Reys Ya Garter has last hooray in the Cutting pen

There’s a real standout in this year’s NCHA Open Gold Cup, for more than one reason…REYS YA GARTER.

Not only does he look different, he is different!  Rey began his Cutting career with Corey Holden way back in 2011 and in 2015 left it all behind when he began the successful campdraft phase of his career with Hugh Miles.

Today this grand gentleman, 18 years old, will return to the Cutting pen for ONE LAST TIME!

Owner Trudy Holden says, “It’s a privilege for him to compete without his mane!”  And she’s right!  The Willinga Park GOLD BUCKLE one month, the NCHA GOLD CUP the next, now that’s versatility!

Good luck Corey, bring the house down!