Marnies Destiny
Australia's most awarded campdrafting stallion.

Marnies Destiny is now one of the greatest horses in campdrafting history.  He has won on or placed at almost every major campdraft and challenge in Australia. His results have re-written the record books and his name is now set in history – AQHA Hall of Fame Inductee.

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Marnies Destiny's story by Rick Young

Marnies Destiny is now one of the greatest horses in campdrafting history. He is so special to my family and anyone that has been involved with him. He has won or placed in over 185 campdrafts and challenges. His results have re-written the record books. He has the highest ACA Register of Merit points in history and has now been inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame.

People often ask me how Marnies Destiny came to be. Here is the story:

Way back in 1998 I was working in the DPI at Cloncurry. Sean Brassington and myself set a goal to find a colt that would one day win the Cloncurry Stockman’s Challenge and then stand at stud in the North West Qld region. We searched for about 18 months and then I attended the Rocky Quarter Horse Sale in 1999 where we were losing bidder on the top priced led colt. The colt was one of the first ever by Acres Destiny. I didn’t really know much about Acres at the time. Len Whitley came over to me and said “I have 6 Acres bred colts at home but one colt is out of one of the best mares in the country – Marnie James. Come and have a look at him”.

Marnies Destiny with Riley & Bailey Young aboard.
Marnies Destiny with Riley & Bailey Young aboard.

I was a bit cautious as I heard similar comments from many people with colts for sale in the past. I went to work that night trying to find out as much as I could about Marnie James. I was told about the achievements of her and her progeny. Chiller Seeney said she was the best mare to ever put a bridle on in Australia. I rang Len and said I would be there in the morning.

When I got to Len and Norma’s place at Monto I was immediately taken back by the quality of horses on their place. They had worked all their life to produce these broodmares and the mares had every fashionable bloodline bred into them over the years. Len said he never bred a mare unless it had 3 generations of winners in the bloodline. We went into the house and the cabinet was full of trophies won by Marnie James.

We walked to a paddock and Len called out. A bunch of yearlings came running. There he was – he stood out immediately amongst the galloping yearlings. I then rode a mare with the same bloodlines and she was amazing. I was very excited  – I couldn’t believe that everything was lining up. After sighting Marnie James the decision was made to purchase Marnies Destiny. I believe that a good horse is the result of a strong mare line. We didn’t buy Marnies Destiny because of Acres Destiny – we bought him because of Marnie James.

Marnies Destiny.
Marnies Destiny.

I explained our plans to Len and said that when he was old enough he would be sent to Tony Mortimer. Len Said to me, “This horse will change your life. He will put you and Tony Mortimer on the map”.

Len and Norma wanted to keep Marnies Destiny at their place so that they could halter show him as a yearling through until he was 2 years old. We agreed – it would help them promote their stud and also help to promote Marnie. He won 13 led classes, including several Supreme Champions.

Marnie was sent to Tony Mortimer to start his training and this is where it all began.  Tony showed Marnie at the NCHA Snaffle Bit futurity in 2002 where they finished third in the Open Snaffle Bit section and were Reserve Champion in the Limited Section.  Tony then had a lot of success on him as a four year old, where he won the Springsure working horse spectacular and was second at the Rocky Rush. It was then up to Cloncurry and our goal was finally achieved – they won the Cloncurry Stockman’s Challenge!

Photo by Jess Doherty.
Marnies Destiny & Terry Hall 2008.

After Cloncurry, Marnies Destiny was sent to Terry Hall to campaign where he stayed for the next five years.  As a five year old Marnie and Terry competed at 21 Campdraft venues for 20 wins or places (11 wins, 9 places). Terry and Chris had an incredible amount of success winning or placing in over 50 campdrafts, including Chinchilla Grandfather Clock, Warwick Gold Cup, Condamine Bell and Paradise Lagoons.

Then in 2009 things changed a little and we bought Marnie outright. We knew what a special horse he was and set a new goal – win an ACA Open Horse title. We knew it would take a while though. I spoke to Terry about it before I even thought about sending Marnie elsewhere and Terry said he had cattle on the road and might not do many drafts that year. So after discussions with Terry, we decided to send him to Pete Comiskey.

