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Steve and Louise Comiskey are a dedicated young couple who campdraft because they love the sport, they love the competitions, they love the camaraderie and the friendships formed and they love being successful.

Steve & Louise Comiskey Story
Steve & Louise Comiskey & Katie with the Bombers Australia & Platinum Saddle Co. trophy saddle, awarded to the winner of the 2015 Paradise Lagoons Novice draft.
Steve & Louise Comiskey & Katie 2015 Paradise Lagoons Novice draft winner.

Steve and Louise Comiskey are a dedicated young couple who campdraft because they love the sport, they love the competitions, they love the camaraderie and the friendships formed and they love being successful.

Steve grew up on the family property at Lyra Park, Capella, and from as early as Steve can remember, everybody in the family was always highly involved with campdrafting. Steve’s earliest campdrafting memories are of his father, Peter, being a very successful campdraft competitor with a team of home bred and educated horses. Meanwhile older brother Pete Junior was an up and coming champion and was winning the ACA Junior Rider of the Year Title.

As Steve grew older he followed in the family tradition and started campdrafting as a Junior. He remained in older brother Pete’s shadow for many years as Pete won ACA Open Rider of the Year, year after year after year.

Meanwhile Steve was focused on his own career and under the guidance of both his father and older brother he was never far from the winners circle. In 2009 he achieved campdrafting’s biggest reward when he won the Warwick Gold Cup with Lyra Park Delta.

Louise had a similar childhood, being raised on the Rolfe family property, Cotherstone, a beautiful cattle property of 65,000 acres at Dysart, Queensland. The family spent many hours mustering and drafting cattle which Louise loved and which honed her skills as a competent horse and cattle woman.

The family didn’t compete at campdrafts so it wasn’t until she became involved with Steve that she began competing.

Steve & Louise Comiskey with daughters Darcy Rose & Lillie Lou.
Steve & Louise Comiskey with daughters Darcy Rose & Lillie Lou.

Steve’s father was the first to encourage her to take the competitive step when he entered her for the Encouragement Draft at Springsure. She soon won two Encouragement Drafts and then some Ladies Drafts and now Louise is one of our leading lady competitors.

Steve and Louise now travel with their two young daughters, Darcy Rose and Lillie Lou, and they attend drafts throughout the country. They continue to operate their family property at Lyra Park, which provides the perfect opportunity for educating and preparing their team of horses. Louise loves helping Steve with training their horses and with the girls getting older, they will continue to grow their love of horses within their family.

Steve Comiskey Campdraft Clinics

Steve has recently extended his involvement in his sport and has started conducting Campdraft Clinics.

Steve & Louise Comiskey's property Lyra Park.He started by having close friends and neighbours coming to Lyra Park for practice days, which were immediately successful as Steve and Louise have excellent arena facilities (see opposite) and the availability of fresh cattle on the property. Steve also has a calm and efficient method of approaching his campdrafting and he is able to explain his methods and techniques in the same simple way.

These schools have gained popularity so Steve and Louise have expand this part of their annual program, conducting regular schools in various locations around the country with between 15 to 20 students per weekend school.

People wishing to hold a school or attend should contact Louise direct for details:

Career Highlights:

Steve & Louise consistently win and place in drafts week in, week out, it’s impossible to keep up with their achievements.  However highlights include:


Steve - 2019

  • ACA National Finals, Greenvale:
    • 1st – Top 30 Shootout – Broomfield Stylish Diamond
    • 1st – Restricted Open with Katie

Steve - 2018

  • Warwick Gold Cup Winner with Broomfield Stylish Diamond.
    • Round 1 – 89 (23 62 4)
    • Round 2 – 89 (23 62 4)
    • Final – 90 (23 63 4)
    • Runoff – 91 (24 63 4)
  • [View 3 Round compilation Video]

Steve - 2009 to 2017


  • Warwick
    • Warwick Gold Cup – 3rd on Delta, after 4 way run off.
    • NCCA – 2nd on Infinite Destiny
    • Delta – Highest Scoring Stock Horse
    • Winner highest aggregate for outside work in NCCA
  • Chinchilla


  • Paradise Lagoons
    • Australian Open – 1st   |   C of C – 3rd on Delta
    • Restricted Open – =2nd on Glow & Hemosphere,
    • Stallion draft – =2nd on Destiny’s Master Chic
    • Futurity – 3rd (after 3way runoff) on One Roan Spina
  • 2015/16 ACA Finals, Bundarra
    – Open Rider of the Year – 3rd
    – Open Horse of the Year – Gigalo – 4th | Delta – 6th
    – Novice Horse of the Year – 6th on Katie (Owned by Bill & Christen Matton.)
    – Novice Draft Cutout – 1st on Stylish Diamond

    – Open Draft – 3rd on Elle (Owned by Jeff Hay.) –  [View FB Video – Rd 2 Open]
  • Yelvertoft Open – 1st on Gigalo, 2nd on Oaks and Ashes after runoff with himself.  5th on Hemosphere.
  • Capella
    • Maiden – 1st on Stylish Diamond (also won runoff), 5th on Madonna’s Destiny.
    • Restricted Open – 1st on Hemosphere (also won runoff), 2nd on Gigalo.


  • Warwick
    • Winner Barnes Trophy
    • Winner of the Highest Aggregate over the Canning Downs and the Gold Cup
    • Gold Cup – 2nd on Lyra Park Delta (beaten by only 1 point) – [View Video]
  • Paradise Lagoons – Winner of the Stallion Draft & Champion of Champions on Hazelwood Con Artist


  • Warwick
    • Champion of Champions Winner on Lyra Park Delta – [View Video]
    • Winner Barnes Trophy on Lyra Park Delta



  • Warwick Gold Cup Winner on Lyra Park Delta

Louise Comiskey


  • Warwick Ladies Silver Cup – =8/9/10
  • Clarke Creek:  Res Open – 2nd on Glow   |  Maiden – 2nd on The Cat that Can.


  • Capella – Winner leading average for a local.


  • ACA Finals Ladies Draft, Kilkivan.
    1st on Lyra Park Dream.  [View Video]
  • Warwick Ladies Draft – =2nd/3rd/4th/5th on Diamond Acres.  [View Video]


  • Paradise Lagoon Ladies Draft – 2nd on Lyra Park Dream.


  • Warwick Ladies Draft – 2nd on Lyra Park Dream.
Video Gallery





  • Warwick Gold Cup Final, Steve Comiskey & Lyra Park Delta – [View Video]


Chinchilla Restricted Open
  • Restricted Open, Steve Comiskey & Gigolo – [View Video]


  • ResOpen Final, Steve Comiskey & Gigolo – [View Video]
  • Grandfather Clock Final, Steve Comiskey & Gigolo – [View Video]
  • Gold Cup Final. Steve Comiskey & Lyra Park Delta – [View Video]
  • Ladies Final. Louise Comiskey & Diamond Acres – [View Video]
ACA Nationals, Kilkivan
  • Shootout Winner, Steve Comiskey & Lyra Park Delta – [View Video]
  • Louise Comiskey & Lyra Park Dream – [View Video]
Paradise Lagoons
  • Supergirl Spectacular, Steve Comiskey & Lyra Park Delta – [View Video]

2012 – Videos by Campdraft Central

  • Chinchilla Res Open Final, Steve Comiskey & Lyra Park Delta – [View Video] 
  • Warwick Cannings Downs Final, Steve Comiskey & Lyra Park Delta – [View Video]


Steve & Louise Comiskey
Ph: 0749 872 070
Steve: 0427 873 081
Louise: 0428 773 081

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