Branchvale Agile Kitten…Purrfect across a range of disciplines!

Huge congratulations to Norman and Jane Stagg, it appears Hydrive Cat wasn’t the only one in the family to enjoy success at the AQHA end of year awards.  The apple didn’t fall very far from the tree with his daughter BRANCHVALE AGILE KITTEN, an absolute carbon copy of her sire in looks, and talent…across a range of disciplines.  Norman, Jane & Kitten had a clean sweep:

  • AQHA Breakaway Roping Horse of the Year
  • AQHA Novice Campdraft Horse of the Year
  • AQHA HiPoint Performance Horse NSW Category 2 and
  • AQHA Hi Point Performance Horse Overall Category 2.

Norman and Jane describe Kitten as a Super mare, “We love her to pieces. Some weekends she goes from one arena into the other, she is truly versatile. Hydrive Cat is an amazing sire.”

Branchvale Agile Kitten 2023 Awards.