I am extremely grateful for the effort that Terry and Chris put in to Marnie. We couldn’t have got to where he is without Terry and Chris. Terry and Chris are great friends and have been very helpful in planning Marnies path.”

Rick Young accepting ACA OPEN HORSE OF THE YEAR award.
Rick Young accepting ACA OPEN HORSE OF THE YEAR award, 2012

Pete took over the reins after the Blackall ACA Finals in April 2010 and in 2012 our goal became a reality. On the 14/04/2012, during the ACA National Finals at Springsure, Marnies Destiny was presented with the ACA Open Horse of the Year. Not only is he the only stallion to win this elite prize in 20 years but he won it with record points achieved in a season. He only drafted for 7 months of the year but collected a massive 693.50 points – 205 points above second place and 368 points above third place. In 2011 Pete Comiskey and Marnies Destiny competed at 26 drafts and collected 27 ribbons, including winning Warwick Stallions Draft to finish the year. For the year of 2012 he had 73 runs and put 68 around for an average of 82 points per run for the year. Scores included:  7 x 88, 13 x 89, 9 x 90, 3 x 91, 1 x 92, 1 x 93.

It was great to win this award once but Pete and Marnie continued to win draft after draft. They won the title again in 2016. We retired him from professional drafting after the ACA National Finals 2017 at Clermont. At this point they had racked up 186 wins or places. I am going to do a few drafts myself on him now and have a bit of fun.

Marnies Destiny with Rick Young and his boys proudly showing off his AQHA Inductee Award.
Photo by Jade Pacolke. Marnies Destiny with Rick Young and his boys proudly showing off his AQHA Inductee Award.

Len was right – This horse has changed my life. We have put so much of our lives into Marnie and he has returned that with all his heart. This has been an amazing journey for all involved and this horse just continues to win. As with achieving any goal, it has been a lot of hard work, determination and enjoyment.

Marnies Destiny is one of the greatest horses in campdrafting history and he is so special to my family and anyone that has been involved with him. It is a great honour for him to now be inducted into the AQHA hall of Fame. It really summarises what an amazing horse he is and cements his place in history. He has won so many awards but this achievement is one of the most special moments for Marnie, my family and myself.

Thank you to everyone that has helped but most of all thank you to Marnies Destiny for all the joy and happiness you have given to my family and the campdrafting world.

by Rick Young
August 2017


Australia’s most awarded campdrafting stallion. Now one of the greatest horses in campdrafting history. His results have re-written the record books.  He has now won on or placed at almost every major campdraft and challenge in Australia.

His greatest achievements include:

  • 2017 AQHA Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Winner 2016 & 2012 ACA Open Horse of the Year (2012 – highest annual points scored in the history of the Australian Campdrafting Association).
  • Winner 2016 & 2012 ASH Campdraft Horse of the Year.
  • Winner 2017 AQHA Campdraft Horse Incentive
  • Winner 2016 Warwick Highest Aggregate – Placed in all four drafts that he competed in.
  • Winner 2015 Canning Downs Campdraft.
  • Winner 2015 Clermont Gold Cup Campdraft.
  • Winner 2015 Paradise Lagoons Highest Aggregate.
  • Winner 2016 & 2014 Chinchilla Bareback Cutout.
  • Winner 2012 Warwick Stallions Draft & 2nd on 2 other occasions.
  • Winner 2006 Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Campdraft.
  • Winner 2006 Condamine Bell Restricted Open.
  • Winner 2006 ABCRA Australian Champion Campdrafter.
  • Winner 2003 Cloncurry Stockmans Challege.
  • Winner 2003 Springsure Working Horse Spectacular.
  • Winner 2004 Warwick Feature Maiden Draft.
  • Winner 2004 ASH National Finals Novice Draft.
  • 2002 – Tamworth Reserve Champion limited division Snaffle Bit Futurity and 3rd in the Open Snaffle Bit Futurity.
  • Winner 2000 Australian Stock Horse Show Series Led Champion.

