Pimped Up Cat joins Select Sires line-up

Tonight we are excited to welcome PIMPED UP CAT to our ranks, a Stallion with a Pedigree of epic proportions.  Smothered in US NCHA Futurity Champions and an Australian NCHA NP Classic Challenge Champion himself, he is a sire that offers the best of both worlds to the Campdraft, Cutting & Challenge enthusiast.

In 2020 he retired from Cutting and joined Steve Comiskey Campdrafting’s stables.

There’s so much we say about “Mr Cat” but as the final paragraph of his story states, “…The Pimped Up Cat story is just getting warmed up, and everyone who has had anything to do with him is eager to be part of his journey.”  And we are excited to follow it!

Read his story, view his pedigree & see him in action.