Millungeras Moon Beam & Luke Bennett April catch-up!

Millungeras Moon Beam & Luke Bennett have had a brilliant run thus far in April, attending the ACA National Finals at Nebo and then Paradise Lagoons.

Here’s some of the highlights posted on Facebook:

  • Paradise Lagoons Open – 6th (90 83 92)

Top score of the final in the Graeme Acton Memorial Open Draft 2021 with 92 points is Luke Bennett and Mullungeras Moon Beam. This talented stallion continues to final in the big drafts and his attitude to competition and the job at hand continues to impress.

Paradise Lagoons Open Final

ACA National Finals, Nebo

  • ACA Top 30 Shootout – 4th (90)

Talk about excitement!

Millungeras Moon Beam and Luke Bennett, out at 28 and a 91 to beat in the ACA Top 30 Shootout, they laid it all on the line. Talk about fast!
Aw just one point short to equalise at this stage. 90 (22 64 4).

Brilliant Luke, and that smile when you walk in speaks volumes.

Top 30 Shoot Out

Novice Rd1

Millungeras Moon Beam & Luke Bennett are currently sitting =2nd on the leaderboard half way through Rd1 of the Novice at the ACA Finals having run a big 90 (22 64 4) yesterday morning.