As of 5/8/17 he has won or placed in over 185 Campdraft & Challenges and took out the prestigious Chinchilla Bareback Cutout in 2016 & 2014.  [View Video]

Other achievements include:


  • Brymaroo
    • Restricted Open – 2nd (90 89)
    • Cut out – 1st (24).

2016 & 2017


Marnies Destiny was inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame.


  • Warwick – 10 runs for an average of 85.1. He finalled in 4 drafts, the Gold Cup, the Canning Downs, the Stallion Draft and the Ladies finishing =11th, =9th, 7th and 7th.
  • Winner of the TPM saddle for the highest score throughout the Gold Cup and the Canning Downs.
  • Chinchilla Bareback Cutout – 1st
  • Chinchilla Res Open finalist – 5th
  • Condamine Bell – 20th
  • 2015/16 ACA Champion Open Horse of the Year

2014 & 2015


  • Warwick Canning Downs 1st – [View Video]
  • Paradise Lagoons: Graeme Acton Memorial Res Open – 2nd  |  Champion Aggregate, Run-off – [View Video]
  • Clermont Gold Cup – 1st
  • Moura Restricted Open – 1st


  • Nebo Res Open – 2nd
  • Springsure Ladies – =3rd with Bryony Puddicombe
  • Clarke Creek – Res Open – 2nd  |  Open – 6th
  • Middlemount Open – 4th
  • Bowen River – Ladies – =6th
  • Clarke Creek Open – =3rd


  • Warwick: Canning Downs – =3rd  |  Stallion Draft – =4th.
  • Paradise Lagoons Accor Open –  2nd.  [View Video]
  • Longreach Hall of Fame – =6th
  • Clarke Creek Res Open – =4th
  • Nebo Res Open – 4th
  • Theodore:  Open – 4th  |  Res Open – 1st  |  Ladies =3rd
  • Dingo:  Open – 2nd  |  Res Open – 1st
  • Comet:  Res Open – =2nd  |  Ladies – ran off & 2nd
  • Condamine Open – Winner cutout, Ladies – 6th
  • ACA National Finals, Kilkivan – Winner Cutout, Open Draft  – [View Video]

2011 & 2012

    He achieved the highest annual points ever scored in the history of the Australian Campdrafting Association, and he is the only stallion to win in 20 years.
  • Winner of the ASH Campdraft Horse of the Year.


  • Frasers Livestock Stallion Draft – 1st after running 2nd on two previous occasions.


2009 - 2002


  • NCCA Championships – 2nd
  • Paradise Lagoons Rumevite Rockhampton Open – 2nd


  • Chinchilla Grandfather Clock – Winner
  • Condamine Bell Restricted Open – Winner
  • ABCRA Australian Champion Campdrafter.


  • Feature Maiden Draft Warwick – Winner.
  • ASH National Finals Novice Draft – Winner


  • Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge Champion
  • Springsure Working Horse Spectacular Champion
  • Rocky Rush Reserve Champion


  • Tamworth – Limited Division Snaffle Bit Futurity – 2nd, Open Snaffle Bit Futurity – 3rd
  • ASH Show Series Led Champion

Marnies Destiny progeny are hot on the competition scene, excelling in many disciplines including campdrafting, challenge and cutting.  MARNIES DESTINY: THE PROOF IS IN THE PROGENY.

2015 Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge, lineup of Marnie's progeny competing.
2015 Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge, lineup of Marnie’s progeny competing.

Youngstar Marnies Glamour


  • Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Restricted Open – 8th (88 86)


  • Halls Creek Novice – 1st after runoff.  Cut out winner (24)  With Will Durkin.
  • Kununurra Novice – 2nd after run off.
  • Cloncurry Stockman’s Open Challenge – 3rd


  • Tennant Creek – Novice – 1st  |  Cut out – 1st & Open Challenge – 1st
  • Costello Yard Res Open (94), 2nd after runoff.  Scored 92 in the Open & two 24 cutouts
  • Cloncurry Stockman’s Open Challenge – 1st

Halls Marnie Oak

10 yo stallion (2017) bred by Ben & Jaye Hall (Marnies Destiny x Halls Arena) owned by Alan Davison, Hughenden.


