One Stylish Pepto
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“Super athlete, so athletic he continues to surprise both himself and me with his freakish ability.  The future will be exciting as he has now exceeded his potential as a campdrafter and now becomes one of Australia’s top breeding sires.”
~ Mark Buttsworth

Service Fee

Lifetime Earnings

Combined earnings close to $100,000
– Cutting – $75,058 (See results tab)
– Campdrafting – over $22,000.


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One Stylish Pepto's story

One Stylish Pepto is an embryo son of the great One Moore Spin and Peptos Stylish Oak. Bred by Todd Graham, he was always going to be an elite performer and an elite sire.

One Stylish Pepto & Todd Graham.
Photo by Ray Cooper. One Stylish Pepto & Todd Graham.

His cutting career began with a strong Futurity year in 2007 when he won both the DDCC and CCCC Futurities. He followed up in 2008 by being the NCHA Derby Champion.

His LTE are $75,068 and his career included a trip to the States where he was shown by Todd.

During his career he was watched closely by the entire cutting community who marvelled at his attractive style and athletic displays.

Peter Shakspeare also followed his career with interest as he is unashamedly the single biggest fan of One Moore Spin. He believes she is one of the cowiest horses in the world and that through the success of her progeny, she has become the benchmark of cattle working genetics in this country.

As a keen follower of genetics he insists that whatever you breed, you must start with the best and One Moore Spin offers just that. Consequently, when One Stylish Pepto was offered for sale at the Tamworth Landmark Sale in February, 2013, Peter was interested for several different reasons.

Mark Buttsworth & One Stylish Pepto,
Photo by Wild Fillies Photography. Mark Buttsworth & One Stylish Pepto, Landmark.

Firstly, One Stylish Pepto had a tremendously successful cutting career behind him, but Peter also believed he was the perfect sire choice to breed a dual purpose horse for both campdrafting and cutting. He believed and still does believe that dual purpose horses are the future of the industry for breeders as financially they offer alternative markets for a wider choice of sale clients.

Secondly, Mark Buttsworth approached him and suggested he should buy the horse. Mark’s enthusiastic appraisal of One Stylish Pepto cemented the idea and he was purchased at auction for $120,000.

Immediately Peter was approached by 20 odd people who all wanted in to the partnership. However, a small partnership of Peter, Chris Cummins and Mark Buttsworth was formed and the future of One Stylish Pepto was secure.

Peter believes One Moore Spin genetics are the solid genetics breeding the champion horses of this era. At the time, similarly, he anticipated One Stylish Pepto genetics would breed on and produce in the same capacity as his mother has done in campdrafting, cutting and challenge.

Mark Buttsworth & One Stylish Pepto.
Photo by Ken Anderson Equine Photography.
Mark Buttsworth & One Stylish Pepto. 2016

Several years down the track and Peter’s beliefs have come to fruition on all accounts and the rest as they say, is history.

One Stylish Pepto and Mark Buttsworth have become renowned in the campdraft arena. His freakish athleticism sees him delight spectators time and time again as he consitently pulls off huge scores not only in the yard but in the camp.

Hopes for his progeny have also been realised with expectations being surpassed by their success across disciplines.

The One Moore Syndicate couldn’t be happier, they believed One Stylish Pepto was a legend in his own time, and they were right.


Results - Campdraft

2017 - 19



  • Warwick Gold Cup Cut Out Winner after Runoff (24 24 24) – [View Video]   |   [View SloMo Video]
  • Landmark Classic Young Guns Winner, with Brad Buttsworth.  Rd 1 (92 – 25 63 4), Final (91 – 23 64 4)


2015 - 2016


  • Warwick: Stallion draft – =5th.
  • Paradise Lagoons: Res Open 5 way runoff win with 25.  [View Video]
  • Kilkivan: Open – 2nd    |  Res Open – 3rd
  • Q16: Open Draft – 1st, 93 points.  [View Video]


  • Paradise Lagoons
  • Landmark Classic
    • Stallion Shootout Rd1, Mark Buttsworth – 92 pts.  [View Video]
    • Young Guns Campdraft, Brad Buttsworth – = 2nd.  90 pts.  [View Video]  (Watch the cutout…)

2013 - 2014



  • Bell Novice – 1st
Results - Cutting

Sire Report compliments of Qhorses.

NCHA DERBY Winner $21,775.00
Sire: Peptos Stylish Oak $5,680.46
Dam: One Moore Spin $111,858.90

One Stylish Pepto progeny are excelling in the Campdrafting, Cutting & Challenge arenas.


