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Oakbarn Mystory's story
A friendship between man and horse. Darrell Jordison & Oakbarn Mystory.

Oakbarn Mystory is one of the last living sons of Blue Moon Mystic. He is out of a Warrenbri Omega mare, and the legendary Abbey is his grand-sire. This makes Oakbarn Mystory very special.

While his name is pronounced ‘Mystery’, the spelling of his name comes from a combination of ‘Mys’ for his sire Blue Moon Mystic and ‘ory’ for his dam Kirkbys Stud Glory. It is no exaggeration to say that this special horse changed Darrell Jordison’s life, giving him purpose and something to look forward to after a battle with depression. His wife Kylie jokes that for Darrell – Mystory comes first. When Darrell starts talking about Mystory his excitement is palpable. When you get to know the horse, you understand why.

When Darrell committed to buy an unborn foal by Blue Moon Mystic from Kirkbys Stud Glory, he had been involved in the sport of campdrafting for a very short time. He was, in his own words, ‘very green’. He wasn’t planning to buy a colt and had no plans to breed horses or stand a stallion at stud.

It is hard to believe but Darrell first rode a horse in 2012, following a working-bee at his local showgrounds, to help prepare for the upcoming Gulargambone campdraft. Darrell then went along for a look at the event. “I thought it looked like fun, so I bought a horse”.

Darrell and his sons on Oakbarn Mystory

His first horse was a gelding called Big Henry. His first saddle was purchased off Ebay, 10 days before his first training day at Gular. It was Indian-made, had a horn and came with a bling bridle. Darrell doesn’t mind having a laugh about his unorthodox start. His very first run involved an out-of-control Big Henry; and Darrell hanging on for a wild, but fun, ride. While he can have a chuckle at his own expense now, just a few years on, you wouldn’t recognise Darrell the horseman as being the same man.

Not too long after his introduction to campdrafting, Darrell decided to buy an unborn foal from Tony Atkins. Tony’s mare Kirkbys Stud Glory (by Warrenbri Omega) was carrying the foal by Blue Moon Mystic. “I had no idea who Blue Moon Mystic or Omega were but I made a deal to buy the foal when it was born”. That foal was a colt and by the time he was ready to be picked up as a weanling, Darrell had made an offer to buy the mare as well.

“I found out later that having a Blue Moon Mystic out of an Omega mare, was about as good as you could get”.

At the time Darrell had no pre-conceived ideas about the horse or his future. “I just treated him like one of my 5 kids”. He halter broke him and could lay him down, finding the colt easy to do anything with. Kylie encouraged Darrell to break the horse in himself.

Mystory as a 3 yo at Geurie campdraft where Nigel and Carol Kable were taken with how quiet the colt was.

“I bought the DVD box-set of Clinton Andersons Colt Starting and set it up in the tractor. Every afternoon I would go and work on what I saw that day on the DVD’s. I quickly noticed that whatever I showed Mystory one day, he picked that straight back up the next day and I thought, ‘that’s cool, I taught him that’. He took everything in his stride”.

Darrell remembered advice that the former owner of Blue Moon Mystic, Laurie Stephensen, told him before he passed away. “He said, ‘never show a Mystic something you don’t want them to learn’ and I remembered that when I was training Mystory”.

Mystory went along to campdrafts even as a young colt. Darrell would ride him about and get him used to being there. It was at Geurie that Nigel and Carol Kable saw the Jordison boys, then 6 and 8 years old, playing with the young colt. “They were using him as an armchair and laying on him. They were under him and all over him. Nigel was really taken with what a great temperament Mystery had, but Darrell didn’t know any different and just thought all horses were like that”. Nigel and Carol decided to breed a couple of mares to Mystory, and now have a yearling colt.

Mystory’s excellent temperament is now well known. He is consistently calm and good-natured. Obviously he is a very intelligent horse, however nothing much phases him. Darrell leads mares off him and loads him next to mares on the truck.

Photo by Steve Vit. Mystory with Darrell in the Final of the Stallion Draft at Paradise Lagoons, 2019.

Darrell says that more than anything he just rode Mystory a lot. “I would get the cattle in on him and just couldn’t stay off him. He was naturally interested in a cow, I just had to get out of his way. I tracked bison on him but really didn’t have to put a lot of training into him”.

Mystory’s first campdraft run was at Walcha when he was a 4-year-old. He came =7th in the Maiden. He was then turned out for a while, as he was still growing and developing.

Of his starts, one stands out to Darrell. “There was a 3-round feature open in 2018 at Corryong. There were 330 in that draft and Mystory scored 88, 86, 85 and came 5th”. Darrell was taken with how consistent Mystory was across the rounds.

Mystory is attracting attention as a sire. As of October 2020, not including this year’s foal crop, he has 14 progeny, ranging from yearlings to 5-year-old Oakbarn Thunderstruck – who had her first start at Warren in September. All his progeny are quiet, regardless of what mare they are out of.

The Oakbarn horse yards

Darrell recognises that a stallion with his breeding and ability deserves to leave a legacy, and because of this he and Kylie have decided to start promoting him. As with all they do, they are happy to see where this journey takes them.