9 drafts, 12 ribbons. 3 x 1st, 4 x 2nd, 2 x 3rd, 2 x 4th, 1 x 6th.

  • Grass Hut – Maiden – 1st  |  Open – 3rd
  • Sedan Dip – Novice – 1st  |  Res Open – 2nd.
  • Brunette Downs
    • Novice – 1st  |  2nd on Bokara (eldest son of Halls Marnie Oak)
    • Maiden – 6th on 2nd eldest son – 1st start for the horse.

Smooth Destiny


  • Brymaroo Novice – 1st with Chris Ryan.

Midnight Destiny

  • Breeder: Michelle Hebb0rd
  • Owner: Meagan Macintosh


  • Dalby Show – Champion ASH Led Exhibit
  • St George
    • 1st – Time Trial 4yo and under
    • 2nd – Hack
    • Junior horse Challenge Champion (At only 3yo he was the youngest horse in the 4yo & under Challenge & Show.)
  • Tara
    • Champion Stock Horse
    • Champion Quarter Horse
    • Supreme Led Exhibit

Youngstar MD Spinnin Starlight

2018 Dalby ASHS Sale

  • Sold $14,000 to
  • Purchaser: G & M McCartney, Marlborough QLD
  • Vendor: Ms H Heit, Chinchilla QLD

Stratton Gran Destiny

This gelding has had limited starts but has finaled at nearly every draft they have done.


  • Glenmorgan – 8th
  • Nindigully – 8th
  • Paradise Lagoons finaled (couple points off place).
  • Bell
    • Maiden – 3rd
    • Novice – 3rd
  • Surat Maiden – 4th
  • Roma Novice – 3rd



  • Warwick Ladies Silver Cup Winner  with Haley Condon (90 90)
  • Landmark Young Guns – 5th with Lochie Argue


  • Warwick Canning Downs (91) & Gold Cup (90) – =2nd top score in both events in Round 1.
  • Chinchilla Restricted Open – 6th (91 85). Winner of Rd 1 (22 65 4)


  • Paradise Lagoons – Acton Super Beef – =2nd.  Ridden by Dan Condon.

Carrigans Miss Molly

  • Owned by Steve McDowall, Western Australia.
  • Successfully winning and placing in Western Australia Campdraft arenas.

Quick Step Destiny

  • Supreme Led, Hacking and Working Horse as a 2 and 3 Year old.
  • Successful Polo Pony.

Youngstar Marnies Whiskey

  • Owned by Josh Collins
  • Ridden by Matt Boland


  • Nanango Maiden – 2nd

Youngstar Marnies Arrow

  • Ridden by Hannah Heit


  • St George
    • Maiden – 1st after run off
    • Ladies – =5th

Pendo Roxy Rose


  • Toowoomba 2yo Challenge – 2nd with Scott Keogh

Scott Keogh 2yr old Challenge Final

Posted by Jane Kennedy on Friday, 3 May 2019

Gatton UQ Destiny


  • Landmark Classic Open – =9/10th

Pendio Midnight Destiny


  • Nutrien Classic.  Sold  for $12,000.
  • Vendor: Meagan Macintosh
  • Purchaser: Kimlin Performance Horses.

Donrica Chelsea

  • Brymaroo Maiden – 1st with Debbie Hughes.

Marnies Girl


  • Augathella Diggers Campdraft Novice – 1st with Ben Williamson

Dam – Marnie James
1975 – 2004

MARNIE JAMES was one of the most consistent performers of her time and is now regarded as one of the best producing mares in the country.

A Dam Destined for Greatness

Bred by Len Whitley in 1975, Marnie James was one of the most consistent performers of her time. She was by Jessie James and was out of Ramblers Marnie. She was from a line of successful stockhorses that is traceable back to 1924.

Marnie James has an incredible performance history having won many titles in led events, cutting and campdrafting.

