One Roan Peptos
...a world class athlete...with a world class pedigree...and a world class performance record.

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One Roan Peptos Story

One Roan Peptos was famous from the beginning. He first “appeared” at the Tamworth Cutting Horse Sale as an embryo in a trotter mare. The first embryo to be sold in the public arena in Australia. As such a tremendous amount of interest surrounded the auction. Firstly for his amazing genetics, being by Peptos Stylish Oak and from the superstar, One Moore Spin. Secondly, the controversy of whether people would accept buying something “sight unseen”, a new concept back in 2003.

One Roan Peptos & Teresa Russo
One Roan Peptos & Teresa Russo.

At auction the vendors worked One Moore Spin and then led the trotter in and presented her as a scanned in foal recip mare carrying an egg of unknown sex.  More surprises came when a price of $30,000 was reached. Also, the purchaser didn’t come from the mainstream cutting crowd. Well known campdrafter, Ken McCarthy, from Kempsey in N.S.W. was the successful purchaser and with it came a complete change in his approach to the horse industry. This was very different for Ken.

Then there was the wait for the foal to born with the continual questioning of how was it going. Many sceptics still didn’t believe the science involved with an embryo and were waiting for the foal to be born deformed or in some way “not perfect”. Secondly, would it be a colt or a filly.

Time has the answers. One Roan Peptos was born sound and healthy and has fulfilled all that was expected of him. He has become one of the premier Cutting sires of his time.

Ken’s son Tim broke the colt in and he was then sent to Ian Francis to be prepared for the Cutting Futurities. He left Kempsey as a 2 year old and the next time the McCarthy’s saw him was when he went over the time line in GR1 of the NCHA Futurity in Tamworth. Constant contact with Ian, however, confirmed throughout the preparation that he was on track and that he was everything he was intended to be. Athletic, cowy, trainable and with the necessary temperament.

Teresa Russo & Heath Sinclair. 2016 NCHA Awards.
Photo by Ken Anderson Equine Photography. Teresa Russo & Heath Sinclair. 2016 NCHA Awards.

During his very successful Futurity year with Ian Francis (Reserve Champion NCHA Futurity 2007) and Tim McCarthy (Non Pro Futurity Champion DDCC 2007), he was loped and cared for by Teresa Russo.

Teresa travelled to the states for the next 2 years to further her cutting knowledge and on returning continued her association with One Roan Peptos for his final year of aged events with Ian and then his first year as an Open horse with Heath Sinclair.

With an admiration of One Roan Peptos as an outstanding cutting horse and a strong belief in him as a sire, Teresa approached Ken with an offer to purchase the roan stallion. After negotiations a price was reached and Roanie changed hands and made a girl’s wildest dream come true.

Heath Sinclair went on to show him in the big Open events and Teresa Russo showed him in the Non Pro events.  He had an illustrious career in which he thrilled and inspired people with his dynamic ability in front of a cow in the cutting pen.  He and Teresa cut their last cow at the Victorian Futurity 2018.  He will be sadly missed.


Life Time Earnings & Statistics

One Roan Peptos has earnings of $175,256.30  making him the HIGHEST NCHA MONEY EARNING STALLION in Australia and the #2 Highest Money Earning Cutting Horse in Australia.  He is also inducted into the NCHA Horses Hall of Fame.

After winning the 2014 CCCC Open at Goondiwindi, Roanie became the ONLY HORSE to ever win EVERY OPEN CUTTING EVENT at all of the Major Aged event shows:

  • Goondiwindi 2014 & 15   |   Comet 2014   |   Tamworth Gold Cup 2013   |   Victoria 2013  |  Toowoomba 2011, 2012 & 2015

In 2019 Roanie won the NCHA High Point Open Horse of the Year & High Point Stallion of the Year…for the 4th time.  He he is the only horse to ever achieve this.

