David & Heather Pascoe win the lottery that is breeding!

A breeders life is not always beer and skittles, particularly for new breeders where initially it’s a lottery.  There are three occasions when they need to hold their breath:

  • # 1: Making the decision to stand a stallion.  It’s going to be hard work, “Will I make it?”
  • # 2: Waiting for the first foals to arrive.  Will they be good healthy correct and attractive types?
  • # 3: What do others think?  The breaker, the trainers, the people who take the emotion out of it and assess on what’s presented.

Well, we are happy to report that David and Heather Pascoe have won the lottery with Nonda Southern Cross (Denzel), his first fillies having surpassed all expectations.

Started by Jake Capewell they were given the big thumbs up, then after a good spell they were sent to Denzel’s trainer Jon Templeton to see what they were like at the coal face.

Jon was more than impressed with both fillies, saying, “They have excellent movement and great retention and they are soft and very pliable…”  After putting them on cattle for a few soft days, he said that like their dad they are “absolute naturals”.

Jon added, “I can’t help but be excited about what the future holds for them”, and neither can we!

Jon Templeton with Nonda Pretty (left) & Nonda Jamaica
L to R – Nonda Pretty (o/o Nonda Allnightlong), Jon Templeton and Nonda Jamaica (o/o Nonda Tula)

Both fillies turned two in October and their dams’ are young Conman mares from a wonderful old Nonda family.