Following equine reproduction training in the US, including freezing their own semen, Darrell and Kylie have set up a full breeding facility on farm. They have a dedicated breeding shed with indoor stables; mare yards under lights; and a dedicated stallion service area.

The Jordisons’ have built their equine infrastructure carefully, including a full size campdraft arena, round yards, and electric-fenced day yards.


2018 - 2019


  • Paradise Lagoons Stallion Draft Finalist
  • Come By Chance Maiden Finalist


  • Corryong Feature Open – 5th (88 86 85) 286 entries
  • Paradise Lagoons Stallion Draft Finalist
  • Condamine Bell Novice Finalist – (Rd 1 – 88)
  • Blackall Novice Finalist


  • Walcha Maiden – =7th in his first ever run, in his first draft at just 4 years old.

Oakbarn Mystory has 14 progeny (a/o October, 2020), not including this year’s foal crop. The eldest is 5 yo mare Oakbarn Thunderstruck.

Four of Mystory’s progeny, 3 black 2-yo’s and a 3 yo grey colt who is a full brother to Oakbarn Thunderstruck.


  • 5 yo mare (a/o October 2020)
  • Owner: Darrell & Kylie Jordison
  • Dam: Atkins Treasure (Heritage Stock Horse Mare)

Oakbarn Thunderstruck earned her name because of her distinct white lightning-bolt shaped marking that runs from her wither to her knee. This special mare carries double crosses of Romeo, Cadet and Abbey.

Thunderstruck had her first start in September 2020 and Darrell said she travelled really well. “She felt unreal. I wouldn’t normally start them so early but she has been so placid and really easy to do anything with. She has only had 25 rides and I rode her for the first time the day I halter broke her”.

Oakbarn Original Prankster (rego pending)

  • 3 yo colt (a/o October 2020)
  • Dam: Atkins Treasure (Heritage Stock Horse Mare)
  • Owner: Oliver Jordison

One of Darrell & Kylie’s sons, Oliver, is now training a 3-year-old colt, who is a full brother to Oakbarn Thunderstruck, and he is just as quiet and just as smart.


  • Yearling colt (a/o October 2020)
  • Owned by Nigel & Carole Kable


  • Filly born October 13, 2020
  • o/o One Time Cat (ET)

Oakbarn Suspicious Minds


  • Lot 221 – Oakbarn Suspicious Minds (4yo mare).
    Sold Nutrien Supreme Sale, Toowoomba – $8,000
    Purchaser: THB Contacting


Oakbarn Power N Passion


  • Lot 187 – Oakbarn Power N Passion (4yo gelding)
    Sold Nutrien Supreme Sale, Toowoomba – $10,000
    Purchaser: JW & MK MATTHEWS

Sire: Blue Moon Mystic

Son of the legendary Abbey and the mare Betty (winner of over 40 drafts), BLUE MOON MYSTIC – IS died in 2006 at the ripe old age of 34. The grey stallion was a legend in his own time, but his name continues through the deeds of his progeny.

Blue Moon Mystic is the only sire to have sired a Gold Cup Winner (Stephen Hill’s Ashanta) and to have won both the Warwick Gold Cup and the Canning Downs.

Reference articles:

  • Warwick Gold Cup Story.  Written by Bev Cheers 2000.
    Read Article  >>
  • Impact Sire – BLUE MOON MYSTIC – IS HSH.  Written by Lindsay Ferguson for the Australian Stock Horse Journal
    Read Article  >>

Dam: Kirkby's Stud Glory

Daughter of Warrenbri Omega (1990 Warwick Gold Cup winner) and Kirkbys Stud Tonic.

Glory has had 8 foals in total. Five colt foals, a 6-year-old filly by Rivoli Rex, a 6 yo mare by Hazelwood Conman, and a colt foal born in 2020 by Kirkby Stud Timex. All her progeny have had a quiet temperament.


In the Australian Stock Horse Society’s 40th Anniversary Compendium section entitled “The Most Influential Foundation and Impact Sires”, Abbey is listed #1.

Researcher/Writer Joy Poole OAM, she states, “This horse is without peer the most influential horse in the Australian Stock Horse Stud Book…Everything about ABBEY FS is exceptional: his breeding, his
performance and the people that surrounded him during his


Winner of the 1990 Warwick Gold Cup. Lindsay Knight described Omega as one of the 2 best horses he had ever ridden (the other his sire Warrenbri Romeo).  The sire of well over 300 progeny including many great performers and open draft winners.


ASHS #: 158922
Foaling Date:  21/10/2012
Colour:  Grey
Exceptional Horse Status:  Heritage Stock Horse
Breeder:  Tony Atkins
Current Owner:  Darrell Jordison


unknown dam


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A standout feature of this placid stallion is his wonderful temperament.
When Darrell and Kylie say, “You can do anything with him”, they mean it.

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Oakbarn Mystory

“You can do anything you want with him!”…No, really!


Oliver & 3 yo Oakbarn Original Prankster


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