Acres Destiny (Deceased)
Arguably the biggest genetic influence on Cutting, Campdraft and Challenge horses in Australia.

Acres Destiny was lost to the horse industry on August 15, 2018.  Richard Bull describes him as probably one of the most remarkable stallions one would ever hope to own.  His legendary status is known to all and his legacy will live forever.

When you really look closely at his individual progeny and what they have achieved, only then can you  really understand the enormous impact this outstanding horse has had on our sport.

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Acres is now priceless, but his genetics live on.


Acres Destiny has been laid to rest beside Docs Freckles Oak on the hill at Tamarang.

The Acres Story
Acres Destiny
Photo Son Shugent

Richard Bull had experienced remarkable success within the Australian Campdrafting and Cutting industries with his imported sire, Doc’s Freckles Oak. Freckles Oak progeny had been topping the sales for several years and were regulars in all the major winners lineups. However, as he aged it became time for Richard to consider the future and a replacement colt was his preferred option.

In November 1993, Richard and John Brekelmans set off to America on a month long journey to find and purchase the next generation colt.

Richard was keen on the Bob Acre Doc bloodline as he was a past World Champion and his bloodlines oozed cow and competition success. He had been given the offer on a Bob Acre Doc colt at the EE Ranches Inc., so this became their first port of call on day one.

The colt on offer didn’t impress the Aussies and after it seemed like no business was going to be done Richard was given a bunch of registrations to look at. Flipping through them he came across a  Bob Acre Doc colt from a Doc’s Hickory mare, San Jose Hickory. Richard recognised the mother and loved her half sister, hence he asked to look at the colt.

After finding him out the back, the young colt was just weaned and furry in the American autumn. Richard and John disagreed on his substance and they left the ranch to look further.

Acres Destiny & Richard Bull, Sydney Royal.
Photo by Australian Horseman. Acres Destiny & Richard Bull, Sydney Royal.

As the trip came to finality, one month of colt buying had come up with naught. A jolly good time had been had, but Richard was still somewhat disenchanted at coming up empty. He still had the fluffy black colt in his mind, but John didn’t see him as the sire Australia needed. After a farewell party of huge proportions, Richard spontaneously decided to buy the little Bob Acre Doc colt. After finding a willing driver he returned to EE Ranches Inc. and a deal was done. The deal included leaving him in the States to be trained for the NCHA Futurity. The happy travellers left for home leaving Acres Destiny in his new trainer’s capable hands. Twelve months later Richard returned to the States to check on his young horse’s preparation. Bitterly disappointed at his progress he arranged a sale to Bill Horne and Acres Destiny changed hands, Richard satisfied to just get his money back.

As with all good horse deals, nothing is ever straight forward.  Jo Ellard indicated to Richard that the reason the colt was not performing was because he hadn’t been receiving adequate training and wasn’t being ridden regularly. She wanted Richard to get the horse to another trainer and get him properly trained. Problem!  Richard had sold the horse!

Fortune was on Richard’s side at this point and Bill agreed to cancel the sale and gave Richard 60 days to decide.

Bill had done exceedingly well from a previous Richard reject, Miffilena. Miffilena went on to become Reserve Champion at the Reining Futurity and netted Bill a cool $200,000 so he was comfortable giving Richard a second chance at Acres.

Richard Bull & Acres Destiny, Goondiwindi 2009.

Acres Destiny was then sent to Guy Woods to complete his Futurity preparation and after one month he was showing his class and was well on track for the futurity. Richard finalised the business arrangements with Bill Horne, effectively buying the colt for a 2nd time and they were on their way to the Futurity. After being =1st in the 1st Round and =2nd in the 2nd round he then missed the final by ½ point after his bridle went missing right before competition in the Semi-Final. Disappointed with the result but not the horse, Richard left Acres Destiny with Guy Woods and the pair finalled at every other Aged Event in the US Cutting calendar.

Acres Destiny left the States in time to be available for the breeding season in Australia as a 4 year old. Again Richard was to experience angst with Acres as he was very slow to be recognised by Australian mare owners as he had no time to promote him before the breeding season commenced. The season came and with a very small booking of just 3 mares Richard was seriously questioning his judgement and his bank balance. The life changing moment came for Acres as a sire when Todd Graham agreed to send the national cutting sensation of the time, One Moore Spin. From that moment his booking grew and his reputation as Australia’s leading Cutting and Campdraft sire commenced.  The rest as they say is history.