He can also boast that he is the:

  • 4 times NCHA Open Horse of the Year (Australia)
  • 4 times NCHA Stallion of the Year
  • Member of the NCHA Hall of Fame
  • Highest money earning progeny of Peptos Stylish Oak in Australia.
  • 3rd Highest money earning progeny of Peptos Stylish Oak in the world.
  • Highest money earning stallion by Peptos Stylish Oak in the world.
  • Highest money earning progeny of the great mare One Moore Spin.

2017 - 2018


  • Paradise Lagoons Open Cutting Reserve Champion with Teresa Russon. Score 148.
  • NCHA Gold Cup Champion with Heath Sinclair.  Roanies last ride at the AELEC.  Score 219.


  • 2016 National Finals Open Cutting – Co-Champion, scoring 224 points.  (3rd year in a row that he has won this event)

2015 - 2016


  • NCHA Futurity Non Pro Gold Cup Champion – 151 points.
    [View Video]
  • SQCHA Condamine Show Open Non Pro Champion (Includes 75.5 Point score.)


  • NCHA Open Horse of the Year.
  • NCHA Open Stallion of the Year.
  • National Finals Open Champion – Heath Sinclair
  • CCCC Open Champion (151 Points) – Heath Sinclair Open NP 3rd – Teresa Russo
  • DDCC Open Champion (150 Points) – Heath Sinclair Open NP 3rd (146.5 points) – Teresa Russo.
  • NCHA National Finals Open Champion (150 Points) – Heath Sinclair.  [View Video]
  • Q15 Senior Horse Reserve Champion (147 points) Teresa Russo.   [View Video]
  • Pink Cutting – Cutting for Cancer Champion.
    (154 points.)  [View Video]
  • Victorian Futurity show Open Cutting Reserve Champion.  (146 points.)
  • Victorian Futurity Show Open NP Cutting – 3rd.
    (146 points.)


One Roan Peptos was inducted into the NCHA Hall of Fame during the 2014 NCHA Futurity in Tamworth.

Another phenomenal season for a phenomenal horse!

  • NCHA Open Horse of the Year.
  • NCHA Open Stallion of the Year
  • Comet Open Futurity Champion, with Todd Graham.  148 points.  [View Video]
  • Victorian Futurity Open Reserve Champion, with Heath Sinclair
  • Goondiwindi Open Co-Champion.  147 points.
  • NCHA National Finals 2013 $10,000 Non Pro Champion, with Teresa Russo.  148 ½ points.  [View Video]
  • Comet Open Non Pro Futurity, with Teresa Russo – 144 points. Equ 3rd.
  • NCHA National Finals 2013 Open Reserve Champion, with Heath Sinclair.  150 points.  [View Video]


  • NCHA Open Horse of the Year.
  • NCHA Open Stallion of the Year
  • Q13 – AQHA Senior Horse Cutting Champion with Heath Sinclair on 147.5pts.  [View video]
  • NCHA Co-CHAMPION Gold Cup Open with Heath Sinclair score 150pts.  [View Video]
  • DDCC Reserve CHAMPION Open with Heath Sinclair score 150pts.
  • DDCC Reserve CHAMPION Open Non Pro with Teresa Russo score 149.5pts.
  • Comet 3rd place Open Non Pro with Teresa Russo.
  • Victorian CHAMPION Open with Heath Sinclair score 152pts (highest score of the show).


  • High Point $10,000 Novice Horse of the Year title.
  • NCHA Champion Gold Cup Open NP (Teresa Russo). 152  points (highest score of the Futurity show) – [View Video]
  • NCHA 3rd Gold Cup Open (Heath Sinclair)
  • DDCC Champion Tamarang Stockwhip Open (Heath Sinclair). 152 points (2nd consecutive year).
  • DDCC Reserve Champion Open NP (Teresa Russo)

2007 - 20011


  • DDCC Champion Tamarang Stockwhip Open (Heath Sinclair).  Score 226


  • DDCC Champion Open Classic (Ian Francis).  Score 230


  • NCHA Champion Non Pro Derby (Tim McCarthy)


  • NCHA Reserve Champion Open Futurity (Ian Francis)
  • DDCC Champion Non Pro Futurity (Tim McCarthy)
Progeny - Cutting

One Deluxe Pepto
  • New owner: Kayla Warrian.
  • Shown by Amelia Servin.


