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One of the most important aspects of training is placing horses where they can win.

Hugh Miles story
Hugh & Oaks Riverqueen.
Hugh & Oaks Riverqueen. Winners of the 2013 Paradise Lagoons Supergirl & Champion of Champions.  Photo:

Hugh was a former top Junior Campdrafter and since joining the Open ranks he has vast experience as a trainer preparing feature event winners throughout the Campdraft, Cutting and Challenge disciplines.

Paradise Stallion Draft winner Conductor and Cloncurry Challenge winners Millionnic Chic and Woolerina Rhythm were among his early standout achievements.  However, each year he adds another prestigious title to his list of achievements.

2013 Paradise Lagoons saw a definite career highlight when Hugh and Oaks Riverqueen won the Supergirl with 180 points, before going on to win the Champion of Champions with a total of 186 points.

2014 saw Hugh and Conductor win the inaugural Charlie Maher Young Gun Draft at Landmark  with 92 & 92. He also finalled both Millionnic Chic and Conductor in the Open Draft and scored a magnificent 24 on both horses in the Stallion Shootout Cutout.

Hugh, Cloncurry 2012
Hugh Miles & Millionnic Chic, Cloncurry 2012.

2015 again saw Hugh and Conductor in the winner’s circle at Landmark. This time winning the Stallion Shootout over 2 rounds of Campdrafting and a third round Cutout. He also scored magnificent 24’s on both Conductor and Millionnic Chic in the Stallion Shootout Cutout for the 2nd year in a row. This was followed by a big win at Warwick in the Champions Draft with Conductor again finishing with the blue ribbon.

Training draft winners has been a feature of Hugh’s career and these winners include Acres of Oak, Corvette, Dreamtime, Copycat, Copyright and Honey, but this feature now includes training cutting winners with Melody’s Chic and Dually Teles among his early cutting successes. He also aims to continue to prepare top quality Sale horses for both himself and clients.

The sales ring is another arena that Hugh specialises in, primarily presenting horses he has bred and trained for himself and his family. Landmark 2014, 2015 & 2016 were spectacular successes for Hugh and his performances in the sales ring and the competition arena were features of the weeks.

In 2014 he presented 4 Millionnic Chic progeny for a top of $42,000 and an average of $22,500 and to complete the week he presented the highest priced horse, Lot 477  Highway to Hell. $70,000, on behalf of Raelene Higgins.

Reys Ya Garter & Hugh Miles, Warwick 2016.
Photo by Katie Rutledge: Reys Ya Garter & Hugh Miles, Warwick 2016.

In 2015 he won the Stallion Shootout, finalled in the Challenge and presented sales horses which sold to $26,000.

In 2016 Hugh presented the equal top priced mare, Dual Again, who sold for $70,000 and the highest priced stallion, Teles One Moore who sold for $60,000.  Further Millionnic Chic was on fire with his progeny selling for big, big prices and the Millionnic Chic progeny (see MC’s video gallery) were in finals throughout the competition.

2016 Warwick saw another big year for Hugh. He finished with 2 places in the Gold Cup with Honey scoring the highest score of the final to finish 3rd and he finished 2nd in the Stallion Draft with Reys Ya Garter after 2 rounds of Run Offs.

Career highlights

ABCRA Champion Open Rider 2017



Hugh Miles has had multi-discipline success.  He cuts, he drafts, he challenges and he WINS.

These are just a few of the horses he has competed on with great success.

Landmark Classic




  • Stallion Shootout – 1st Conductor


  • Charlie Maher Memorial Young Guns – 1st Conductor
    [View Video]

Paradise Lagoons


  • Champion of Champions & Supergirl Draft – 1st Oaks Riverqueen


  • Stallion Draft – 1st Conductor

DDCC Cutting Futurity


  • DDCC Open Futurity Champion with Oakbarn One Time Cat

Royal Easter Show World Championship Campdraft

2019 with Honey Theyre Achin

  • TYRRELLS VINEYARD PERPETUAL TROPHY & Bective Station Annual Trophy. Awarded to the highest Aggregate Cut out score throughout WCC Competition.
  • TB MACFARLANE PERPETUAL TROPHY & Bective Station Annual Trophy.  Awarded to the highest score in any session.  Shared with 2 others.

