Matt Moffat
'The only real mistake is the one from which you learn nothing'

Matt Moffat's story
Matt Moffat, Juvenile ACA Title Champion.
Photo by JEM Photography. Matt Moffat & ?

Organised, driven and fully prepared is one way to describe this talented young horse trainer from Kabra. He has come a long, long way in 10 short years and his ability to learn and respond is quite astonishing.

Born and raised as a town kid in Rockhampton, Queensland, Matt always wanted to be around horses. He had to develop interesting ways to obtain the guidance and experience to get him to where he is today, a Young Guns winner at Landmark and an Open Snafflebit Futurity Champion at the 2019 NCHA Futurity.

As a child Matt longed to be with horses. His relatives owned some land which gave him the opportunity to be out of town, but not the opportunity to have a horse, so in late primary school he mated up with some girls from school that did Pony Club. When he was 11 there was an Inter School Gymkhana and he wanted to compete, so he managed to borrow a spare horse from the girls and he had a few weeks to get their parents to teach him to ride well enough to attend. No great results were recorded but being part of it was the big win in itself.

019 NCHA Snafflebit Futurity Champion. Matt Moffat & JMD Fascinator
Photo by Liz Speed Photography. 2019 NCHA Snafflebit Futurity Champion. Matt Moffat & JMD Fascinator.

He then managed to get his first horse and attended Pony Club regularly. He says it was “just a horse” and that nothing special happened until, aged 14, the Pony Club had a Campdraft day. He managed to get his first beast around and he was totally bitten by the Campdraft bug. Still no results or ribbons but the desire to compete was fierce so he started just hanging around and learning anything and everything.

Rick Hopkins provided the first turning point in his career by giving him good advice with the basics on campdrafting, cattle picking and horsemanship. Matt then set a goal to win the ACA Juvenile Title. By 16 he had got three handy horses of his own together and with determination and a lot of hard work became the 15/16 ACA Juvenile Champion Campdraft Rider.

He left school at 17 and was soon taking well received advice from Cameron Parker. He met Cameron when he went to look at the mares he was preparing for Landmark. He really liked how they went and how they were trained, but unfortunately they were way out of his price range when he got to Landmark.  Not deterred he returned to Rocky and started going over to Cameron’s every afternoon to learn and be instructed. He was a willing student with a master trainer and Matt was soon on the payroll as a casual.

2018/19 ACA Champion riders Steve Comiskey & Matt Moffat.
2018/19 ACA Champion riders Steve Comiskey & Matt Moffat.

Matt set his next goal which was to win the ACA Associate Title. He knew he was undermounted to take this next step up so he pulled up the competitive stumps and had twelve months to prepare for his tilt at the Title. He needed time to prepare a bigger and better team of horses of his own and with Cameron’s guidance for the 12 months he was ready for the 17/18 Title.

With his six horses and backing from Cameron and his friends he was soon to achieve his next big goal. People were very generous and lent Matt horses throughout the year with special mention to Jason and Amy Penny, Nikki Marshall and Steve Drury.

Back to back Associate Rider Titles was his next achievement when he won the 18/19 Title, aged 20.

2019 Dawes Hall Open Winner, Matt Moffat & Hazelwood Conduct.
2019 Dawes Hall Open Winner, Matt Moffat & Hazelwood Conduct.

He has now entered the Open Rider ranks and is busy establishing himself into his new profession as a Full Time Horse Trainer, specialising in Campdraft and Challenges.

Matt already has some big results to his credit with the 2017 Young Gun Title in Tamworth with Hazelwood Conduct and the 2019 NCHA Snafflebit Futurity with David & Jessica Bell’s mare, JMD Fascinator. He also won the second Go Round with Cameron Parker’s Turpys Metilda.

Matt is now working from his own premises and is looking at continually having 10/15 outside horses in training. His dedication and attention to detail in preparing horses for specific events is what he is proud of and his results to date are testament to this attitude. His main ambition as a trainer is simply to keep turning up with horses that suit the discipline they are being prepared for.



