Triple Crown success for Bonlac Gigolo progeny

Bonlac Gigolo Progeny did very well at Condamine, Chinchilla and Warwick.

Bulla Martha was the shining light with Mark Ruff placing 14th at Condamine out of a field of 422 running an 83, 91 and the top score of 91.5 in the final. At Warwick she did extremely well running an 87 in Rd 1 of the Canning Downs, 88 in the Gold Cup and  placed 3rd in the Champion of Champions with a 91.5 and 92.5, only one point behind the winner.

Enjoy Martha’s runs in the Champion of Champions.

More progeny success…

Mewburn Bewick top scored in the first round of the Chinchilla Grandfather Clock with a score of  91.

Even more progeny success…

Lealukas Kalissa and Lealukas Street Walker made the second round of the Gold Cup with Luke Whitehead and Lealukas Shanarta & Lealukas Kalissa went through to the second round of the Canning Downs with Luke & Leah Whitehead respectively.