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Pete Comiskey Campdrafting

Mackelmore Chex' Story

Pete Comiskey’s name is linked to many of the great campdraft horses and his name is etched onto almost all the big draft trophies throughout the country, so one would imagine it would be hard for him to pick a favourite horse. However when Rod and Ann Carpenter’s mare Roanies Chex name is mentioned you can feel a definite softness in his voice when he relives her competition achievements. He happily tells you that she was so talented and honest that she stands alone in his opinion and her achievements are continuing as a brood mare who will be remembered through her progeny. Her progeny are proving themselves to be champions showing all her successful traits and Pete can’t wait to bring each one to the campdraft arena.

Photo by Wild Fillies Photography. Pete Comiskey & Rodann Roanies Chex, Paradise Lagoons.

Roanies Chex has attributes that make her standout. She has no dirt in her and she is just happy to be with you and goes that extra bit to please you. She is soft both in your hands and in her movement when hitting the ground, she has exceptional balance at speed and is really natural outside chasing a beast. Adding to all her competitive edge is she is just an excellent station horse, the horse you want to ride mustering, she’s a great walker, a good ride all day and stamina to boot.

Pete has embryoed Roanie to a number of sires for different reasons to produce stallions which he expects to excel at the highest levels.  These stallions will all add to Roanies’ superior genetics and each will appeal to different people who will be trying to breed their own champion from the Roanie bloodline. The differences will be judged by colour, type or a preference towards a grand sire.

Mackelmore Chex is one of these stallions. Being by RS Chisum he is a straight Quarter Horse carrying a wealth of breeding. Pete believes the RS Chisum progeny are performing exceptionally well and that crossed with Roanie he would produce a cross which would be ideally suited to campdrafting, living up to the ability of his elder siblings, Paris and Brittany.

Mackelmore Chex

Mackelmore Chex is the resultant foal and Pete believes he is everything he wanted, he’s a good size and type maturing to around the 15 hh. His calm, easy going nature means he’s infinitely trainable and is performing very well for his age. He has speed, balance, hits the ground softly and has great feel, attributes his mother had in abundance.

Mack’s training regime is with Dan Steers who is setting him up for the 2021 NCHA Snafflebit Futurity and then challenges including the 2022 Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge.  This  foundation will set Mack up for his campdraft career. It also means that the public will have an opportunity to see this exciting young horse as he progresses through the grades.


Sire: RS Chisum (IMP)

RS Chisum is a SUPERSIRE who produces extremely versatile progeny, with above average ability and “cow”, from the stock camp to the show ring.

They are exceptional performers across disciplines including cutting, challenge, campdraft and cow horse.

Dam: Rodann Roanies Chex

Rodann Roanies Chex is the most famous mare in the career of Pete Comiskey.  She was competitive from 2000 to 2014.

  • 65 Open Wins
  • 145 Places
  • 20 Open Rider Titles
  • Juvenile Rider Titles
  • 3 Open Horse Titles
  • 1 Novice Horse Title

Highlights include:

  • 2005 Warwick Gold Cup Winner
  • 2005 Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Winner

Half Sister: Paris


  • OPEN Campdraft Mare
  • DOB: 10/10/2007
  • Reg: AQHA: Q-65714
  • Owner: Pete Comiskey and Rod Carpenter
  • Colour: Blue Roan
  • Sire: Acres Destiny (imp) Dam: Rodann Roanies Chex 

Highlights include:


  • WINNER NCCA National Champion rider title.


  • WINNER Willinga Gold Buckle Open Campdraft
  • 5th Warwick Champion of Champions


  • 2nd – Chinchilla Grandfather Clock
  • 2nd:  Ridgelands, Comet & Moura Drafts


  • WINNER – Condamine Bell

Half Sister: Brittany


  • OPEN Campdraft Mare
  • DOB: 18/12/2007
  • Reg: ASHS 23217
  • Owner by: Pete Comiskey
  • Colour: Bay Roan
  • Sire: Hazelwood Conman  |  Dam:  Rodann Roanies Chex

Highlights include:


  • Winner of the Willinga Park Gold Buckle Campdraft
  • 2019 Triple Crown Highest Average over the 3 Opens. (Criteria: Highest aggregate over 9 rounds: Available to the same horse & rider combination scoring the highest aggregate in first, second and final (must compete in all 9 rounds) of the Condamine Bell, Chinchilla Grandfather Clock and Warwick Gold Cup.)