  • Comet Futurity 15,000 NP Reserve Champion with Kayla Warrian


  • COMET Futurity Show Youth Champion (with new owner Kayla Warrian)
  • NCHA NP Classic Finalist
  • DDCC Futurity Show NP Classic Finalist (Amelia Servin)


  • Victorian NP Classic – 3rd.
  • CCCC Open NP Finalist  |  NP Classic Finalist
  • Paradise Lagoons NP Cutting – 2nd.
  • NCHA Futurity.  NP Gold Cup Champion.
  • Breeders Incentive NP Classic Champion. [View Video]


  • DDCC Non Pro Derby Reserve Champion. 
  • Breeders Invitational Non Pro Derby equal Reserve Champion
  • Geurie Non Pro Derby Champion


  • Victorian Non Pro Futurity Champion
  • NCHA Futurity – [View Videos in Gallery]
    • Open Futurity Finalist 8th.
    • Open Gelding incentive Reserve Champion.  147 points – [View Video]
    • Non Pro Futurity Finalist 3rd – 146 points.
    • NP Futurity Equ top score GR1 – 146 points.
    • NP Futurity 2nd highest 2 Rd aggregate.

One Eighty

2013 NCHA Futurity

  • Open Futurity Finalist.  Rider Rob Hodgman, GR1. [View Video]
  • Open Gelding Incentive 3rd.   Rider Rob Hodgman. [View Video]
  • Amateur NP Futurity Finalist.  Rider/Owner Wayne Brown
EB S Last Touch

Owned by Rob & Nadean McKenna


  • COMET Futurity Show NP Classic Finalist (Rob McKenna) 5th place
  • =2nd Breeders Incentive Open Derby (Rob Hodgman)


  • CCCC Derby Finalist (Rob Hodgman)
  • Breeders Incentive Non Pro Derby Finalist (Rob McKenna)
  • Breeders Incentive Amateur Champion (Rob McKenna)
  • Armidale Non Pro Derby Reserve Champion (Rob McKenna)


  • NCHA Tamworth Amateur Futurity Finalist (Rob McKenna)
  • DDCC Toowoomba Open Futurity Finalist (James Hodgeman)
  • Comet Cutting Club Non Pro Futurity Finalist (Rob McKenna)
  • Comet Cutting Club Amateur Futurity Champion (Rob McKenna)


KB One Sweet Peptos

  • Shown by Dominic Williams.


2015 – Campdrafted


  • Toowoomba – N/P Futurity Res. Champion. 146 points.
  • NCHA Non Pro Futurity Finalist

One Roan Rose


  • Western Dressage Association of QLD State show Introductory level Champion & Highest scoring QH of the show.


  • NCHA NP BI Derby Finalist


  • NCHA Limited Non Pro Futurity Finalist
  • NCHA Amateur Non Pro Futurity Finalist

Sale Horses

Roanies Lady Rey

  • 2016 NCHA Select Cutting Horse Sale. SOLD $19,000.

Roanies Melody

  • 2016 NCHA Select Cutting Horse Sale. SOLD $14,500.

Tecoma Spin N Wish

  • 2019 Landmark Classic Horse Sale. SOLD $16,000.  [View Video]

My My Sharoana

The very 1st One Roan Peptos progeny to show in the cutting pen in the USA.

  • Southern Cutting NP Futurity RESERVE CHAMPIONS & Limited NP Futurity CHAMPIONS, with Sasha Thompson

Peptos Roan Playboy (Buster)

USA progeny


  • American Ranch Horse World Show – World Champion World Champion Amateur Colt 3 yrs & over.


  • American Ranch Horse Association
    • Open & Amateur STALLION OF THE YEAR
    • Open & Amateur RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION in halter (2 and under stallions)

One Roan Affair

Multiple Cutting Aged Event Champion & Finalist.



