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Kennallywood Telladega's story

Every once in a while  you come across a horse with a huge presence. They demand to be noticed, they are the horse you go home talking about. Kennallywood Talladega is that horse. Affectionately known as ‘Ricky Bobby’ (from the movie Talladega Nights), he is a lot like the character from the movie – full of personality.

Photo by Picture the Moment Photography. Kennallywood Talladega.

Ricky Bobby is hard to miss, he is big and he is stunning. According to owner Holly Hall Perrin, this horse really lives up to his name. “When you get to know him, he suits the movie – he is a character. He is quiet but is into everything. He is a larrikin. It’s like he thinks everything is funny”.

Holly and her parents, Slim Perrin and Ali Hall-Perrin bred Ricky Bobby.  While their aim is to breed fillys they can keep, as a colt foal this horse was one they decided was a  worthy exception.  They are pleased they made that decision.

The family bred a full brother previously, who like other colts they have bred, was sold as a young horse. He was an exceptional type. The year Ricky Bobby was born, the family had 5 colts hit the ground, and decided to let them grow and see what they had. Holly describes Ricky Bobby as being big and gangly as a young horse, but you could see he would grow into a beautiful type.  “We thought he could grow out nicely, and potentially make a great cross for smaller Quarter Horse mares”.

The colt was broken in at home, as a 2yo. From then he went to work. The aim was to give him time to grow into his big frame, and mature. He went mustering for a good period with John Dohle.

The family decided they didn’t want to enter Ricky Bobby in ridden Stock Horse Futurities too early, so he started in-hand with yearling Stock Horse futurities.

As a 3yo RB went to a family friend Ross Wolski to do some cattle work, Ross says of him: “I rode RB as a 3yo and found him to be very quiet, sensible and trainable, very good to ride and a pleasure to have around the place. He is a great type and will cross well with both stock horse and QH mares.

Photo by Flash Pony. Kennallywood Talladega & Brett Welsh. 2021 ASHS Nationals.

“We have two 20 month old geldings by him, both quiet, intelligent and easy to handle. We think a great deal of RB and are expecting another foal by him in the spring, I’m excited to see what the future holds for him.”

As a 4yo he went to Brett Welsh, with an aim to compete at the Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge.  However, due to Covid, events were cancelled in 2020 and plans had to change. His ridden debut was unfortunately postponed, but the Perrin family were thrilled with the horse he had become.

As a 5yo in 2021 he competed in the Stock Horse Nationals with Brett and was very successful. Finishing 7th overall and winning the led section. Here he had his first run in a draft, and showed a lot of ability working cattle, as well as speed and a surprising agility for such a big horse.

Holly describes Ricky Bobby as one of the easiest horses she has ever ridden. “You barely have to touch the reins, he is so soft”.

Holly believes that Ricky Bobby’s size is a big asset, saying, “He is big, but in proportion. For a big horse he can get around, even in the cut out yard”. Holly is thrilled that his size and good front end is being carried on into his progeny.

His eldest progeny are rising 3 year-olds in 2021. He was put over 2 family owned mares as a 2yo and from then has been bred to a select number of mares each year, including a few outside mares.  In 2021, the first of his progeny was broken in, and Holly describes her as a cracker. “She is so much like him”.

Kennallywood Talladega & his dam Kennallywood Gemini

Ricky Bobby is just entering his competition career, and if he is like his sire, Riverview Snowman he will have a long one.  Snowman is still drafting in his 20’s.

Snowman is a full brother to Riverview Snowy, who won the Warwick Gold Cup with Paul Vary in 2004 when Snowy was 16 years old.

Snowman’s full blood siblings have incredibly successful careers, as detailed under the pedigree tab.

Ricky Bobby’s dam, Kennallywood Gemini was Holly’s childhood horse, bred by the Perrin family. Holly describes her as being a lovely type.  She won the led section at the Brisbane Royal, as well as many other state level achievements.  The grand-dam Kyles Rhiannon Surprise was a terrific allrounder, competing in a lot of different disciplines from campdrafting, to show and dressage.  She was the first horse Holly rode, which explains why Holly has such a great connection with Ricky Bobby, and is now thrilled to be riding his progeny, the 4th generation.

Holly said the family selected Snowman to put over Gemini because they knew and respected the Riverview horses. While the aim was to breed a filly, fate intervened and Holly and her parents are glad they gave him the chance to prove himself to them.  “We got a colt – lucky we did!”

