ASHS Super Quest

AshS Super QuestThe ASH Super Quest event is an initiative of the North Queensland Management Council of the ASHS.

It is an event aimed at promoting Rookie Horses and the Australian Stock Horse Society through the campdrafting industry. The event is run in conjunction with the ACA and points accumulated are the points earned at the ACA venues nominated.

  • Each horse entered must be ACA Rookie Horse nominated.
  • Each horse must nominate on a separate Super Quest Entry Form.
  • All ACA members are encouraged to nominate.
  • Super Quest point year is currently April 1 to March 31.
  • Each horse must nominate eight (8) ACA venues from which they wish to acquire points. Their scores will then be counted towards their end of year point score.
  • The top six (6) horses will then compete at the ACA Finals over two Rounds. These points will then be added to their yearly aggregate to decide the winner.
  • A trophy saddle and prizemoney to sixth is available.
  • Further enquiries to Bec McKeering  07 4654 9172.

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Jaye Hall & Mink Rio winning Superquest 2015
Halls Mink Rio winning the Superquest at the ACA finals, St George 2015.

Previous winners.

  • 2019/20 Beljay Mia Cat & Matt Moffat & Ben Hall
  • 2018/19  Azo Hepburn & Jack Mann
  • 2017/18   Jody Crozier & Superjay Concession (by Hazelwood Conman)
  • 2016/17    Berry Shann & Chauffeur Driven
  • 2015/16    Ben Hall & Cosmo (by Hazelwood Conman)
  • 2014/15    Jaye Hall & Halls Mink Rio (by Daley’s Playrio)
  • 2013/14    Mac Shann & Cantaur Park Daddy’s Girl (by One Moore Daddy)
  • 2012/13    Ben Hall & Daleys Bling (by Hazelwood Conman)
  • 2011/12    Peter Glenwright & Laroona Helena
  • 2010/11    Ben Hall & Halls Dryacres
  • 2009/10    Gary Faulks & Kyeema Quiksilver
  • 2008/09    Kay Radke & LeLant Girl Talk
  • 2007/08    Peter Glenwright & Laroona Brittany
  • 2006/07    Hugh Philp & Soda Louise
  • 2005/06    Barry Southern & Willdo Finance
  • 2004/05    Peter Glenwright & Laroona Backstreet Boy
  • 2003/04    Tony Hick & Nonda One Dark Night (by Acres Destiny)
  • 2002/03    Rory Fitzgerald & Rosareeka
  • 2001/02    Rohan Marks & Durramboi Surcas
  • 2000/01    Mark Buttsworth & QP Double Doc
  • 1999/00    Owen Maller & Hamilton Park Melody
  • 1998/99    Vicki Pownall & Skyville Triple Luck
  • 1997/98    Dan Griffith & Minnie Love Ray Dee
  • 1996/97    Jason Philp & Moody Blues
  • 1995/96    Pete Comiskey & Moogems Coal Dust
  • 1994/95    Rohan Marks & Pioneer Camisole
  • 1993/94    Miles Burrell & Burrells Josephene
  • 1992/93    Paul Pownall & Tecoma Jessies Cadet
  • 1991/92    John Meek & Rodann Harlana

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Information about the finals Rules & Scoring…

The top 6 available horses from the leader board will compete in the ASHS Super Quest Final at the ACA National Finals.

The final is held in conjunction with the Rookie Horse final and consists of two full rounds.

Eligible Super Quest horses are ranked from 1st to 6th in each round by their score and awarded points on the following basis:

1st = 30  2nd = 25  3rd= 20  4th = 15  5th = 10  6th = 5

In the event of a tie, the relevent points are added together and divided by the number of horses in the tie eg. Horse A and Horse B tie for 5th place, they will each receive 7.5 points.

The points gained in each round are then added to the points the horse came into the finals with to determine the winner.

A horse does not have to compete at the finals to win or place in the competition however they wont be able to add to their end of season points.

Contact Bec McKeering
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Tel: 07 4654 9157
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