PIMP YOUR RIDE with Pimped Up Cat!

Every profile page on Select Sires has a catchphrase, be it horse or person.  Pimped Up Cat’s is a cracker! (Can’t take credit for it though!)


Seeking clarification on meaning & swapping the word “Car” with “Horse” and “Drive” with “Ride”, we think it’s Perfect!

“Upgrading your HORSE and RIDING experience”.
“Upgrade or style your HORSE”.
“Make your mode of transportation look better”.

To “Pimp Your Ride”, book your mare in to Pimped Up Cat. Download his contract now:

  • www.pimpedupcat.com.au

Here are a few of his 2020 yearlings.  Owner Lloyd Neilsen says of his progeny, “They are all noticeably good-minded and extremely trainable.  They are quiet to break in, move nicely, have their sire’s big stop, and are a good size. They are soft and willing to help you, like their sire.”