2017 Central Highlands Colt Starting Challenge changes focus

This year’s Central Highlands Colt Starting Challenge has been and gone and as with previous years it was very successful. Six Bluey Rey 2YO’s were put through their paces, but this year the the format changed taking the focus from the horse to young trainers who are starting out in the industry.

They (the understudy) were teamed up with an experienced trainer (the Mentor), giving them the chance to not only mix it with the big fellas, but to learn from them first hand. It also provided them with a platform to showcase their skills.

This year’s teams, who still competed as individuals were:

  • Ron Wall & his son Dylan
  • Ken May & Brianna Cook
  • Leah Read & Tommy Craig

The Mentors wore microphones so the audience could follow the instruction and understand the methods being taught. Ken May said of the event, “It’s a pleasure to be influencing the youth of Australia, hopefully they will pick up on my good habits and ignore the bad!”


  • Mentor – Ron Wall
  • Understudy – Dylan Wall
  • Colt – TN My Lady Blue, owned by Danny & Leanne Jones, started by Ron Wall.

Full coverage of the event including photos and videos can be seen on the Central Highlands Colt Starting Challenge Facebook Page.