Acres Destiny's 21st Birthday Cake. February 2014.
Acres Destiny’s 21st Birthday Cake. February 2014.

Acres Destiny is now well over 20 and is still continuing to be in demand as a sire each and every year. His progeny continue to lead the way in cutting, campdraft and challenge events and probably the most exciting aspect of the Acres Destiny story for Richard is that his daughters are continuing to breed on with amazing results.  Many of the pedigrees of the younger champions coming into the sport include Acres Destiny as the maternal grandsire and this is the satisfying proof of a truly champion sire.


Everyone sees Acres’ progeny…

  • …performing every weekend throughout the entire country.
  • …winning regularly on the big stages throughout the country.
  • …consistently topping the various sales throughout the country.

His legendary status is known to all.

That he is the record breaking eight time winner of the Australian Campdraft Association Sires Progeny Award (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017) is also well known. It isn’t until you really look closely at his individual progeny and what they have achieved, that you really understand the enormous impact this horse has had on our sport.


Acres Destiny progeny are winners and multiple winners of every major campdraft in Australia. The Gold Cup, The Canning Downs, The Super Beef Open at Paradise, The World Championship at Sydney Show, The Condamine Bell, The Chinchilla Grandfather Clock, the major Stallion drafts and the Cloncurry Challenge have all seen Acres progeny on the winners dais.

The 2015/2016 campdrafting season  is one that stands out.  The Acres Destiny progeny won the Condamine Bell, the Canning Downs Campdraft, the Warwick Gold Cup, the Open Draft at Landmark and 2nd place in the Chinchilla Grandfather Clock and the Landmark Open.

Add to that, the Open Challenge at Landmark and it is an amazing combination of winners.

  • 2015 Condamine Bell. 
    Pete Comiskey and Paris.  [View Video]
  • 2015 Warwick Gold Cup.
    Ben Tapp & Acres of Roses.  [View Video]
  • 2016 Landmark Classic Open.
    Mat Holz & Darma Acres of Impact.  [View Video]
  • 2015 Canning Downs Winner. 
    Marnies Destiny & Pete Comiskey – [View Video]
  • 2016 Landmark Classic Open. 2nd.
    Mat Holz & Sheros Traditional Acres.
  • 2016 Landmark Open Challenge Winner.
    Jon Templeton & Royalle Signature.  [View Video]

Serene Acres

  • 2011 Warwick Gold Cup winner

Marnies Ace

  • 2013 Chinchilla Grandfather Clock – Winner.

Marnies Destiny

  • 2015 Cannings Downs Winner – [View Video]
  • 2012 ACA Open Horse of the Year

Tess Destiny

  • 2014 Clermont Gold Cup – Winner by 12 points. 93, 90 & 93 (276)

Foot Acre

  • 2012 Chinchilla Grandfather Clock – Winner

Palmers Cool Special

  • 2012 World Championship Campdraft – Winner

Rapps Ellie

  • 2010 Chinchilla Grandfather Clock – Winner

Acres First Flight

  • 2010 Condamine Bell Campdraft – Winner

Acres of Roses

  • 2015 Warwick Gold Cup Winner

Acres Liberty Beau

  • 2009 ABCRA Open Horse of the Year
  • 2011 & 2012 Runner Up Open Horse of the Year
  • 2013 Landmark Classic, Open Winner – [View Video]


The cutting pens have seen similar results. Acres progeny have excelled throughout. However, it is in the cutting arena where we are seeing the first of the Acres grandchildren in action. They are proving to be everything and more than the previous generation.

EB’s Ironbark


  • CCCC Open Futurity Champion 

Royalle Signature



  • NCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Reserve Champion.

Stylish Argyle Acres

  • 2010 NCHA Gold Cup
Progeny from Acres' Daughters

Acres Destiny’s daughters are producing winners across all disciplines.  Futurity and Derby finals feature colts and fillies from Acres Destiny mares, including the 2012 Futurity winner, Lil Rey of Hope.

