Jats Bar Adios Acres progeny prove their versatility across disciplines

It’s the simple things on Facebook that often yield the greatest reward. A simple profile picture updated for John & Barbara Lee received this wonderful support from one of their great supporters Tina McTavish.

Tina posted this great photo collage of Jats Bar Epic, just one of the 3 JATS BAR ADIOS ACRES progeny she owns. Tina added, “I highly recommend this stallion if you want to breed a top campdrafter, a show horse, or a horse that will be successful regardless of what discipline you want to pursue. And the temperament of his offspring is just incredible.”

Tina tells us, “They are just so trainable and amenable. They are also very cow minded. My horse is especially so, and his cow talent is far greater than mine.”

Adios Acres stands at Royston, Manilla. Full Details on his page.