total cash and prizes it is one of Australia’s richest Campdraft competitions.

Horses aged 5 or under and purchased from a previous Classic sale compete each year for a share in a cash and prize pool worth over $120,000 – including the $50,000 winners cheque.

The event is a huge drawcard to Tamworth with tens of thousands of people going through the gates at the AELEC.  In 2020 and sales eclipsed the $7 million mark for a fifth consecutive year and 2021 saw results blown out the water with sales exceeding $10 Million.

2021 saw the event enter its 14th year.  The event usually runs over nine days, comprising three full days of campdraft competition, before two days of pre-works leading into the main event, four days of auctions and sales.  2021 saw an extra day added at the beginning due to Covid requirements.

With the success of the Classic, Nutrien has steadily grown its Equine calendar which now includes The Annual Yearling and Broodmare Sale and Incentive Challenge at Toowoomba, along with the Nutrien Paradise Lagoons Performance Horse Sale and Incentive Campdraft.

Nutrien’s commitment has brought much-needed stability to the Australian Performance Horse Industry.

Previous Results

2022 Nutrien Classic

Winner: Ben Hall & Hunter View Conmaze (by Proud Lil Pepto)
Owners: Ben & Cheri Stanger
Sex: Mare
Purchased: 2020 for $30,000
Vendor: Warwick & Fiona Lawrence
Cash Prize: $50,000

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2021 Nutrien Classic

Winner: Ben Hall & Rathcool Dr Who (by One Stylish Pepto)
Owners: Ben & Jaye Hall
Sex: Gelding
Purchased: 2020 for $20,000
Vendor: Andrew & Jill Stallman
Cash Prize: $50,000.

2020 Nutrien Classic

Winner: Jason Lindley & PV Grasshopper
Tori Acton
2019 for $30,000
Beale Group Trust
Cash Prize:

2019 Landmark Classic

Winner: Wyatt Young & Nashville Nightman (by Hazelwood Conman)
Marg Hinde, Royce Howard and Jason Bower
2017 for $8,500
Trevor & Vanessa Nash
Cash Prize:

This marked the fourth win for Hazelwood Conman progeny in the Classic in the twelve years since it began.

2019 Landmark Classic Sale Summation

Secret Time & Ben Hall
2018 Landmark Classic Winners: Secret Time (by One Time Royalty) & Ben Hall.  [View 3 round compilation video]

2018 Landmark Classic

Winner: Ben Hall & Secret Time (by One Time Royalty)
Ken Frost (Beljay Performance Horses)
Sex: Gelding
Purchased: 2015 for $5,500
Vendor: The Sutherland Trust
Cash Prize: $40,000

Sold again in the 2018 Classic Sale for $20,000 to Britnee Breneger.

2018 Landmark Classic Averages

2017 Landmark Classic

Winner: Brendan Fitzgerald & Bonniedoon Kanya Catolena
Brooke Fitzgerald.
Sex: Stallion
Purchased: 2014 for $7,500
Vendor: Bonniedoon Performance Horse Stud – Peter & Karen Reid
Cash Prize: $40,000

Second Classic win in 10 years for Brendan.

2017 Landmark Classic Averages

2016 Landmark Classic

Winner: Cal Gibson & Yulgilbar Dance Elegance
 Simcal Trading.
Sex: Mare
Purchased: 2015 for $54,000
Vendor: Myer family principals of Yulgilbar Quarter horse stud
CashPrize: $40,000

2016 Landmark Classic Averages

2015 Landmark Classic

Winner: Mat Holz & Bulla Tambourine (by Hazelwood Conman)
Peter Aposto
Sex: Mare
Purchased: 2014 for $66,000
Vendor: Mark Ruff, Bulla Lyn ASH stud
Cash Prize: $35,000

This marked the third win for Hazelwood Conman progeny in the Classic in the seven years since it began.

2017 Landmark Classic Averages

2014 Landmark Classic

Winner: Pat Smyth & Bar None Confession (by Hazelwood Conman)
Sex: Gelding
Purchased: 2013 for $12,500
Vendor: Cameron & Jane Lee
Cash Prize: $35,000

Averages not available.

2013 Landmark Classic

Winner: Ben McNaughton & The Ranch Jannali
Sex: Gelding
Purchased: 2011 for $6,500.
Vendor: Terry Hillier
Cash Prize: $35,000

Averages not available.

2012 Landmark Classic

Winner Michael Hiscock Riding Luckenough Horizon
Maffra Syndicate
Sex: Mare
Purchased: 2009  for $8,000
Vendor: Peter Cookson
Cash Prize: $30,000

Luckenough Horizon was again presented for sale by the syndicate at the 2012 sale and sold for $34,000 to Tommy Gallagher, Hunter Valley.

2011 Landmark Classic

Winner Ian Laurie Riding Whos Catwoman
Purchased: 2010 for $16,000
Vendor: Bob Johnston
Cash Prize: $30,000

2011 Landmark Classic Averages

2010 Landmark Classic

Winner Brendan Fitzgerald Riding Brenwan Snipette
KR Livestock
Sex: Mare
Purchased: 2009 Sale for $34,000
Vendor: Brenwan Stockhorses
Prize: $30,000

2010 Landmark Classic Averages

2009 Landmark Classic

Winner Terry Hall Riding Hazelwood Con Air (by Hazelwood Conman)
 Bill and Christine Wild
Sex: Mare
Purchased: 2008 for $17,000
Vendor: TE & CE Hall
Cash Prize: $30,000

2009 Landmark Classic Averages

2008 Landmark Classic

2008 Landmark Classic Averages

All information in relation to Landmark’s national equine sales and the Nutrien Classic can be found on the Nutrien Equine website.