Sheros Traditional Acres
The horse that never disappoints!

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Kinloch Equine
Wallendbeen  NSW  2588

Sheros Traditional Acres' story

In 2008, Andrew Sheridan set about finding a colt to breed to his own mares, ultimately he wanted to breed cool-minded horses of a good size.

Photo by Oz Shotz Photography. Sheros Traditional Acres & Mat Holz, Winner of the ASHS National Stallion draft as a 4yo.

In 2009, Andrew bought a colt foal by Acres Destiny still on the broodmare, Kyeema Shimmer (by Pechey Stud Tradition). Andrew thought highly of Pechey Stud Tradition when he was drafting with John Hoath, and hoped that combination with Acres Destiny could give him the type of horse he was chasing.

Andrew called the colt foal Sheros Traditional Acres, and he would go on to become just the horse that Andrew hoped he could be. He matured to be a beautiful type, standing at 15.3hh with nice stretch. Andrew liked him so much that he put Acres Destiny back over the broodmare, and has a full sister.

At that time, Andrew also owned the last living son of Abdul, called Davjul Abbelt. Andrew realised that crossing Sheros Traditional Acres, who carried Romeo bloodlines; over the Abbey bloodlines of Abdul would be a magic cross.

Sheros Traditional Acres, better known as T.A., was broken in as a 2yo. Andrew was really taken with him and decided to send him to Mat Holz to further his education. Mat would start competing on T.A. as a 3yo and go on to have a lot of success.

As a 3yo T.A. competed in the ASH National Futurity and stood out as being confident, calm and resilient under pressure. The following year he was the Runner-Up in the 4yo Maturity with Mat Holz.  He also won the National Stallion Campdraft as a 4yo, making him an open horse, within a year of his first outing. At that stage, with limited competition under his belt, he had won a Maiden at Sale – just 2 months before breaking his Open Status.

Photo by Sue Waldron Photos. Sheros Traditional Acres & Ben Hall. 2017 Chinchilla.

In 2016, T.A. was the Runner-Up in the Landmark Open draft with Mat Holz. An interesting highlight that shows his versatility and talent, was the cut-out run-off with Whos Top Cat, when T.A. was just a leggy 5yo. He scored 24 points and it was impressive to see a Stock Horse type mixing it with a top cutting horse in a big cut out – and impressive as he was, at the time he was mostly known for his outside work.

Mat Holz says that T.A. is up there with some of the best horses he has competed on. He was easy to train and stood out because of his calm mind and ability to get the job done without ever getting flustered. “It’s a big attribute, that ability to be consistently calm under pressure”.

Mat owns two T.A. progeny, that have been broken in and are showing all the attributes of their sire.

In 2017, Ben Hall took T.A. to Chinchilla and ran equal 6th in both the Open draft and Restricted Open. They also travelled to the Landmark Classic in 2018, where they finished 4th in the Stallion Shoot-out and 2nd in the cut-out with 24-points. At that point, from 9 runs together, Ben and T.A. had average 89-points. The same year, T.A.’s oldest foal Traditionalist made the final of the Challenge with Mat Holz, finishing 7th; as well as 2nd in the Gelding Incentive.

In 2020, T.A. had totalled over 40 places in his short career.

The oldest of Sheros Traditional Acres progeny, Charles Sturt Traditionalist looking after Andrew Sheridan’s daughter Nell.

T.A. stood at stud for 2 seasons after his early success, but during the drought Andrew closed him up to just bred to his own mares. He has quite a few progeny on the ground now, including Traditionalist. After him, the rising 5yo’s in 2021 were just hitting the competition circuit. From 2021, T.A. will be opened back up to outside mares. He has proven that he is passing on his biggest assets – his cool mind and size.

Indeed, everyone who knows T.A. can’t speak highly enough about his temperament. As Andrew explains, he is casual but will switch on when needed. “He is what I call a real competition horse. He never lets you down. He is easy to ride and is passing that on to his progeny”. This is a huge advantage and means that the progeny are trainable and able to get out and compete comparatively early. They are what Andrew calls, “The perfect horses for the weekend competitor”, in that they don’t require big amounts of work leading up to an event. There is just no rubbish in either the sire or his progeny.



  • Willinga Park Gold Buckle. =3rd with Ben Hall


  • Dalgety Stallion Shootout Winner with Ben Hall. (91 91 23)



  • Marrar Campdraft – 3rd Open


  • Illabo Campdraft – 5th Open one & 2nd Open two


  • Warwick Stallion draft – 9th
  • Landmark Classic Sale with Ben Hall
    • 4th Stallion Shoot out
    • =2nd Stallion Shoot out cut out


  • Yarram Draft – 6th Open (89, 90)
  • Australian Stock Horse Nationals
    • 2nd Open draft (90, 91, 89, 87)
    • 3rd Stallion draft
    • 2nd Hack Section, Open Challenge
  • Tarcutta Campdraft
    • 2nd Open
    • 2nd Restricted Open
  • Chinchilla with Ben Hall
    • 5 rounds scores 88, 89, 89, 89, 87
    • 6th Chinchilla Grandfather clock
    • 6th Restricted Open
  • Tumut campdraft – =2nd Ross Webb Open – Ben Hall
  • Yanakie Draft – 6th Open