As a yearling and two year old she won many led events (Len can’t remember how many). As a three year old she went cutting. Cutting wasn’t big in the area then (and Len was learning), however she won or placed in almost everything she competed in. She won two novices, many maidens, and several non pro events. She then went campdrafting as a 5 year old.

At her first outing at Mt Perry draft she won the maiden, then the novice and second in the open. She then won a three round Open Draft at Monto and an Open at Eidsvold before being bred.

Lenny only bred from her every second year and continued to compete with her on the off years. She competed at 25 drafts for 17 wins or places.  These results include:

  • Won Monto Gold Buckle Restricted Open and 2nd in the Open.
  • Biloela Draft – 2nd in Restricted Open and 4th in the Open.
  • Won Comet draft twice and placed twice.
  • Won big 3 round open at Dawes Hall.
  • Finalled Chinchilla Grandfather Clock

However, it is her contribution as a brood mare that remains her true contribution to the industry.

Marnie James had eight foals and from these only five were campaigned.

These five horses have an amazing history of performance and include Tecoma Jessies Cadet, Southern Oak, Marnies Command, Marnies Peppy and Marnies Destiny. Their achievements include two winners of the Cloncurry Stockman’s Challenge, one finalist and many campdraft titles.  She is also the Granddam of a Reserve Champion at the Stockman’s Challenge.

Tecoma Jessies Cadet (Gelding)

Winner Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge 1993 and a very successful drafter. In his first year of drafting he was reserve champion Rookie Horse of the Year.

Rambler Southern Oak (Stallion)

Campaigned in North Queensland and has won many challenges, drafts, ASH futurities, barrel races, western pleasure, reining and halter events. He also has a AQHA Halter Achievement Award. He is now a successful sire of many outstanding progeny, including Diamantina Oak (dam of Lou Diamond Phillips and Hy Diamond), Jessies Golden Oak, Dreamtime Drover, and many more.

Rambler Marnie Two (Mare)

This filly was not campaigned, however she is the dam of four very successful progeny, including Marnies Ace, Bay Star Marnie, Smart Marnie Lena and Time Traveller.

Rambler Marnies Command (Stallion)

Won or placed in several futuries/challenges and finalled in the Cloncurry Stockman’s Challenge. He was then purchased by Stanbroke Pastoral Company as a resident sire for their special breeding centre at ‘Fort Constantine’, Cloncurry. He was sold in 2008 and set the Australian record for an ASH stallion at $43,250.00 to Huon Smith of Boonara Performance Horses.

Marnies Peppy (Stallion)

Won or placed in many futurities and campdrafts.


Sire: Acres Destiny

Acres Destiny has become a household name in the performance horse world, producing champion after champion in a range of disciplines including cutting, campdrafting, challenges & reining.

Marnies Destiny’s Full pedigree details on the sire side are available on Acres Destiny’s Page.


ASHS #: 139395
AQHA #:  Q-42449
Foaling Date:  19/09/1998
Breeder:  Mr LD Whitley
Current Owner:  Mr R Young


Sire: ACRES DESTINY – IS MBP BOB ACRE DOC USA-1956113 Son of a Doc 02
Sapp Sandy 02
SAN JOSE HICKORY USA-1914760 Docs Hickory 02
San Jose Belle 02
Poco Miss Total 02
RAMBLERS MARNIE Ferrys Rambler 02
Freckles 04


Video Gallery

Terry Hall talks about Marnies Destiny

Pete Comiskey talks about Marnies Destiny

2015 Warwick Gold Cup

2015 Paradise Lagoons

  • Champion Aggregate, Run-off, Marnies Destiny & Pete Comiskey. – [View Video]

2014 Chinchilla bareback cutout

  • Winner with Karl Burton.Quality of vision isn’t good, but you’ll see the fun – [View Video]

2013 Warwick Gold Cup

2013 ACA National Finals, Kilkivan

2013 Paradise Lagoons

Multi Discipline



  • With Haley Condon
  • With Dan Condon

Gatton UQ Destiny with Andy Mulcahy

Youngstar Marnies Glamour with Ron Wall

Stratton Gran Destiny with John Mulcahy

Carrigans Chance


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