Steven Hart
"The smallest change can make the biggest difference.”

Breaking, Training, Competition, Schools & Sale preparation.

Steven Hart is a man with his eyes firmly on the future. In a world full of opportunities from ever changing technology, he is adamant that to be at the top every competitor needs to be up to date with the changes, and how they can and will affect their performances. Steven is excited by this and he intends to surround himself with those people who are leaders in their equine field.

…….he recommends all competitors do the same.

Steven Hart's story

Steven HartSteven Hart has been riding horses for more than forty years. His childhood recreation turned into a passion for training horses after spending endless hours watching his father break in horses on their cattle station in the Northern Territory.  It was during this time Steven made a commitment to learn everything he could from the best equestrian men and women he could find.

Steven has refined his training methodology and has continued to develop communication and education techniques that have provided him with results.

His holistic approach to developing  the performance horse, has seen Steven work closely with veterinarians, dieticians, equine soft tissue specialists and farriers to ensure his own horses, as well as his clients’ horses, are given every opportunity to succeed.

Steven HartSteven has implemented a system of training where he lays down a solid foundation on which he can then build. Getting that foundation nice and strong enables the horse to go on and accept discipline training for any horse sport the owner wishes. Steven’s system also develops a crucial link between rider and horse, one that ensures safety and understanding.

In between a hectic summer Campdrafting schedule where he campaigns his own horses and his clients’ horses, Steven operates a full time performance horse training and education centre in Googong NSW, only 10 minutes from the outskirts of Canberra, the capital of Australia.

During the off-season, the Australian winter, Steven can be found across the country sharing his knowledge and teaching others his style of horsemanship in two and three day clinics.


Rebecca Walshe, Equine Veterinarian, Canberra Equine Hospital.
“Communication, Understanding, Discipline, Balance, Harmony – this is my understanding of the training system that Steve Hart lives by and offers to teach. To date I have trained directly with Steve at two weekend sessions and Steve has worked with one of my horses for a number of weeks. Steve is a very good communicator to people and to horses. I already feel like I have been offered a lot of knowledge about his system. I really look forward to training with Steve in the future as his horsemanship skills clearly have relevance to enhancing the training of all horses and riders of any discipline.”

Mike Brady beginner interested in trail riding and Campdrafting.
“I teach for a living and Steve is certainly a great Instructor, I learnt all the important things that I needed to know in order to safely be around a horse and how to ride and become a better horseman. An excellent weekend.”

Peter Bowyer beginner rider interested in trail riding and Campdrafting.
“Exactly what I needed. I learnt heaps about horsemanship and had fun, I feel much safer as a rider knowing exactly what I was doing wrong and I’m a lot more confident as a result, I’m stoked!” Thanks Steve for an amazing weekend.” Pete

Upcoming Clinic Dates

Visit Steve’s Facebook page for details.

Horsemanship, Campdraft and Youth Clinics

Steve Hart clinicHorsemanship, Campdraft and Youth Clinics are a big part of Steven Hart’s annual equine program.

Steven conducts his 1, 2 or 3 day clinics throughout the country on a regular basis and finds demand is increasing as regular competitors are continually striving to improve their competition results.

Steve has conducted clinics in numerous locations throughout NSW, Victoria, South Austalia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

In 2013 August Steven and Pete Comiskey travelled to the US at the invitation of the newly formed United States Campdraft Association to conduct a Campdraft Clinic and seminar, and then to assist in the running of the first ever Campdraft competition in the States. Steve returned to Texas, USA in early 2014 Steve travelled to Texas, USA to conduct campdraft clinics and to judge in their inaugural draft.

Steve now regularly visits the USA to conduct both campdraft and horsemanship clinics.

Clinics are limited to 10 participants and Steven invites Committees or groups to contact him regarding potential dates, prices and travel.

Steven Hart clinicIndividual lessons are also important to Steven and arrangements can be made to accommodate personalised sessions. As Steven is prepared to travel, this gives groups of people away from his local area a great opportunity to benefit from his coaching techniques and makes it available to everyone.

Once again, contact Steven for details.

Horse intake calendar
Breaking & Training
A keen student at Steven Hart's Horsemanship Clinic
A keen student at Steven Hart’s Horsemanship Clinic

Steven runs his performance and training facility to enable clients to have access to his breaking, training, re-educating and competition expertise.  He invites interested clients to approach him and discuss the needs of the particular horse they wish to enter into his program, as he feels that every horse is different.

The competition path the owner wishes to follow determines the time and program that is required to achieve the desired result.

To be fully involved at all levels of the sport Steven feels it is important to give back, to this end he involves himself in the following Associations:

  • Member of the Australian Campdraft Association
  • Member of the Australian Bushman Campdraft and Rodeo Association
  • Member of the Gunning Campdraft Association
  • President Bungendore Campdraft Club
Horse & Rider SHOP

Steven Hart’s Horse & Rider shop is a collection of Steven’s favourite tools of the trade that he chooses to ride with every day – both when training horses, teaching clients and when Campdrafting.

Steven endorses all the equipment he sells as they are (in his opinion) the best quality you’ll find in the country –  and yes, the spurs are made right here in Australia from Aussie steel!

Contact Steve to place your order:


  • Mens and Ladies sizes available.
  • $285 includes freight & GST.

2.5 inch Ring Snaffle

  • Available in 8mm & 10mm
  • Custom made
  • $175 includes GST.

FM Snaffle Short Bar

  • Available in 8mm & 10mm
  • Custom made
  • $195 includes GST.

FM Snaffle Long Bar

  • Available in 8mm & 10mm
  • Custom made
  • $195 includes GST.
Video Gallery

Warwick 2017

Gold Cup – Steven & Kea.  [View Rd 1 Video]

Warwick 2013

  • Canning Downs Rd 2 – Steven & God’s Little Acre – 88. [View Video]

Landmark Classic 2013

  • Classic Challenge Final – Steven & Dharma Acres Armani.  [View Video]

Steve’s picks

Instructional Videos

For those of you who have attended a school/workshop and want further revision, these videos will prove very useful.

Part 1 – Lunging

Part 2 – Flexion

Part 3 – Riding Position

Part 4 – Riding exercises

Part 5 – Additional exercises


Steven Hart Performance Horses
166 Cooke Drive
Little Burra
Googong  NSW  2626
Mob:  0405 185 817

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