Published by Heather Pascoe, May 13, 2022.

We conclude our special series on the female family of Nonda Southern Cross – Denzel with one of our favourite photographs of him as a baby colt galloping through the summer evening with his dam Nonda Happy Ever After.

Happy was the most beautiful mare in a family of beautiful mares and we thought we’d share a wonderful quote with you that summed up everything we love about great mares.

..”All praise to the glory of the mare, for there cannot be a horse without her.
She is the centre of the eternal circle, for she is the mother and she is the daughter.
She is the ancestor and she is the descendant; she is the past and she is the future
She is the one who will carry the stallion in the X of her chromosomes – and she is the one who will give us the sires of the next generation.
In the end, she will be one single name written on the page – and yet there can be no pedigree, no family, no evolution without her.
She will forever be the one who will carry the history of the blood and the story of the family.
She is the North Star that we shall set our Compass by, for she is the mare and she is eternal.”
(William S. Fitzgerald)

We remain deeply grateful for each and every one of our mares who graced us with their presence, their beauty and their brilliance – and most of all, their love, their loyalty and their friendship.

We have been blessed.