Cloncurry Stockman’s Challenge & Campdraft

The Cloncurry Stockman’s Challenge celebrates its 40th Year in 2023.  What was initially created as a memorial for Reg Brown, instead created a new benchmark in the Australian Horse Industry.

Visit the excellent website: for full details on the event.

“The Challenge”

“The event will be primarily run over 3 days in July. The competition requires competitors to complete two demonstrations; the first is the ‘dry’ section. Competitors and their horses are to complete a pattern before two judges. In this pattern are manoeuvres such as flying changes, roll backs, spins and stops. This pattern is designed to display the horse’s athleticism, ability and trainability whilst exhibiting the rider’s horsemanship. The second demonstration is again before two judges, this time the horse and rider combination is required to work cattle in a manner similar to a Campdraft course.”





2023 Mark Buttsworth Petes Pet Squirrel (by Seligman Spin)
2022 Mark Buttsworth Branchvale Metal Alloy 
2021 Jon Templeton Royalle Jeopardy (by Royalle Double Your Money)
2020 Cancelled due to Covid 19. ———————-
2019 Josh Smith GI M Hard
2018 Morgan Webb Contractor
2017 Jon Templeton Petas Destiny
2016 Des Burns Tassa Pretty Chick
2015 Josh Smith Mr Freckles Chic
2014 Jon Templeton Pure Blonde
2013 Cameron Parker Jewel N Boon (by Peppy Boontown)
2012 Hugh Miles Woolerina Rythmn
2011 Hugh Miles Millionnic Chic
2010 Michael Wilson Willdraft Reflection
2009 Huon Smith Boonara Party Girl
2008 Cameron Parker One Moore Daddy
2007 Michael Wilson Willdraft Ignite
2006 Cameron Parker Peptos Pivot
2005 Jason Leitch Acres of Lace (by Acres Destiny)
2004 Mark Buttsworth Riverview Topfire
2003 Tony Mortimer Marnies Destiny
2002 David Smith Leo’s Mister Lena
2001 Tony Mortimer Little Wrangler
2000 Mark Buttsworth Double Doc
1999 Ron Wall Soda Precious
1998 Mark Buttsworth Almora Doc’s Recoil
1997 Ron Wall Powlathanga Cotton
1996 Ian Francis Doc’s Gold Dude
1995 Damien Curr Combo
1994 Lindsay Knight Eve
1993 Brett Hick Gift
1992 Paul Pownall Tecoma Jessies Cadet
1991 Glen Gough Kirkbys Stud Remedy
1990 Ken May Doc’s Winfield
1989 Mick Patch King Ranch Double Peppy
1988 Joanne Francis Crossart Kingman
1987 Ian Francis Nonda Star Carousel
1986 Glen Gough Yullatup Lamode
1985 Lorena Jefferis Tia Maria
1984 Noel Daley Jodie