One Moore Daddy
Not Just "One Moore" Quarterhorse!

One Moore Daddy is an exceptional individual with all the physical attributes required for the athleticism our industry needs. He has competed and succeeded at the highest level in the campdraft, challenge and cutting arenas and his progeny are following suit.

His future is assured as an impact sire.


Service Fee

  • $3,300 inc GST
  • + vet & agistment
  • Live Foal Guarantee


“Cantaur Park”
Clermont  QLD  4721

December 18 to February 2019
Berragoon Ash Stud
Holbrook, NSW
Sara Grills: 0427 002 926
Lucy Grills: 0439 298 146

One Moore Daddy's story
Mac & Gayle Shann
Mac & Gayle Shann

Mac and Gayle Shann began their amazing story with One Moore Daddy quite by accident.

While visiting Todd & Kylie Graham, they were casually inspecting the freshly broken crop of 2 year olds. One Moore Daddy was a standout in their opinion. Although they weren’t looking for a horse, let alone a colt, they found his conformation, breeding and appeal for a future as a campdrafter irresistible.

He had been bred by Trevor and Marilyn Graham and was from arguably the greatest mare of the modern era, One Moore Spin. Mac and Gayle weren’t familiar with Dmac Daddy at the time, but they were aware that he was the leading Smart Little Lena colt in Australia. They also trusted Trevor and Marilyn’s judgment in breeding their great mare to this imported son of America’s leading cutting sire.

After asking the question of the colt’s availability, they learnt the Graham family would sell him and an elated Mac and Gayle couldn’t resist the offer. They trusted their judgment and predicted that One Moore Daddy’s athletic build and elevated action would suit a range of disciplines.

One Moore Daddy was left with Todd Graham to continue his cutting training. In his Futurity year of 2007 he finalled in ALL 3 Futurities, rewarding him with a very solid reputation in the cutting pen and the grounding to continue on his winning way in other fields.

One Moore DaddyAfter completing his cutting career he changed stables and Cameron Parker prepared him for a season of challenges in 2008. He excelled and became the only horse to win all 4 major challenges in a single season.

It was then home to Cantaur Park for a life of campdrafting with Mac taking over as his regular rider.

He wasn’t used as a sire extensively as a younger horse and his oldest progeny are just starting to come through. These are exciting times for Mac and Gayle as these youngsters are showing tremendous potential.


Visit Cantaur Park’s website to view more information, including photo galleries:

Campdraft highlights

 Highest Score: 94 (25, 65, 4)


  • 2nd – Open at Mt Coolon 2013 (89, 90 & 86)
  • Winner Comet River Res Open (92 points)
  • Equal 2nd at Warwick Stallion draft.   [View Video]


  • Comet River Open – 1st


  • Warwick Gold Cup:   Rd 1 – 1st  |  Overall – 8th
  • Open at  Bowen River Golden Spurs in June – 1st
  • Maiden at Twin Hills in May – 1st

One Moore Daddy started drafting with big scores, places and round wins, showing his huge potential.

View One Moore Daddy’s full campdraft results & scores  >>


2008 Challenge season

One Moore Daddy is the ONLY horse to ever win all 4 challenges in one season, EACH a convincing win.

  • Rocky Rush – Rockhampton – 1st
  • Cloncurry Stockman’s Challenge – 1st
  • Monto Challenge – 1st
  • Paradise Lagoons Challenge – 1st


2007 Futurity season – He finalled in ALL 3.

  • NCHA Futurity, Tamworth – 9th
  • DDCC Futurity, Toowoomba – 12th
  • GCC Futurity, Goondiwindi – 6th

Cantaur Park Guardian


  • WINNER Katherine Res Open (91)
  • WINNER Saxby Open Draft (93)
  • WINNER Burketown Open Draft


  • = 2nd Richmond Novice Draft (89 & 86)
  • WINNER Muttaburra Maiden Draft (90 & 85)
  • 5th Moranbah Maiden Draft (90 & 84)
  • 2nd Mt Coolon Maiden Draft (91 & 88)
  • = 4th Yelvetoft Novice Draft
  • = 3rd Julia Ck Novice Draft (178)
  • = 3rd Gold City Novice Draft (90 & 86)


  • 2nd Weetalaba Futurity
  • WINNER Clarke Ck Futurity Cutout (23)

Cantaur Park Daddy’s Girl


  • 4th Bowen River Novice Draft 2016 (88 & 88)
  • = 5th Capella Open Draft (265)
  • = 3rd Springsure Novice Draft (86 & 91)
  • 1st in 1st Rnd Springsure Open Draft (92)


  • = 2nd Clermont Gold Cup Novice 2015 (89 & 89)
  • 3rd Capella Open Draft 2015 (89, 89 & 91)


  • =6th Warwick Gold Cup – 259 – [View Video]
  • WINNER 2013/14 Super Quest Series
  • RUNNER-UP ACA Rookie Horse of the Year 2013/14
    • Won a Rnd of Rookie draft Nebo ACA Finals
    • 5th Clarke Ck Novice (89 & 89)
      – Injured in April and out for 3 mths –


Cantaur Park Daddy’s Girl was one of only two horses in 2013 to final in both drafts. She placed:

  • 8th in Canning Downs (88, 84 & 86)
  • Finalled in Warwick Gold Cup (89, 89 & 72) – 2nd top score going into final.
  • WINNER of Barnes Trophy – prestigious ASH award judged on type, ability and consistency across the week of drafting at Warwick.
  • WINNER Bowen River Maiden (89 & 89)
  • WINNER Mt Coolon Novice (92 & 87)
  • 4th Moranbah Open Draft
  • 3rd Blair Athol Maiden (90 & 86)
  • 4th Gold City Maiden (90 & 84)
  • 6th Gold City Novice
  • 5th Alpha Futurity
  • 2nd Clarke Ck Novice