  • 2022 NCHA Futurity
    • 4th Limited NP Futurity with Hustlin
    • 1st Futurity Campdraft with Almora Spring (catch ride)
  • Dawes Hall
    • 1st Maiden with Hell Im Smooth
    • 1st Novice A with Boonara Electra.
  • 1st Mulgildie Novice with Jewelette (by This Cats Destiny)
  • 1st Ridgelands Res Open
  • Paradise Lagoons
    • WINNER Graeme Acton Memorial Open
  • 1st Charlie Maher Young Guns Cut out after 4 way runoff with Bobadil Destinys Diamond.

2021 Triple Crown


  • JHS Barnes Trophy Winner with PV Grasshopper
  • Canning Downs – =4th with Bobadil Destinys Diamond (90 89 90)
  • Warwick Stallion draft – =4th with Bobadil Destinys Diamond (87 91)


  • =2nd Novice with Christmas Chisum (88 90)



  • Comet River Windmill Novice – 1st with Christmas Chisum.
  • CQ, Nebo:
    • Open – 1st with Bobadil Destinys Diamond (86 86 88)
    • Res Open  – 3rd with Bobadil Destinys Diamond (89 87
    • Maiden – 2nd with Jewelette (86 90)
  • Mostly Hills Maiden B – 1st with Christmas Chisum.
  • Rocky Rush Novice Campdraft.  Ran the draft off with himself:
    • 1st with Boonara Electra & 2nd with PV Grasshopper
  • Clarke Creek Open:
    • 3rd Peptoxena & 6th with She B A Cat
  • Graymont Calliope Gold Goblet campdraft – 1st (Bobadil Destinys Diamond)
  • Dingo campdraft – 1st (Bobadil Destinys Diamond)
  • Dawes Hill Res Open – 2nd (Bobadil Destinys Diamond)
  • Capella Restricted Open – 3rd (Bobadil Destinys Diamond)
  • ACA National Finals Top 30 Shoot Out – =2nd
  • Nutrien Classic
    • 1st Charlie Maher Young Guns with Cat Swift and 1st in the Cut out after a 6way runoff. (24.5)
    • 2nd Nutrien Classic (98 87 89) with Yaven Smooth Sailing
    • 8th Gelding Incentive with Yaven Smooth Sailing


Condamine Bell

  • =6th Novice (2) – PV Grasshopper

Ridgelands Cutting

  • 1st $15000 NP – She B A Cat

Wild Horse Cutting

  • 1st Rookies – She B A Cat
  • 1st $7500 NP – She B A Cat


  • 1st Mostly Hills Maiden A on Mia Kat
  • 3rd Retreat Creek Open on Roanies Chic
  • 1st Capella Open with Roanies Chick, followed by =2nd Clarke Creek Res Open, then 2nd Mostly Hills Res Open
  • Cloncurry Novice B: 1st with Roanies Chick (90 89) & 5th with Blue Spoon (89 86).
  • NCHA Open Snafflebit Futurity Champion – JMD Fascinator
  • 91 in 1st round of the Paradise Lagoons Stallion Campdraft – Beniah
  • Reserve Champion of the Paradise Lagoons Stallion Campdraft – Beniah
  • 1st Dawes Hall Open Campdraft – Hazelwood Conduct
  • ACA Associate Rider Title Champion
  • Equal top with 92 in 1st round of the Open at the National Finals Greenvale Campdraft – One Moore Curry
  • 1st Balonne ASH Maiden Campdraft – Blue Spoon



  • 1st Springsure Novice Campdraft – Playboy Diva
  • 1st Armidale Novice Campdraft – Playboy Diva
  • ACA Associate Rider Title Champion
  • 1st Clarke Creek Maiden Campdraft – Henry’s Gal
  • Equal Top with 91 in 1st Round of Condamine Bell Novice Campdraft – Blue Spoon

2016 - 2017


  • 1st Ridgelands Open Campdraft – Kitson
  • 1st Clarke Creek Maiden Campdraft – Spins are Sophisticated


  • 1st Landmark Classic Young Guns Champion – Hazelwood Conduct
  • 1st Retreat Creek Restricted Open Campdraft – Kitson
  • 1st Calliope Gold Goblet Novice Campdraft – Spins are Sophisticated
  • 1st Moura Bronze Boots Restricted Open Campdraft – Kitson
  • 1st Toobeah Maiden Campdraft – Roanies Chick
  • 1st Comet Windmill Novice Campdraft – Spins are Sophisticated
  • 1st Mary Valley Restricted Open Campdraft – Spins are Sophisticated