Roanies Independent One


  • Owned by Pat and Laura Collins


  • NCHA Metallic Cat Summer Spectacular Unlimited Amateur – =7th with Pat Collins.

OH WHO KNEW Sired by One Roan Peptos

CONGRATULATIONS Pat and Laura Collins!! OH WHO KNEW & Pat Collins tied for 7th & 8th in the Unlimited Amateur at the 2019 NCHA Metallic Cat Summer Spectacular. ONE ROAN PEPTOS – The #1 money earning stallion in Austrailia – has proven once again that he IS a Sire in the USA. His first foals arrived in the USA in 2015 and with a limited foal crop he has sired a Southern Futurity Reserve Champion, My My Sharoana and now a top 10 finalist with Oh Who Knew! Both major LAE competitions!! Rumor has it there is another good one coming to the futurity 🙂 . He is a Sire to be considered!

Posted by SDP Buffalo Ranch on Wednesday, August 7, 2019



  • Nutrien Classic.  7 yo gelding Sold for $20,000.


  • On the Banks of the Balonne Futurity – St George
    – NP Futurity – =Res Champion with Tyler Hodgman

Vinis Roan Star


  • Autumn Spectacular
    • NP Snafflebit Futurity Reserve Champion with Adam Wrobel
    • =5th Open Snafflebit Futurity with Adam Wrobel


Progeny - Campdrafting

EBS Touchmiasomemore

  • Owned by Katie Southern


  • Nutrien Ladies Dash for Cash – 1st (90 89)
  • Martins Stock Haulage Open – =3rd (89 88 89).


  • Dirranbandi Res Open – 1st with Kate
  • Weengallon Junior – 1st with Blake Thompson
  • ACA National Finals. Finaled in all 4 drafts & led going in to Open Final (92 & 89). They placed 3rd in the Restricted Open with a 90 & 89 and were also invited to compete in the Top 30 Shootout.​
  • Nutrien Young Guns – 10th


  • Dirranbandi John Hoath Memorial Open – 1st
  • Nindigully Juvenile – 1st (91)
  • Bollon Ladies – 2nd. Cutout – 1st (24)


  • Highschool Campdraft – 2nd.  92.5 points in the final, highest score of the show.

2016 Dirranbandi Show Ladies draft Cutout – 1st

2015 Breeders Incentive NP Derby Finalist (Lincoln Veraart)

2014 NCHA NP Futurity Finalist (Lincoln Veraart)

Destined for Moore

(One Roan Peptos/Annies Acre)

  • Mare.
  • Sold Landmark Classic Sale Tamworth – $27,000.  [View video]
  • Owner/Rider Zac Jackson


  • Powelett River Maiden – 1st
  • Novice at GCA Championships at SALE – 1st
  • Won Novice at Carrathool Novice – 1st
  • Finaled in Landmark Classic Campdraft

Consistently scoring High 80’s up to 92’s with 22-23 cutouts

One Roan Tally


  • Dalby Stock Horse Sale
    • Future Champions, 5 Years & Under Sale Incentive Campdraft – 1st
    • Champion of Champions – 1st

Bobby’s Roan Oak

  • Mare
  • Owner: Mick Smith
  • Dam: Amaroo Sheoak
  • Started in the cutting pen with Corey Holden


  • 2019/2020 Rookie Horse Champion, after several SCA & GCA drafts, the highlight being the win in the MacArthur feature Maiden Campdraft.
  • 3rd – Cobram Maiden with Bruce O’Dell – 1st ever start

Her full brother Bobbys Roany is also out drafting successfully with his owner Dom Shanahan- recently coming 2nd at Wilby Draft.
Both horses started out with Corey Holden in the cutting pen and are now out successfully drafting.

Bobbys Roany

  • Full brother to Bobbys Roan Oak
  • Owner: Dom Shanahan
  • Dam: Amaroo Sheoak
  • Started in the cutting pen with Corey Holden


  • 2nd – Wilby draft with Dom Shanahan


Illawong Griffiti

  • Owned by Bill & Raylene Abraham (ridden by Bill.)


