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The harder you work the luckier you get.

Mark Buttsworth is the undisputed king of the Cutouts. His remarkable success in this area is due to his ability to combine the discipline required for cutting and to transform it into the aggression needed for the campdraft arena. 

Mark Buttsworth's Story

Mark hails from a background more inclined to promote motor bikes than horses, but his love of horses and the competitive drive he exhibits has been a consuming passion. He has wanted no other interest or business and the drive Mark has to succeed and to improve himself is unequalled.

Mark ButtsworthHis equine career started with his hard earned savings of $100 which he invested in a neighbour’s unbroken colt.  From there he simply learnt from his mistakes.

He eventually bred a mare he had to a neighbour’s stallion and Firefly was the resultant foal. Mark suggests that Firefly was the turning point in his career. He won his first Open draft on her and she has been the foundation dam in his breeding program. Her foals have included Abigail, Recoil and Double Dove and these horses enabled Mark to step his competitive career up. Serious results in the bigger competitions started coming and his stable of competition horses also started to expand.

His desire to learn and to be the best never ceases to drive Mark. He loves a challenge and loves learning new skills, which is why he has succeeded in several different disciplines. He was among the first horsemen to want to succeed in both the campdraft and cutting arenas and it was the intensity of perfecting the cutting discipline that he has transferred into his cutout techniques.

Mark Buttsworth & One Stylish Pepto.
Photo by Wild Fillies Photography. Mark Buttsworth & One Stylish Pepto. Landmark.

Mark is classed as an all rounder. He excels at campdraft, cutting and challenge events and is enjoying the challenge of learning to team rope.

Horses for sale are also a product of Mark’s dedication and ability. He always has horses available for sale which include young stock through to fully trained competition horses.

Mark  is a keen supporter of the Landmark Classic concept and offers horses for sale at this venue.  He was proud to present One Stylish Pepto who reached $120,000, what was the highest highest priced Lot ever at the time.

Training schools
One Stylish Pepto & Mark Buttsworth
One Stylish Pepto & Mark Buttsworth

A big part of Mark’s program are his Campdraft and Horsemanship Clinics, which he conducts Australia wide. His knowledge and experience are highly sought after commodities and are offered for all during his schools program.

Mark prefers to conduct 2 day schools with no more than 15 students, although he is happy for any number and the smaller the number the more individualised the structure.

For more information on his schools, please contact Mark.


Mark’s results are pure testament to hard work, dedication and ability.  To name a few:



  • KPH Dash for Cash
    • Open WINNER with Peps Double Rey
    • Open =7th with Nonda Southern Cross
    • Cutout WINNER with Peps Double Rey
  • Willinga Gold Buckle Championship
    • WINNER Stallion Shootout with One Stylish Pepto
    • WINNER $10,000 Feature Cut Out with A Little Turpulence
  • ARBC Show
    • WINNER OPEN CAMPDRAFT with Stylish Abylene
  • WINNER Nutrien Classic Campdraft with Hard Currency.


  • WINNER Condamine Bell Novice with Stylish Abbyleen
  • WINNER Cooyar Campdraft Novice with Highway To Hell
  • Nutrien Masters:
    • WINNER Nursery Campdraft with Petes Pet Squirrel
    • WINNER Open Campdraft with A Lil Turpulence
  • WINNER Cloncurry Classic Challenge with Petes Pet Squirrel
  • WINNER Cloncurry Novice with Granny’s Rox
  • JOINT CHAMPION NCHA Classic Challenge with Peppyphlaire.
  • WINNER Willinga Park Feature Cut Out with Almora Peps Double Rey
  • WINNER ARBC Classic Stockmans Challenge with Petes Pet Squirrel for the 2nd consecutive year.
  • WINNER Nutrien Classic Challenge with Branchvale Metal Alloy


  • WINNER Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge with Branchvale Metal Alloy.
  • Willinga Park
    • Featured Cut Out Winner (25) with Peps Double Rey
    • AGR Winner
  • ARBC
    • Classic Stockmans Challenge Champion with Petes Pet Squirrel on her first start.
    • Open Campdraft runner up with Agile Playgirl
  • 4CYTE Autumn Spectacular Open Derby Champion with Peppyphalair

2020 - 2021


  • St George Futurity
    • Open Futurity Champion with Branchvale Metal Alloy
    • Open Derby Res. Champion with Peppyphalair (GR1 GR2 AGR Leader)
  • SQCHA Goondiwindi 3yo Open Champion with Branchvale Metal Alloy
  • Autumn Spectacular Scone – Open Futurity Reserve Champion with Peppyphalair, only 0.5 of a point in it.

2020 DDCC, Toowoomba

  • Open Futurity Champion with Peppyphalair (152).  [View Video]
  • Open Derby Champion with Roanies Independent One.  [View Video]



  • Warwick Stallion draft Cut Out winner (23 23)



2016 – Q16 Open Winner with One Stylish Pepto – 93 points.  [View Video]

2014 Warwick Stallion Draft

Cloncurry Stockman’s Challenge:

  • 3 Times Winner:
    • Double Doc
    • Doc’s Recoil
    • Riverview Topfire

Paradise Lagoons

  • 2016 Australian Open Winner with Yulgilbar Agile Playgirl
  • Super Beef Open: Winner – Abigail
  • Ridley Open: 2 Times Winner – Teak’n’Oak


  • Canning Downs: 2 Times Winner – Solitaire & Teak’n’Oak
  • Champion of Champions: 2 Times Winner – Recoil


NCHA Non Pro Futurity:

  • 2 Times Winner
    • Yulgilbar OPeppy Roy
    • Diva Dove

2015 NCHA Futurity

Video Gallery



Willinga Park


Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge

  • Classic Challenge winner with Branchvale Metal Alloy. Final Dry (91.75).  [Watch on Facebook]

Willinga Park

4CYTE Autumn Spectacular

Nutrien Equine Classic 


DDCC, Toowoomba

  • Open Futurity Champion with Peppyphalair (152).  [View Video]
  • Open Derby Champion with Roanies Independent One.  [View Video]


  • Warwick Gold Cup with Playin Harmonica. Rd 1 (88) – [View Video]
  • Canning Downs with Playin Harmonica. Rd 1 (91) – [View Video]



Condamine Bell


Warwick Gold Cup

Chinchilla Grandfather Clock

  • Restricted Open (88) Not great quality, but still worth a look – [View Video]

Condamine Bell

Landmark Classic

NCHA Futurity

  • Open Classic Challenge Final with Almora Peps Dual Rey.  [View Video]

Landmark Classic

  • Landmark Classic Rd 1 with Yugilbar Easy Play (92 points).  [View Video]



  • Stallion Final Cutout with One Stylish Pepto.  [View Video]
  • Gold Cup Final with One Stylish Pepto.  Seeing is believing!  [View Video]
  • Gold Cup Rd 1 with Yugilbar Agile Playgirl – 90.  [View Video]

Paradise Lagoons – Restricted Open Runoff, Score of 25 points to win with One Stylish Pepto.

Q16 Open with One Stylish Pepto – 93 points.


NCHA Futurity with Almora Peps Double Rey


Warwick Stallion Draft, riding One Stylish Pepto


Mark Buttsworth
Kingaroy Qld
Ph:  07 4162 2297
Mob:  0417 193 400


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