Matt Moffat program pays off for his clients

Select Sires celebrates the success of our trainers, but we should also be mindful of the success of horses who have gone through their program.

For example, this year at the Nutrien Classic Matt Moffat sold Acres Destiny mare ‘Hellofa Destiny’ to Lara Garlick.  Lara has since gone on to have success at 3 out of 4 campdrafts, even picking up a ribbon recently! Lara is thrilled with her!

Another successful Acres Destiny mare to go through the Matt Moffat Performance Horses program is Chances Blue Acres.  “Blueberry” has been consistent with scores and recently placed =7th in the Novice at Nebo with Erica Hanrahan.

With our trainers we expect results, but it is the results by the new owners that validate the effectiveness of their program.

Their success, is Matt’s success!

Photo by Megan Hensley. Hellofa Destiny & Lara Garlick.
Photo by Sharon Atkinson Photography. Erica Hanrahan & Chances Blue Acres.