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It is with pleasure that I can advise that I have had a small rerun done of my book, The Warwick Gold Cup: Campdrafting’s Memories and Magic Moments.

The book is now available and can be purchased for $49.95.

Email info@selectsire.com.au or use the online order form below.

I wrote this book in the early 2000’s to give people the opportunity to relive campdrafting throughout the history of the sport and to provide a record of the winners of this great event and their stories. As time has moved on people are continually asking when an update will be done.

That question alone has been one of the niggling factors which have resulted in www.selectsires.com.au becoming a reality. The need for details, times and places to be recorded is so important and as time seems to keep moving forward even faster this site is the new opportunity to record these important events.

The book update? Hopefully I’ll get to it soon. For the winners from 2002 on I can only say congratulations and that it will happen and for all the other competitors hopefully next year will be your turn.

Bev Cheers

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