  • 6th Condamine Bell Open Draft
  • = 4th Restricted Open Chinchilla
  • 7th Open Paradise Lagoons
  • 2nd Nebo Open Draft

AQHA Registration # Q-93049
Foaling date: 12/10/2017
Colour: Chestnut
Height: 15hh
Breeder: Rodney & Anne Carpenter
Current Owner: Peter J Comiskey
DNA Case #: ok

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 Sire: RS CHISUM Hes A Peptospoonful Peptoboonsmal
Miss Smarty Rey
RS Sola Rey Me Dual Rey
Sola Gun
 Dam: RODANN ROANIES CHEX Docs Spinifex Doc’s Oak
Roanies Lynx
Clover Foxy Lady Easter Chex
Clover Jillaroo
Dam: Rodann Roanies Chex

Rodann Roanies Chex is the most famous mare in the career of Pete Comiskey.

“Favourite & most competitive mare, very cowy, quick & never argued…she had her quirks, but never any dirt…she has a big ticker.”

Photo by Sue Jones. Pete Comiskey & Rodann Roanies Chex, 2005 Warwick Gold Cup Winners.

She was competitive from 2000 to 2014.

  • 230 Total Ribbons
  • 66 Open Wins
  • 164 Places
  • 20 Open Rider Titles
  • Juvenile Rider Titles
  • 3 Open Horse Titles
  • 1 Novice Horse Title

Highlights include:

  • 2005 Warwick Gold Cup Winner (90 91 89=270). 755 entries.
  • 2005 Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Winner, 504 entries.

Successful progeny

Roanies progeny are extremely successful.  This proven mare line is producing champions from different Sires.  All progeny campaigned to date are in the winners circle the most recognisable being Paris & Brittany who won the 2018, 2019 Willinga Park World Championship Gold Buckle Campdraft, respectively.

Full details of their highlights in the PEDIGREE TAB and footage of them in action in the VIDEO GALLERY TAB.

Pete Comiskey on 2018 Willinga Park Gold Buckle Campdraft winner Paris, with sister Brittany, winner in 2019.

Newspaper articles charting her success

We live in an age where success is instantly broadcast via social media, Rodann Roanies Chex captured hearts and headlines with her success as these articles attest:

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Video Gallery


Dam: Rodann Roanies Chex


  • Chinchilla Restricted Open Final with Pete Comiskey – 89 (21 64 4).  [View Video]
  • Chinchilla Grandfather Clock with Pete Comiskey – 88 (22 62 4).  [View Video]


  • Warwick Gold Cup Winner with Pete Comiskey.  [View Video]

Half sister: Paris



  • Willinga Park Gold Buckle Campdraft Winning run in the Final. [View Video]
  • Warwick Champion of Champions with Bryony Puddicombe


  • Condamine Bell, Rd 1, with Pete Comiskey – 88. [View Video]


  • St George, Sponsored Open Cut – Out win on 25, with Pete Comiskey.  [View Video]

Half sister: Brittany


  • Warwick Gold Cup, Rd 2 with Pete Comiskey – 88. [View Video]
  • Chinchilla Open, Rd 2 with Pete Comiskey – 90. [View Video]
  • Willinga Park World Championship Gold Buckle Campdraft. Final daily wrap with Tim Dreverman and Mark Barton!  [View Video]
  • 2019 Landmark Open, Rd 1 with Pete Comiskey – 88. [View Video]


  • Condamine Bell Restricted Open, Rd 1 with Pete Comiskey – 88.  [View Video]


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