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Ninety or Nothing bring listeners insights from the top Campdraft, Cutting and Cowhorse disciplines across Australia.

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The Team

Paxton Pulford

Paxton Pulford, 2017 Katherine Show.

I’ve grown up being surrounded mainly by thoroughbred horses as my parents work with and trade thoroughbreds. However, I have always had a searing passion for  campdraft and cutting horses.

My first introduction to these great sports was through our neighbour’s farm manager, Allan Young who was kind enough to take me to work and cart me to campdrafts as a kid and this was where the fire started. From there I competed heavily in the Australian stockhorse classes throughout my teenage years.

Horses came to a little halt with me as I went through boarding school, though I managed to find my way out to Windsor polo grounds where I found myself riding and preparing polo ponies which I thoroughly enjoyed!

When I finished school, I headed over to Western Australia, where I worked on Liveringa Station in 2016 and then Killarney station in the Northern Territory in 2017. Horses became a greater focus for me at these stations as the horse plant usually consisted of around 200 horses! We broke in many young horses and used them for work day in and day out.

While I was up there, we managed to attend a number of campdrafts and challenges, competing on the station horses. This fuelled the fire a little more and I was eager to get down home and ride as many horses as I could and go to as many drafts as I could.

In the last two years I’ve managed to gain a couple of handy horses from the Landmark Classic Sale that I have taken back and competed and have had some success. I have learnt a great deal through some great mentors such as Ben Tapp, Kylie Barnett, Phil and Gloria McCormack and Narelle Toole who have helped and supported me in many ways.

I absolutely love the campdraft and cutting industry and feel the need to promote the industry and the wonderful people in it! Hence we created the Ninety or Nothing Podcast.

Kylie Barnett

As a child my parents lived near a stock route at Croppa Creek and I’d grab my horse and skip school and help the drovers in the area. This led to spending time droving with the likes of Terry Hall.

Kylie Barnett & Tequilabar.

My grandfather was heavily involved in the Australian Stock Horse Society and Campdrafting scene. He encouraged me to campdraft as a child and provided me some handy horses.

After finishing boarding school in Tamworth, I spent a few years in the rodeo world, barrel racing and breakaway roping. I won an ABCRA barrel racing Rookie title before heading back to my true passion campdrafting and met my partner Ben Tapp.

In the past few years I have enjoyed the challenge of learning the ropes in the cutting industry. Ben and I have a strong team of campdraft horses that we compete on and breed out of.

Between juggling the kids, we aim to attend mainly the larger events (Warwick, Willinga Park, NCHA Futurity) and prepare our young stock for the likes of Landmark horse sales.

The horse world has given me a great life and I enjoy studying the bloodlines of horses, so when Paxton asked me to come on board with him at the Ninety or Nothing Podcast, I immediately jumped on board.

A word from the team...
Photo by Jill Smith, Sweet Shutters Photography. Paxton Pulford & Spike. 2019 King of the Ranges.

Like many others out there, Kylie and I are huge fans (let’s be honest, fanatics) of the campdraft and cutting industry. Kylie and I felt that there was a huge demand for people wanting to hear the stories of great owners, competitors and breeders within our great horse industry.

We dabbled with the idea and came across the great innovative technology of podcasts! Podcasts are essentially audio recordings that are online and can be easily accessed through iTunes, Spotify and Podbean.

With that Kylie and I decided to develop our podcast Ninety or Nothing! We came up with our name because we felt that it depicts what our podcast will entail. Ninety or nothing is a common saying around the campdraft yard. Essentially it means you have to put it all on the line and it’ll either workout or it won’t. We want to give our listeners as much value as we possibly can.

Photo by Liz Speed Photography: 2019 NCHA Futurity, Kylie Barnett & Yulgilbar Gday Kitty.

Kylie and I have both competed in campdrafting, cutting and cowhorse events and have met some great people in the industry and we feel that their stories must be shared!

Ultimately, we hope that you enjoy our podcast and we would like to thank everyone who has got behind us and supported our idea.

Be sure to tune into Ninety or Nothing Podcast!

Our Podcasts

Ninety or Nothing release a new podcast EVERY week.  Their focus is top industry professionals so it’s not surprising there is a huge cross over between them and us.  Several Select Sires trainers and stallions have already been showcased.

[Remember the beauty of podcasts is that you can download them onto any device so that you can listen at a later date when you may not have internet access.]

#1 Lynda MacCallum

Episode 1 of the Ninety or Nothing podcast provides a small introduction of myself Paxton Pulford and my co-host Kylie Barnett. Our first interview we conducted is with Lynda MacCallum, who is an awesome non-pro cutter, she tells us about her story and challenges she has faced.  Hope you enjoy our first episode!

# 3 Phil Dawson

Phil Dawson, cutting horse trainer from Glen Innes. Phil takes us through a bit of his back story and how he got into the great sport of cutting. The horse bug really caught Phil at a young age and he’s never looked back.”

#6 Mark Buttsworth

“What a week it has been! We were at the Warwick Gold Cup last week and what a week it was! We managed to catch up with a team Cinch Australia sponsored rider Mark Buttsworth. Buttsy tells us a bit about his upbringing and how he managed to get into horses. We highlight some of the great horses he has had and how he manages to consistently put up some massive runs.”

#9 John Davis

“John Davis is a true gentleman and a great man to sit down and have a conversation with. He’s the master saddler in Australia! His commitment and dedication to ensuring that his saddles are made perfectly is inspirational.

John is a man of many talents as he shares with us his journey and tells us a little about his musical path.

We hope you enjoy!”

#13 Rob Leach

“Rob is a horse trainer from Tamworth NSW, he’s involved with the campdrafting, cutting and the cow horse sports, he also specialises in the preparation of sale horses. We talk about Robs background and where his life has led him. Super excited to be back for the new year and can’t wait to bring you more episodes. We hope you enjoy!”

#19 Wyatt Young

“We get to interview Wyatt Young through our first Skype call. Wyatt is only a young trainer in the industry however he has had some huge success. We talk to him a little bit about how it all started for him, recall on some great experiences, discuss some career highlights and also talk about the Metallic Storm syndicate. We hope you enjoy!”

Benefits of Podcasts
  • Think of any topic you have ever been interested in and someone’s probably done a podcast about it!
  • Unlike a lot of social media platforms these days where you only get snippets of a story, podcasts provide you with in depth details of people’s lives and stories.
  • They provide and have great substance to them; you will actually learn a lot from just hearing what people have to say.
  • Podcasts will keep you up to date and informed with all things happening in the world.
  • They are consistent, well at least the Ninety or Nothing podcast is, as it delivers a new episode every week.
  • Podcasts are very educational and interesting and are a great substitute when you are tired of listening to music or the radio.

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Video Gallery

Kylie Barnett

  • 2019 Warwick Gold Cup Rd 1 with Tequilabar (89).  [View Video]

Paxton Pulford

  • 2019 Landmark Classic Final with Saltriver Intuition (87).  [View Video]
  • 2019 Barraba Show Novice Rd 1 with Saltriver Intuition (88).  [View Video]


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