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Ken Anderson Photography Story
Ken Anderson
Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson is a passionate photographer. He has turned a part time hobby into a service providing top quality stallion shoots and cutting images. This has come about through hard work and a desire to learn as much as possible at every opportunity about horses, their conformation and how to capture that perfect photo.

Ken started from scratch over a dozen years ago, when he felt the need to record the development of his partner’s newborn foals at Jawil Park Performance Horses. At that time he was simply capturing their moment as they were such cute, unforgettable images. His subjects gradually changed from these foals to good mares and stallions including some of Robert Baldwin’s horses.

Slowly he learnt which were good images and which images portrayed these horses to their best advantage. After taking thousands of photos of Jawil Park’s stallion, “Spirited Morn”, he learnt that good photos encourage you to take better photos.

Experience was gained in the wider equine community where Ken offered to do professional stallion shoots.  Ken guarantees the best possible photos and in what is fast approaching 100 shoots, he has never had to do it twice.  Ken is only satisfied when his client is satisfied.

Emirates Park photo shoot
Photo by Ken Anderson Equine Photography. Emirates Park photo shoot

Although his passion is Cutting Horses and Stallion shoots, Ken has been employed by Emirates Park to do their yearling thoroughbred sales photos.

Ken is excited about the future and loves his work.  The only person he competes with is himself, as he continues to strive to be the best he can be, afterall…it’s all about the horse and everybody loves a good horse photo.

What the clients say...

“Ken Anderson uses hes knowledge and exceptional talent to depict horses in an artistic and photo-journalistic style.  He specialises in all equine disciplines, stallion and stud shoots and cutting.  I highly recommend him.”


Teresa Russo, Ambitious Performance Horses

“Ken Anderson has photographed my stallion ONE ROAN PEPTOS both in a stallion photoshoot and during cutting events. Ken has taken some amazing photos of my boy and he takes pride in his photography and is always striving to achieve the ‘best’ shot. He has been wonderful to deal with and I am more than happy with his work.”

Shereene Matthews, Legends Of Morn Quarter Horse Stud

“Ken Anderson has been our stud photographer for over 4 years. I have found Ken to have a great understanding of horses and it shows in his photos.  Our stallions are always very relaxed around Ken and his partner Julie is very helpful also having shown horses for many years.

Ken is  reliable and is very willing to go along with the working of the stud. We have had to rescheduled shoots because of something happening and it is never a problem to Ken to reschedule.

Ken and his family are now considered good friends of our family and we appreciate the care and help he gives his clients. We love the way he suggests things we would never think of to give us better photos. We appreciate him and his service, I would recommend him to anyone but his photos do that for him.”

Richard Bull, Tamarang

“I have been dealing with Ken Anderson through his photography for nearly a decade now.  Ken has a knack of getting just the right photo, one of my favourite images is of  Smart Little Lena D – “Salute” which made it all the way to the Daily Telegraph in Sydney in full colour.  Quite a feat!  His enthusiasm for his craft is infectious!’

Paul and Kate Arnall

“We arranged for Ken Anderson to photograph our stallion Frogman Henry (imp) and were impressed with his knowledge and dedication to strive for the a ‘perfect shot’ making each picture all about the horse. He has an expansive knowledge of angles and will look outside the box to capture and showcase a horse and its best features.  Professional in every aspect of his business Ken is also extremely relatable and shows a genuine passion for the horses he photographs.”

The Team @ River Run Performance Horses.

“Ken Anderson you are an absolute pleasure to work with, adaptability to help & get along with others in a positive manner, humble, reliable, intelligent & having great compassion for your work. Your photos completely show this!  Highly recommend! 

Thank you so much Ken for making the weekend enjoyable & outstanding!  Can’t wait to see you again!”


Ken Anderson

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