  • Landmark Classic Sale
    • Open – =1st in Rd1 (90)
    • Ran off the top cut out with a 24 with Who’s Top Cat (second)
    • 2nd Landmark Open
    • 5th Overall in the stallion shootout, scored on every run.
  • Paradise Lagoons State of Origin – Highest score in NSW = 90 points
  • Australian Stock Horse Nationals
    • 3rd in Stallion Campdraft
    • Didn’t compete in show classes

2014 - 2015


  • Landmark Classic Stallion Shoot Out (5yo) – 7th with Mat Holz
  • Salt Creek Open – 1st
  • Cloncurry Open – 5th (3 rounds), with Mat Holz


  • Sale Maiden Campdraft – 1st
  • Australian Stock Horse Nationals
    • 2nd Overall National Maturity
    • Champion National Working 4 yo Colt
    • 1st National Stallion Draft (91)
  • Rocky Rush Challenge
    • 1st Wet Work (92)
    • 5th Overall
    • Equal 5th Restricted Open
  • Cloncurry – 3rd Open
  • Condobolin Campdraft – 2nd Open

Charles Sturt Traditionalist

Oldest of Sheros Traditional Acres’ progeny 


  • Nutrien Classic – Sold $37,000 to Warren De With.
  • Trafalgar Novice Campdraft – 1st (88 90), with Mat Holz
  • Sale Novice Campdraft – 3rd (90 90), with Mat Holz


  • Illabo Novice Campdraft – 6th


  • Landmark Classic Sale with Mat Holz
  • 7th – Landmark Classic Challenge, 2nd highest score in the final
  • 2nd Gelding Incentive Challenge
  • Round 2 Landmark Classic 90 points


  • Yarram Maiden Draft – 4th
    – To date had 4 Campdraft starts – scores 87, 84, 87, 87.
  • Australian Stock Horse Nationals – 1st National Futurity Time Trial
  • Tarcutta Maiden Campdraft – 1st
  • West Wylong Landmark Gold Nugget Challenge – 1st with Mat Holz
  • Chinchilla Novice – 6th (88, 87) with Ben Hall
  • Yanakie Maiden Draft – Cutout winner


  • Australian Stock Horse Nationals
    • 6th Futurity Working  |  3rd Futurity Time Trial
    • 2nd – 3yo Hack  |  3rd – 3yo Working
  • GCA Maiden – 6th with Mat Holz


  • Wagga Wagga – Champion lead AHS exhibit 2-year-old.


  • Gelding
  • Owner: Darcy Schliebs


  • Riverina Branch Show SUPREME HACK CHAMPION.


  • Success at Yass Show including taking out Supreme Led.

Kinloch Dutton

2022 Nutrien Classic

❇️ Lot 512 – Kinloch Dutton, 3yo Mare
❇️ Sold: $18,000
❇️ Purchaser: J.A.P, S.J & W.J Webb
❇️ Vendor: Kinloch Equine P/L



  • Aberdeen Maiden winner with Ricky Mitchell.



  • Crawford Angus Maiden winner with Mike Mancell.

Sheros Jive

  • Dam: Jazz


  • Merton Maiden B winner with Matt Holz on her very first start.


  • Merton Maiden B – 2nd with Matt Holz
Horse Sales

2021 Nutrien Classic

  • 100% Clearance (5 of 5)
  • Average: $16,200.

Top Seller:
❇️ Lot 131 – Charles Sturt Traditionalist, 8yo Gelding
❇️ Sold: $37,000
❇️ Purchaser: Warren De With
❇️ Vendor: Andrew Sheridan

2nd top seller:
❇️ Lot 103 – Sheros Connie, 5yo Mare
❇️ Sold: $15,000
❇️ Purchaser: MOCONNA P/L
❇️ Vendor: Will Durkin



Sire: Acres Destiny

ACRES DESTINY has become a household name in the performance horse world, producing champion after champion in a range of disciplines including cutting, campdrafting, challenges & reining.

Adios Acres’s Full pedigree details on the sire side are available on Acres Destiny’s Page >>


ASHS Registration # 192686
Foaling Date: 07/09/2009
Colour: Bay
Height: 15.3hh
Breeder: M & P Wright
Current Owner: Andrew Sheridan


 Sire: ACRES DESTINY (IMP)  BOB ACRE DOC USA-1956113  Son of a Doc 02
 Sapp Sandy 02
 SAN JOSE HICKORY USA-1914760  Docs Hickory 02
 San Jose Belle 02
Video Gallery

Sheros Traditional Acres



2021 – Charlie Maher Young Guns with Warrick Pearsall. Rd1 (86).  [View Video in Facebook]

2019 – Dalgety Stallion Shootout with Andrew Sheridan.  Rd1 (87). [View Video]

2018 – Dalgety Stallion Shootout with Ben Hall

2016 – Landmark Open Final, with Mat Holz.  [View Video]

2014 – ASHS Nationals, Winner Stallion Draft with Mat Holz 91 (23 64 4).  [View Video]


Charles Sturt Traditionalist

Promo Video

Sheros Connie

  • 2021 Nutrien Classic Challenge Dry Work with Will Durkin. 71.25.  [View Video]


Andrew Sheridan
28 Hoskins Street
Wallendbeen  NSW  2588

Mob: 0428 434 230

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