Select Sires welcomes TurnerMarks Linesman

Today Select Sires welcomes the 2023 Frasers Livestock Stallion draft winner TURNERMARKS LINESMAN, his reputation precedes him, as does that of owner TurnerMarks Stud.  He has already proven himself in the competition arena, and his progeny are proving to be everything they had hoped for. His story is a beauty but there are 2 standouts that essentially say it all.

When Rohan bred Linesman he says it was simple, “I bred our best mare (Hingis) to the son (Lawlors Mandana) of the best mare (Lawlors Madeline) I had seen…”

The last line of his story reads, “TurnerMarks Linesman is now a young stallion…with a future that could easily elevate him to levels seldom seen.”

Linesman is standing at Willinga Park Vet Hospital and his contract is available for download.

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TurnerMarks Linesman
Photo by RT Photography. TurnerMarks Linesman.