Hazelwood Con Artist

  • Dam: Hazelwood Chiquita Acres

2015 Paradise Lagoons

  • Champion of Champions Winner – [View Video]
  • Stallion Draft Winner

Chickasha Hope

  • Dam of “Lil Rey of Hope”.
  • Owned by Claus & Karen Thrun.

One Moore Annie

Dam: Annies Acre
Dam of Moore Metal.

  • 2014 ACA Open Horse of the Year Runner Up
  • 2013 ACA Novice Horse of the Year
  • Paradise Lagoons 2013.  Open Rd 2.  Wally Rea & Annie – 89 Points.  [View Video]

Playin Moore re)

Dam: Annies Acre

  • Q13 Tamworth 2013, Open Cutting.
    Champion Phil Dawson – 146.5.  [View video]

Hy on Turps

Dam: Turpentine Acres

  • 2014 NCHA Futurity Champion.

Wolf of Wall Street


Sire: Bob Acre Doc

  • 2 Time World Champion Cutting Horse
  • Sired an NCHA Futurity Champion
  • Progeny earnings in excess of $12.5Million

pdf icon  View Bob Acre Doc Magazine Article  >> (PDF file size 456Kb)

Dam: San Jose Hickory


AQHA: # Q-38061
ASH: # SM-135648
Foaling Date: 04/02/1993
Breeder: EE Ranches
Was owned by: Richard Bull

View full interactive pedigree chart  >>

Sire: BOB ACRE DOC USA Son of a Doc Doc Bar
Jazzy Socks
Sapp Sandy Sapp Head
Nancy Eul
Dam: SAN JOSE HICKORY USA Docs Hickory Doc Bar
Miss Chickasha
San Jose Belle Jose Uno
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Video Gallery

Acres Destiny

  • Acres Destiny Promotional video.  Produced May 2011.  [View Video]


The 2015/2016 campdrafting season has seen the Acres Destiny progeny win the Condamine Bell, the Canning Downs Campdraft, the Warwick Gold Cup, the Open Draft at Landmark and 2nd place in the Chinchilla Grandfather Clock and the Landmark Open.

Add to that, the Open Challenge at Landmark and it is an amazing combination of winners.

  • 2015 Condamine Bell. Pete Comiskey and Paris.  [View Video]
  • 2015 Warwick Gold Cup.  Ben Tapp & Acres of Roses.  [View Video]
  • 2016 Landmark Classic Open.  Mat Holz & Darma Acres of Impact.  [View Video]
  • 2016 Landmark Open Challenge Winner.  Jon Templeton & Royalle Signature.  [View Video]
  • 2015 Canning Downs Winner.  Marnies Destiny & Pete Comiskey – [View Video]

Paradise Lagoons

  • Diablos Destino & Jason Wanstall winners of the Inaugural Graeme Acton Memorial Restricted draft.
    [View Video] of them competing in the Champion of Champions.

Landmark Classic Horse Sale

  • Lot 285. Wolf of Wall Street.  Vendor: Richard Bull, $65,000.  [View Video]


Landmark Paradise Lagoons Performance Horse Sale

  • Lot 20 – D Bar Serena Acres – Vendor: RD Bull – $16,000. [View Video]

NCHA Futurity

  • NCHA Derby – Corey Holden, Acres Outlaw.  [View Video]

ASH Nationals, Tamworth

  • Open Challenge:
  • Maiden Series

Landmark Classic Campdrafting

  • Acres Liberty Beau ridden by Allan Young – Open Draft Winner.  [View Video]
  • Binnia Impressive Destiny ridden by Troy Palmer- Open Finalist.  [View Video]
  • Otfordvalley Annie ridden by Troy Palmer – Classic Finalist =2nd.  [View Video]
  • Foot Acre ridden by Ben Hall – Open Rd 2.  [View Video]

Landmark Classic Horse Sale

  • Amac Oaks Serena – SOLD $71,000 – mare. [View Video]
  • Royalle Signature – SOLD $20,000 – stallion.  [View Video]
  • Barragunda Acre Hot Tip – SOLD $14,000 – gelding.  Preworks footage.  [View Video]


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