The Hys and the Lows of SDP Buffalo Ranch

One thing that stuck us when reading the article we shared earlier today was a remark about Hydrive Cat by Shane Plummer, “His biggest impact on us was how he stamped his foals…they all looked exactly alike. It didn’t matter what bloodline he was bred to or what size they were or type, they all kind of just came out looking like him. I’ve bred thousands of horses and I’ve never seen anything so uniform.”

We immediately thought of “LOWDRIVE”, a perfect case in point.  He may not have the height of his father or his colouring, but he certainly has his face.

Lowdrive is a 5 yo pony out of one of the Plummer-owned SDP Buffalo Ranch’s American Miniature mares.  We learned of him last year in Hydrive’s eulogy when Shane said it was comfort for the family seeing Hydrive spend his last couple of months in the paddock with his friend/son.

Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch. Hydrive Cat & his son Lowdrive.