2018 with Peelvale Wishes

Cloncurry Stockman's Challenge


  • 1st Woolerina Rhythm


  • 1st Millionnic Chic




  • Gold Cup – 3rd Reys Ya Garter  |   =6th Times Up
  • Stallion draft – 5th Reys Ya Garter
  • Condamine Bell – 10th Honey


  • Stallion Draft – 2nd after 2 runoffs. Reys Ya Garter
  • Gold Cup – 3rd  Honey   |   6th Dreamtime


  • Champion of Champions – 1st Conductor


  • Gold Cup – 4th Conductor

Willinga Park Gold Buckle Campdraft


  • Highest aggregate score over 4 rounds (87.33, 90, 88, 90).  Winner of a 3 horse float valued at $22,000.
  • Gold Buckle Championship – 3rd (0.67 of a point between 1st and 3rd)
  • Repercharge – 1st with Dually Teles

2019 Willinga Park Gold Buckle Rd 2 – Hugh Miles & Two Timin Chic – 90

Pete Comiskey & Just Jim didn't retain today's top score of 90 for long, just 18 runs later & Hugh Miles & Two Timin chic (by Acres Destiny) keep them company. With their 87.33 from yesterday their aggregate score of 177.33 sees them share 2nd spot with Eltorria & Ben Hall at the half way to Willinga Park for the video.Hugh Miles Breeding & Performance Horses

Posted by Select Sires on Thursday, 16 May 2019

Services & Facilities

Having facilities for up to 15 horses and a staff of 2 full time assistants Hugh specialises in the following:

  • Campdraft horses.
  • Challenge horses.
  • Snaffle Bit Cutting horses.
  • Sale Preparation.

Operating out of Peel Valley, Tamworth, Hugh has well appointed stallion and breeding facilities, stables and secure and safe paddocks in which to train and accommodate his horses.

His philosophy is to ensure that the best possible care and attention is given to each individual horse. They are provided with expert care and service when needed by local vets, farriers, dentists and equine chiropractors.


Regular communication with owners on their horse’s wellbeing, progress, training and competition plan is provided to all.

Video Gallery

Hugh Miles youtube Gallery



Landmark Classic


Warwick Gold Cup

Warwick Stallion Draft

  • Hugh & Reys Ya Garter – 2nd after 2 runoffs –  [View Video]

NCHA Futurity

  • NCHA Senior Youth Cutting Champions.  Matilda Schumack & Coreygous, foundation mare in Hugh’s stable  – [View Video]
  • Open Derby – Hugh & Dual Again, Co Reserve Champions – [View Video]

Landmark Classic Horse Sale

  • Top priced stallion. Lot 98 Teles One Moore.  $60,000 – [View Video]
  • Equal top priced mare. Lot 415 Dual Again.  $70,000 – [View Video]


NCHA Futurity

  • Open Classic GR2 – Dually Teles.  [View Video]
  • Open Derby GR2 – Melody’s Chic (by Millionnic Chic).  [View Video]

Landmark Classic Horse Sale

  • Lot 518 – Peelvale Future Chics  3.y.old Mare.  Sold $23,000.  Vendor: Kate Miles,  Purchaser: Catchflow P/L.  [View Video]
  • Lot 369 – Peelvale Wishes Chics   2.y.old Mare.  Sold $26,000.  Vendor: Jannine Miles, Purchaser: Mitchell Weir.  [View Video]
  • Lot 259 – Peelvale Jessie  2.y.old Mare.  Sold $18,000.  Vendor Jannine Miles, Purchaser: Edgarjay Pty Ltd.  [View Video]

Landmark Merial Stallion Draft

  • Rd1 on Conductor.  90 pts.  [View Video]
  • Stallion Shootout Cutout – Millionnic Chic & Conductor – 24 points.  [View Video]

Prydes EasiFeed Australian Performance Horse Challenge.

  • Hugh Miles & Destiny’s Mirage.  Final Challenge, 5th[View Video]


Warwick on Conductor

NCHA Futurity

  • Wild Card Futurity Final – Melodys Chic (by Millionnic Chic) – 143.  [View Video]

Landmark Classic

Hugh won the inaugural Charlie Maher Draft on Conductor with 92 & 92. [View Video]

Stallion Shootout Cutout

Hugh presented the top priced horse of the sale.

Hugh presented 4 Millionnic Chic progeny for a top of $42,000 and an average of $22,500.

  • Lot 144, Peelvale Snaps Chic, 2010 Mare, $42,000. Vendor Jannine Miles.  [View Video]
  • Lot 277, Peelvale Cruisers Chic, 2011 Mare, $17,000 Vendor: Hugh Miles.  [View Video]
  • Lot 293, Peeelvale Playgirl, 2011 Mare, $17,000 Vendor: Jannine Miles.  [View Video]
  • Lot 531, Peelvale Rivernic, 2011 Gelding, $14,000. Vendor: Jannine Miles.  [View Video]


Warwick Gold Cup
Consistency at the Warwick Gold Cup on Conductor. 3 rounds, 3 identical scores of 22, 63, 4: Total 89.  Placed 4th

Cloncurry Stockman’s Challenge


Cloncurry Stockman’s Challenge


Hugh Miles

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