Broomfield Stylish Diamond


  • Warwick Gold Cup Winner with Steve Comiskey.
    • Round 1 – 89 (23 62 4)
    • Round 2 – 89 (23 62 4)
    • Final – 90 (23 63 4)
    • Runoff – 91 (24 63 4)
  • [View 3 Round compilation Video]


Stylish Joe


  • 2nd – Dalby Open (90 91) with Cody Ryan.
  • Flinders Juvenile Challenge Reserve Champion
  • Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge
    • Juvenile Challenge Champion
    • =1st Open Wet Work

One Stylish Turpentine


  • Balonne River St George Open NP Champion
  • NCHA NP Gold Cup with Jackie Graham – 5th
  • NCHA Junior Cutting with Addison Dudley – 3rd


  • NCHA National Finals: Open NP – 4th


Shown by Steve Beale

  • Nebo $7500 N/P Reserve Champion
  • Middlemount Cutting $15,000 N/P – 3rd
  • Wild Horse $7,500 N/P Reserve Champion
  • Condamine $7,500 N/P Reserve Champion
  • Chinchilla $7,500 N/P Reserve Champion


  • CCCC Classic Challenge Finalist.
  • NCHA Open Classic
    Shown by Jamie Seccombe 142.

Stylish Swift

  • Owned/Ridden by Zane Habermann


  • 2nd – Futurity Stars Series
  • 3rd – Hughenden Futurity
  • 1st – Mostly Hills Futurity
  • 1st – Powlathanga Futurity
  • 1st – Winton Futurity
  • 3rd Mostly Hills Futurity

One Stylish Sugar


  • NCHA Futurity Campdraft Champion with Mark Buttsworth (89 89). First start.

Big One

Ridden/owned by Courtney Roberts


  • NCHA National Finals: Open NP Res Champion  |  $7500 NP – 3rd


  • Nebo Senior Youth – 3rd
  • Middlemount Cutting $15,000 N/P – 4th
  • Wild Horse $7,500 N/P Champion
  • Condamine $7,500 N/P Champion
  • Capella $7,500 N/P Champion  | Senior Youth Champion
  • 2016 NCHA National Finals Senior Youth Champion (222 points) and Rookies Champion (221.5 points)
  • 2016 NCHA Points Year:
    • Runner Up Rookies
    • Runner Up Senior Youth

Ridden by Phillip Smith.


  • 2016 NCHA Points Year: Winner of the $7500 NP
  • NCHA Res Champion Amateur NP Derby.
  • CCCC Goondiwindi $7,500 N/P (74.5points) – 2nd
  • SQCHA Kilcoy $7500 N/P Winner (74points)
  • SQCHA Chinchilla $7,500 N/P Winner (74points)


  • NCHA N/P Derby Finalist
  • NCHA Amateur N/P Derby Finalist


  • CCCC N/P Futurity Reserve Champion
  • Comet N/P Futurity Finalist

Peptos Stylish Player


Campdrafting with Pete Comiskey

  • The Condamine Bell Novice saw Peptos Stylish Player compete in his 1st draft after only 2 weeks start with Pete Comiskey.  He finalled with scores of 88 & 87.

Shown by Ella-Rae Wilson Rose

  • Nebo $15000 N/P Champion
  • Middlemount Cutting $15,000 N/P Champion
  • NCHA Futurity USA/AUS Challenge with Shane Plummer – 223 points (Highest score)
  • Capella $7500 N/P – 2nd
  • Condamine $7,500 N/P – 3rd
  • Chinchilla $7500 N/P Champion – [View Video]


  • Wild Horse $7500 N/P with – 2nd


  • CCCC NP Challenge Finalist

Shown by Wayne Baumann

2015 – NCHA Open Classic


  • NCHA Futurity Open Derby, GR2 – 144½ pts
  • DDCC Futurity Open Derby Finalist


One Sweet Cherry - Owned by Kempsey Quarter Horses


  • NCHA Open Classic Challenge with Heath Sinclair – 4th


  • NCHA Open Classic with Jason Leitch
    [View Video]
  • NCHA Breeders Incentive Open Classic – 2nd.
    Ridden by Jason Leitch.  [View Video]


  • Victorian Futurity, Derby Co Champion.
    Shown by Heath Sinclair.
  • Comet Futurity, Derby Reserve Champion
  • DDCC Futurity, Toowoomba, Derby Champion
  • NCHA Futurity, Tamworth, Derby Finalist.
    Shown by Jason Leitch.

A Little Turpulence


  • Landmark Classic Open, with David Thorn – 3rd (85 92 89).  [View Video]


  • NCHA Open Classic
    Shown by Scott Campbell.  [View Video]
  • NCHA Breeders Incentive Open Classic – 5th
    Shown by Scott Campbell.