If you’re looking for an outcross that still has traditional lines, this is the horse for you.



  • Australian Stock Horse Nationals, with Brett Welsh
    • 7th overall
    • 1st in the led section.
    • Here he had his first run in a draft, and showed a lot of ability working cattle, as well as speed and a surprising agility for such a big horse.

2017 & 2019


  • QLD Youngstock Show
    • 1st ASH 3yo colt
    • Champion ASH 3yo
    • 1st ANSA 3yo colt
    • Champion ANSA 3yo
  • Toowoomba Royal
    • 1st Led ASH colt 3yrs
    • 1st Led ANSA colt 3yrs


  • QLD Youngstock Show
    • 1st led yearling ASH colt
    • Champion ASH Colt
  • Toowoomba Royal
    • Yearling Futurity winner

Some of  Kennallywood Talladega’s foals

His progeny are all stunning types, with great fronts and hindquarters all having a cool and calm temperament. He is the ideal outcross for the small or QH type mares.


  • Mare
  • Dam: Kennallywood Casarina
  • Foaling date: 07/10/2019


  • Mare
  • Dam: Kennallywood Casarina
  • Foaling date: 17/08/2018


  • Toowoomba Royal – RASQ Weanling Futurity Champion


  • Gelding
  • Dam: Spina Diamond
  • Foaling date: 08/10/2019

Dam: Kennallywood Gemini

Kennallywood Gemini was Holly’s childhood horse, bred by the Perrin family. Holly describes her as being a lovely type.  She won the led section at the Brisbane Royal, as well as many other state level achievements.

Sire: Riverview Snowman

Riverview Snowman is a successful stallion in ASH competition and campdrafting, having won many awards at National and Royal level.

He is the sire of numerous successful progeny and has several full brothers and sisters that have proven themselves in ASH competition and open campdrafting. (See below)

Sire's Full Blood siblings

River View Snowy:

  • Warwick Gold Cup winner 2004, 2nd 2000 and 8th 1997.
  • Supreme Working ASH Nationals, Scone 2001.
  • Open Challenge Winner, ASH Nationals, Warwick 2003.

Riverview Lightning:

  • Paradise Lagoons Campdraft Novice Winner, 2005.

Riverview Snowette:

  • ASH Maiden Series winner 2007
  • Supreme working ASH Nationals, Warwick 2010

Riverview Topfire:

  • Cloncurry Stockman’s Challenge winner 2004

Riverview Snowqueen:

  • Champion Led Mare, ASH Nationals, Warwick 2010
  • ASH Futurity 2008, 4th Overall

Riverview Fire and Ice, and Riverview Showman:

  • Pony Club mounts.

Riverview Columbo:

  • 2014 Open draft, Come By Chance 2nd
  • 2014 Burindi Open Draft 3rd and Novice Draft 4th
  • 2015 Nationals ASHS Maiden Series Campdraft 9th
  • 2016 Namoi Bushman’s Carnival Novice draft 1st & Open draft 1st
  • 2017 Namoi Bushman’s Carnival Open draft 2nd
    • Led Stallion 4yrs & over 14.2 ne 15hh. 2nd
    • Reserve Champion Led Stallion.
    • Novice Working Stallion. 1st
  • Super Horse Challenge. 4th 2017, 3rd 2018
  • Led Stallion 4yrs & over ne15hh, 1st 2017. 1st 2018
  • Champion Led Stallion 4yrs & over. 2017. 2018
  • Open Working Stallion, 3rd 2017. 4th 2018

Paternal Grandsire: Sylvia Vale Rainman

Rainman was awarded the Commonwealth Bank Star of the Year in 1998.

The Star of the Year trophy is an annual award that is awarded to an Australian Stock Horse that has been an outstanding ambassador for the Australian Stock Horse breed throughout the past year.


ASHSRegistration: #242444
APRA Registered

EPRA Registered
Foaling date: 15/08/2015
Colour: BROWN
Height: 15.3hh
Breeder: KM (Slim) Perrin & AJ Hall
Current Owner: KM (Slim) Perrin & AJ Hall


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Artwork by Show Horse Design.


Artwork by Show Horse Design.
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2021 ASHS Nationals with Brett Welsh

Ricky Bobby & Holly

Ricky Bobby as a foal

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2021 ASH Nationals with Brett Welsh


Kennallywood Stud
Holly Hall Perrin
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