  • Finaled in the North Star Novice – 6th

2015 (first year of drafting)

  • Finalled in the Maiden at Inglewood, Pittsworth, Stanthorpe & Condamine.
  • Bell Maiden – 2nd after Run off.

One Roan Spina


  • Nutrien Classic. Sold $9,000. Vendor:
  • Brock & Caroline Heumiller. Purchaser: O’LOUGHLIN & PRICE


Landmark Classic


  • Paradise Lagoons Futurity draft – 3rd (after 3 way Run off)


Ladybrook Missey


  • Nutrien Classic. Sold for $35,000  as a 7 yo on a/o CHARILE PTY LTD. Trained by Nathan Wilson this accomplished mare sold to JA & SM LOGAN.


  • Flinders Challenge – 2nd with Nathan Wilson

2020 & 2021 Nutrien Classic


Top Seller:

  • Lot 96 – Tecoma Spin N Wish, 9yo mare
  • Sold: $21,000
  • Vendor: B & C HEUMILLER
  • Purchaser: JORDYN SNAPE
  • Presented by Matt Moffat

2nd highest priced Seller:

  • Lot 34 – Tecoma Gypsy Rose, 8yo mare
  • Sold: $20,000
  • Purchaser: CHELSEA PEACOCK

2020 – Top Sellers

2014-2017 Landmark Classic Sale

2019 – Tecoma Spin N Wish – Sold $16,000

2018 – Branchvale Plain Jane – Sold $40,000

2017 – One Moore Gift.  Sold for $23,000
[View Video on Facebook]


  • More Than A Memory – Mare.  Sold for $25000.


  • Destined for Moore.  Sold for $27,000.  Owned & Shown by Zac Jackson. [View video]
  • Good Night Pepto.  Sold for $13,000.  [View video]

2022 Nutrien Classic

💚Clearance: 100% (3/3 geldings sold)
💚 Gross: $74,000 💚Average: $24,667

𝗧𝗼𝗽 𝗦𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗿:
🟢Lot 96 – One Roanin Acre.
💠 Sold:  $36,000


Sire: Peptos Stylish Oak

Peptos Stylish Oak has made a name for himself as a sire not only of multiple Australian champions but also numerous NCHA money earners with offspring earnings over $2,000,000 between the US and Australia. He has become one of Peptoboonsmal’s most successful breeding sons.

Dam: One Moore Spin

One Moore Spin is the 2nd “Highest Money Earning Cutting Horse” in Australian history. She has an exceptional track record as both a performance horse herself, and also as a broodmare, producing outstanding progeny who have broken records in the sale ring thus earning her the title of  Australia’s highest progeny earning mare of all time.  Her achievements as a dam have not been surpassed by any other mare in Australia.

One Moore Spin was also inducted into the Hall of Fame. Read more about her in the following articles courtesy of The Australian Quarter Horse Association.

Grandsire: Peptoboonsmal

  • US$26M sire.

Peptoboonsmal is a legend in the cutting industry.  Foaled in 1992, he was bred by Larry Hall, Weatherford, Texas. Under Gary Bellenfant’s saddle, he won $180,487 in US NCHA money as a 3 and 4 yo, highlighted by the 1995 National Cutting Horse Association Futurity Open Championship.

He has been a top cutting sire every year since his first foal crop.


Registration # Q-55501
Foaling Date: 03/12/2003
Colour: Bay Roan
Current Owner: TESSAJO PTY LTD

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ONE MOORE R1-10265

Genetic Testing

5 Panel Test.  Negative for:

  • HYPP
  • GBED
  • PSSM1
  • MH

Colour (Bay Roan):

  • Aa – Heterozygous Agouti
  • Ee – Heterozygous Red/Black Factor (blackbased)
Pink Cutting for Cancer Gallery

NO BRIDLE NO WORRIES – One Roan Peptos & Teresa Russo scored a 154 and showed the house down
with no bridle at the 2015 Deb Elliott Memorial Ladies Cutting at the Victorian Futurity at Tatura VIC.  [View Video]

One Roan Peptos​ NCHA Australia​.  Video – Wild Colt Productions.