One Peptomistic


  • NCHA National Finals 15000 N/P Champion.  Shown by Andrew O’Toole.


  • DDCC Futurity Non Pro Classic Finalist.
    Shown by Phil Canaghan.
  • DDCC Futurity Open Derby Finalist.
    Shown by Wayne Baumann

Mello One

  • 7.y.old gelding (2015)
  • From the Doc’s Freckle Oak mare, Mello Oak.
  • Top priced gelding at Landmark 2015, presented by Kylie Graham, sold for $29,000.


  • Munglinup Novice, WA – 1st
  • Derby Novice, WA – =2nd


  • Derby, WA Novice Campdraft – Equal 2nd.

Stylish Bardot

  • 8 year old mare (2016)
  • Sold for $30,000 Landmark Toowoomba Supreme Sale.
  • Vendor Greg Lithgow.


  • Paradise Lagoons Maiden Novice Rider – 5th with Carolyn McNabb


  • Stanthorpe Ladies, with Kylie Barnett – 2nd

Stylish Tango Delta


  • Dardanup, WA
    • Encouragement Draft & Cut out (89) – 1st
    • Novice Cutout – 1st

One Stylish Dee Jay

  • Owned by Erica & Simon Wood


  • Wellards Novice B Campdraft – 3rd.  (88points – 2nd highest score.)
  • Cutout winner.



  • Baralaba Show – First and Champion in the unregistered mare/filly.


Owned/ridden by Brooke Dodwell


  • Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge Ladies draft – =3rd

Boonara Trustee


Landmark Dash for Cash runner up, with Ben Hall.

2018 Landmark Progeny Sold

2018 Landmark Sale OSP Results

One Stylish Madonna


  • 1st – Paradise Lagoons Futurity with Mark Buttsworth (90 90). First run ever.

Sire: Peptos Stylish Oak

Peptos Stylish Oak has made a name for himself as a sire not only of multiple Australian champions but also numerous NCHA money earners with offspring earnings over $2,000,000 between the US and Australia. He has become one of Peptoboonsmal’s most successful breeding sons.

Dam: One Moore Spin

One Moore Spin is the 2nd “Highest Money Earning Cutting Horse” in Australian history. She has an exceptional track record as both a performance horse herself, and also as a broodmare, producing outstanding progeny who have broken records in the sale ring thus earning her the title of  Australia’s highest progeny earning mare of all time.  Her achievements as a dam have not been surpassed by any other mare in Australia.

One Moore Spin was also inducted into the Hall of Fame.  A full biography, entitled “One Moore Spin, The little one with the big heart” is available on The Australian Quarter Horse website.

  • One Moore Spin – LTE: $111,858.90
  • One Moore Spin Progeny – LTE: $571,680.00

Full genetic sister: One Stylish Unit


  • Warwick Top Aggregate Winner (Canning Downs & Gold Cup).
  • Canning Downs Rd 1 (90) – [View video]


Grandsire: Peptoboonsmal

Peptoboosmal ia a legend in the cutting industry.  He has been a top cutting sire every year since his first foal crop.

Full information and excellent video footage is provided on

Great Grandsire: Peppy San Badger (1974 - 2005)

  • [View video of Peppy San Badger]
    – There are great images at the beginning and the end, as well as footage of Peppy San Badger in action. Please let us know if you can translate the Italian text.
Breeding Incentives

Great Incentives to Breed & Campaign:

Landmark Classic $50,000 Incentive

The One Moore Syndicate would like to announce a huge new $50,000 incentive which will be paid to the first horse by One Stylish Pepto to win the Landmark Classic Campdraft (only horses resulting from breedings to One Stylish Pepto under the One Moore Syndicate ownership are eligible).

One Stylish Pepto Landmark Classic Campdraft Incentive.

$30,000 Progeny Performance Incentive:

*  Cutting performance Incentive

The first foal by One Stylish Pepto to win the following:

  • An Aged Event at an NCHA Futurity. These to include:
    • Tamworth, Toowoomba, Goondiwindi, Comet and Victorian Futurity.
  • The Incentive includes both Pro and Non Pro Events.
  • If not won in the Futurity year, the incentive bonus will continue through to the Derby year, then to the Open division.

The incentive will only be paid once to the owner of the first winning horse in the above categories.

*  Campdraft Performance Incentive

The first foal by One Stylish Pepto to win the following:

  • An Open Draft or Stallion Draft at the following Campdraft venues.
    • Warwick Rodeo, Paradise Lagoons Campdraft and Chinchilla Campdraft. This list may be added to at the discretion of the One Moore Syndicate.
  • An Open Draft does not include Restricted Drafts, Novice Drafts or an Event including different disciplines.