2013 - 2014


  • 1st Calliope Juvenile Campdraft – Weldons Kareoki
  • 1st Mulgildie Juvenile Campdraft – Weldons Kareoki
  • 1st Glenmorgan Juvenile Campdraft – Weldons Kareoki
  • 1st Mount Perry Juvenile Campdraft
  • 1st Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame Campdraft- Weldons Kareoki
  • 1st Retreat Creek Juvenile Campdraft
  • 1st Bauhinia Juvenile Campdraft


  • 1st Mulgildie Open Campdraft – Kitson
  • 1st Capella Juvenile Campdraft – Kitson
  • 1st ACA National Finals Nebo Campdraft – Bonjour
  • Juvenile ACA Title Champion
  • 1st Calliope Gold Goblet Open Campdraft – Jewel N Taz
  • 1st Rocky Super Series Novice Campdraft – Weldons Kareoki
Horse Sales

2021 Nutrien Classic Horse Sale

Client’s horses:

  • Lot 6 – One Roan Spina on behalf of B & C Heumiller – $9,000
  • Lot 96 – Tecoma Spin N Wish on behalf of B & C Heumiller – $21,000
  • Lot 125 – Gully Raker on behalf of Wendy Rackley – $22,000
  • Lot 132 – PV Grasshopper on behalf of Tory Acton – $36,000
  • Lot 306 – Rising Destiny on behalf of K & E Hanrahan – $26,000
  • Lot 489 – Yaven Smooth Sailing on behalf of K & E Hanrahan – $30,000
  • Lot 588 – Concurrence (Conman x One Moore Curry) on behalf of J & A Penny – $39,000

Matt’s own horse:

  • Lot 93 – Hellofa Destiny. Sold $16,000.

2020 Nutrien Classic Horse Sale

Clients’ horses:

  • Lot 149 – Flamin Pepto (by One Stylish Pepto) on behalf of B & C Heumiller – $15,000.
  • Lot 311 – Beljay Caprice (by Seligman Spin) on behalf of Beljay Performance Horses – $10,000
  • Lot 423 – Koonmara Annies Spoonful (by RS Chisum) on behalf of David and Jessica Bell – $6,000

Matt’s own horses:

2019 Dalby Stock Horse Sale

2022 Nutrien Sale Horses
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Video Gallery


ACA National Finals, Springsure

  • Open Rd1 with JMD Fascinator. 91.5 (23 64.5 4).  [View Video]

Paradise Lagoons

  • Graeme Acton Memorial Open Final with Bobadil Destinys Diamond.  [View Video]

Nutrien Classic

  • Charlie Maher Young Guns with Matt Moffat.  Rd1 – 89.  [View Video]


  • Comet River Windmill Novice A with Christmas Chisum. Rd1 (91). [View Video]
  • Willinga Park with Bobadil Destinys Diamond.  Rd1 (87.33) –  [View Video]  |  Rd2 (87.33) – [View Video]
  • ACA National Finals ACA Top 30 Shootout with Bobadil Destinys Diamond – 91 (22 65 4).  [View Video]

Nutrien Classic

  • Charlie Maher Young Guns with Cat Swift.
  • Lot 132 – PV Grasshopper sold for $36,000. Vendor: Tory Acton. Purchaser: Kurt & Erica Hanrahan.  [View Videok]
  • Lot 489 – Yaven Smooth Sailing Sold for: $30,000 (initially passed in at $26K).  Purchaser: JAMES LYONS.  Vendor: Kurt & Erica Hanrahan.  [View Video]
  • Nutrien Classic Rd1 with Yaven Smooth Spin 90 (22 64 4).  [View Video]

2020 Nutrien Classic


  • Dalby Stock Horse Sale.  Lot 153 – Common Destiny, 8 yo mare sold for $30,500.  [View Video]
  • Canning Downs Rd1  with Roanies Chick – 88.  [View Video]
  • Warwick Gold Cup Rd1 with One Moore Curry – 88.5.  [View Video]
  • NCHA Open Snafflebit Futurity Final with JMD Fascinator (215.5). [View Video]
  • Landmark Classic Sale, Lot 148 – Destinys Ghost, on a/c Cameron Parker – Sold $42,000.  [View Video]



  • Landmark Young Guns Final with Hazelwood Conduct (89).  [View Video]


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