Gallery photos by Sally H.



Artwork by Peek Graphics.


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Artwork by Peek Graphics for Australian Campdrafting Magazine.

Ad made for the American market

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Video Gallery

USA Promotional Videos

2018 NCHA Futurity – Roanies last ride at the AELEC

2016 NCHA Futurity

  • Non Pro Gold Cup Champion (151 points) – Teresa Russo. [View Video]

2015 National Finals


Pink Cutting – Cutting for Cancer.

2014 National Finals & Q15

  • NCHA National Finals Open Champion (150 Points) – Heath Sinclair. [View Video]
  • Q15 Senior Horse Reserve Champion (147 points) Teresa Russo. [View Video]


Comet Futurity

  • Open Futurity Champion, with Todd Graham. 148 points. [View Video]

2013 National Finals

  • Teresa scored a big 148 ½ points, winning the $10,000 NP. [View Video]
  • Heath Sinclair scored a 150 to be Reserve Champion by ½ point. [View Video]


NCHA Futurity

  • One Roan Peptos & Heath Sinclair GOLD CUP Open Co Champions – Score 150 pts – [View Video]
  • One Roan Peptos & Teresa Russo: NP Gold Cup. [View Video]

Q13 – AQHA Senior Horse Cutting

  • Win for One Roan Peptos and Heath Sinclair on 147.5 – [View video]


NCHA Champion Gold Cup

  • One Roan Peptos & Teresa Russo. Open NP. Score 152 (highest score of the Futurity show) – [View Video]


2021 Nutrien Classic

  • Lot 96 – Tecoma Spin N Wish, 9yo mare. Sold: $21,000. [View Video]
  • EBs Touchmiasomemore & Kate Southern. Young Guns Rd1 (88). [View Video]


  • DDCC Open Derby Champion. Roanies Independent One with Mark Buttsworth. [View Video]

Nutrien Classic

  • One Roan Affair, 6 yo mare. Sold for $35,000. [View Video]
  • Ladybrook Missey, 7 yo mare. Sold for $35,000. [View Video]


  • Bobby’s Roan Oak & Bruce O’Dell. Cobram Maiden (1st start). [View Video]
  • EBs Touchmiasomemore & Kate Southern. Highschool Campdraft (92.5). [View Video]
  • One Roan Affair & Amelia Servin. NCHA NP Classic Challenge Rd1. [View Video in Facebook]
  • Landmark Classic Sale – Lot 150 Spin N Wish. Sold $16,000. [View Video]
  • Oh Who Knew & Pat Collins. NCHA Metallic Cat Summer Spectacular Unlimited Amateur – =7th. [View Video]


Landmark Classic


  • NCHA Non Pro Classic Finalist – KB One Sweet Peptos, shown by Dominic Williams. [View Video]


NCHA Futurity Breeders Incentive

  • Non Pro Classic Champion (148 points). One Deluxe Peptos & Amelia Servin. [View Video]


NCHA Futurity

  • GR1 Non Pro Futurity
    KB One Sweet Peptos & Dominic Williams 143½. [View Video]

Landmark Classic Horse Sale

  • Lot 550 Destined for Moore, 2010 mare – $27,000. [View video]
  • Lot 257 Good Night Pepto, 2010 gelding – $13,000. [View video]


NCHA Futurity

  • One Deluxe Peptos & Amelia Tonkin. Open Futurity GR2. [View Video]
  • One Deluxe Peptos & Amelia Tonkin. Non Pro Futurity GR2. [View Video]
  • One Deluxe Peptos & Amelia Tonkin. Gelding Incentive Reserve Champion. [View Video]
  • One Eighty & Rob Hodgman. Open Futurity GR1. [View Video]
  • One Eighty & Rob Hodgman. 3rd Gelding Incentive. [View Video]
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