The incentive will only be paid once to the owner of the first winning horse in the above events.


One Stylish Pepto ad 2018

Video Gallery


Landmark Classic (with Jon Templeton)



Condamine Bell

Landmark Classic

  • Young Guns Winner with Brad Buttsworth – Rd 1 92 (25 63 4)  |  Final 91 (23 64 4)


Warwick Stallion Draft Winner – 90, 90

2017 Warwick Stallion draft winner – One Stylish Pepto & Mark …

Sit back and enjoy Campdrafting 101! One Stylish Pepto & Mark Buttsworth. 2 Rounds, 2 x 90's (23,63,4)The dust has all but settled at Warwick for another year and time to reflect on the week that was. In the blink of an eyes dreams come true and dreams are shattered. So many highlights, but the greatest for Select Sires was seeing one of our stallions and trainers win the Stallion draft. [Click on HD or the cog to access HD for full effect] Shakspeare, "Almora" Mark Buttsworth

Posted by Select Sires on Monday, 30 October 2017

Classic Ladies Foundation Promotional Video

Warwick Gold Cup

Chinchilla Grandfather Clock

  • Restricted Open (88) Not great quality, but still worth a look – [View Video]

Condamine Bell

Landmark Classic



Paradise Lagoons

  • Res Open 5 way runoff in the Cutout saw One Stylish Pepto win with 25.  [View Video]



Darling Downs Campdraft

Paradise Lagoons

  • Stallion Shootout Rd1, Mark Buttsworth – 91 pts.  [View Video]
  • Graeme Acton Memorial Restricted Open Cut out winner – 24.5 pts.  [View Video]

Landmark Classic

  • Stallion Shootout Rd 1, Mark Buttsworth – 92 pts.  [View Video]
  • Young Guns Campdraft, Brad Buttsworth – = 2nd.  90 pts. (Watch the cutout…)  View Video]


Warwick Stallion Draft

Landmark Classic



  • Stallion Draft.  Ridden by Jon Templeton – 90.  [View Video]
  • Gold Cup Round 1.  Ridden by Jon Templeton – 88.  [View Video]
  • Canning Downs Round 1.  Ridden by Jon Templeton – 88.  [View Video]

Chinchilla Bareback Cutout

Landmark Classic


Chinchilla Novice


DDCC Toowoomba


2019 Landmark Classic Horse Sale

  • Lot 241 – Soda Stylish Tonto, 3 yo stallion – Sold $18,000 – [View Video]
  • Lot 386 Boonara Stylish Lenny, 3 yo gelding – Sold $18,000 – [View Video]

2018 Landmark Classic Horse Sale

  • Lot 48 – Peptos Stylish Player, Open age gelding – Sold $34,000 – [View Video]
  • Lot 101 One Peptos Pep, Open age mare – Sold $35,000 – [View Video]
  • Lot 342 Willbe Stylish, 3 yo gelding – Sold $21,000 – [View Video]
  • Lot 479 Soda Tiamaria, 3 yo mare – Sold $24,000 – [View Video]

Broomfield Stylish Diamond


  • Warwick Gold Cup Winner with Steve Comiskey – [View 3 Round compilation Video]
    • Round 1 – 89 (23 62 4)
    • Round 2 – 89 (23 62 4)
    • Final – 90 (23 63 4)
    • Runoff – 91 (24 63 4)
  • Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Rd 2 (90) – [View Video]

One Stylish Sugar

  • 2019 NCHA Futurity Campdraft Champion with Mark Buttsworth (89 89). [View Video]

Stylish As Spinster

Peptos Stylish Player

  • 2017 Chinchilla $7500 N/P Champion – [View Video]
  • 2013 NCHA Gelding Incentive Champion – Ridden by Wayne Bauman.  [View Video]
  • 2013 DDCC Futurity Champion – Ridden by Dean Holden.  [View Rd 2 Video]

Stylish Mello & Kylie Graham

A Little Turpulence

  • 2018 Landmark Classic Open, with David Thorn – 3rd (85 92 89).  [View Video]
  • 2015 NCHA Open Classic.  Ridden by Scott Campbell.  [View Video]

One Sweet Cherry

  • 2015 NCHA Open Classic.  Ridden by Jason Leitch  148.  [View Video]
  • 2015 NCHA Breeders Incentive Open Classic – 2nd.  Ridden by Jason Leitch.  [View Video]
  • 2014 NCHA Futurity – GR2 Open Derby – 146½.  Ridden by Jason Leitch.  [View Video]


Stylish Unit (Full genetic sister)

2019 Landmark Classic progeny sold


One Moore Syndicate

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