One Moore Curry


  • WINNER Willinga Park Juvenile Draft


  • Orange
    • WINNER Open Draft
    • WINNER Restricted Open Draft


  • WINNER Cloncurry Maiden Draft (87 & 91)
  • 4th Monto Open Draft (92 & 85)


  • Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge
    • 1st in Rd 1 Dry Work
    • 2nd in Rd 1 Wet Work (led going into final)
    • 6th Overall
  • Paradise Lagoons
    • Ist Cutting Phase
    • 2nd Cattle Work Phase (led going into final)
    • 6th overall
  • 3rd Capella Challenge

One Moore Battle


  • WINNER – Nebo Ladies Draft (90)


  • WINNER – Rocky Rush Rookie Challenge, with Jody Challacombe.


  • 2nd Overall in AJ McDonald Memorial U25 Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge
  • WINNER of the Rising Star Award, with Jody Challacombe. (Pictured middle.)
  • 8th Capella Challenge
  • 2nd Rookie Challenge

Cantaur Park Mandy Moore


  • 3rd Retreat Creek Open (87 89)


  • WINNER Alpha Golden Oxbow Novice (91 & 88)


  • WINNER Retreat Creek Jackpot Novice


  • 2nd in a Rnd of Rookie draft Nebo ACA Finals


  • WINNER Moranbah Maiden Draft (89 & 86)
  • 3rd Mt Coolon Novice (88 & 88)
  • 7th Clermont Gold Cup Novice (89 & 86)


  • WINNER Gold City Futurity (90 & 88)
  • 2nd Clarke Ck Futurity Draft (90) run-off

Cantaur Park Design


  • Retreat Creek Campdraft: 3rd Open (89 88)  |  Novice Rd 1 winner (93)


  • WINNER Moranbah Maiden Draft (90 & 88)
  • = 3rd Springsure Novice Draft (89 & 88)
  • – 6th Blair Athol Novice Draft


  • – 5th Nebo Novice Draft


  • 2nd Capella Futurity
  • WINNER Weetalaba Cutout (23)
  • WINNER Bowen River Cutout (23)

2013 (3 y.o.)

  • WINNER Clarke Ck Futurity (90)
  • WINNER Clarke Ck Futurity Cutout (23)

Cantaur Park Daddy’s Amber


  • SOLD Landmark – $30,000


  • 5th Cloncurry Maiden Draft (87 & 86)


  • WINNER Capella Futurity Draft (88 & 88)
  • WINNER Monto Gold Buckle Challenge
  • 8th Cloncurry Stockman’s Challenge
  • 5th Capella Challenge (91 in wet work)

Durkins Ruby


  • SOLD Landmark – $35,000 – [View Video]
  • Vendor: RJ & WM Durkin.


  • 2nd Retreat Ck Futurity
  • 2nd Twin Hills Futurity
  • WINNER Twin Hills Futurity Cutout

Cool Daddy

Full brother to Daddy’s Girl.


  • Glen Innes
    • WINNER Maiden Draft
    • 3rd in the Novice Draft on the same day.

Cantaur Park Trinidad


  • WINNER Weetalaba Futurity Draft

Donrica Miss Dior


  • WINNER – Juvenile at Burrandowan  (92)
  • WINNER – Novice at Beaudesert (179)
  • WINNER – Allora Novice Draft (180)
  • 2nd – Allora Open Draft (264)
  • WINNER – Rathdowney Res Open
  • WINNER – Cambooya Open Draft  (183)

Cantaur Park Vogue


  • WINNER Bowen River Futurity Draft

Daddy's Destination


  • Monto Silver Buckle Futurity champion – (88)

DADDYS DEFINTION – Winner Monto Futurity 2018

Leah Read winning the 2018 Monto Futurity with an 88 point run on the beautiful 'One Moore Daddy' mare 'DADDYS DEFINITION' owned by Simon & Rachel Fitzhenry!!!CONGRATULATIONS to all involved! She's a special one!

Posted by One Moore Daddy on Sunday, 17 June 2018

Landmark Progeny Sold

Cantaur Park Daddy Who

Landmark 2017

  • DOB: 22/08/2014
  • Sex: Stallion
  • 15.2hh
  • Out of Whitlow Pitch
  • Sold for $52,000

CANTAUR PARK DADDY WHO – Lot 2662yr old colt – 15.2hh (A1-11572)(One Moore Daddy x Einnor Black Jack / Lindsay mare) – draft winning mare.We are very proud to offer this exceptional 2yr old colt. We think so much of him, we have bred 3 of our best mares to him prior to this sale. He is an exceptional stockhorse type with great bone, legs, feet and confirmation and is a beautiful mover.(HD is a lot clearer if your phone can handle it)

Posted by Gayle Shann on Friday, 20 January 2017

Cantaur Park Miss Moore

Landmark 2017

  • DOB: 26/10/13
  • Sex: Mare
  • 15hh
  • Sold for $49,000

CANTAUR PARK MISS MOORE (E/T) – Lot 4753yr old filly – 15hh (A3 – 733)(One Moore Daddy x Miss Heart Acre – 8 times Open winner)Miss Moore is a beautiful filly with great confirmation and size. She is very cowy, has a tonne of ability and is a stunner. We are very proud to offer this filly.This mares dam – Miss Heart Acre has won 8 Open drafts to date. Her most recent wins for 2016 include the prestigious Clermont Gold Cup (89, 92 & 92), she ran off the Paradise Lagoons Acton Open last year and also won the 2016 Capella Open (269 pts). In previous years, she ran 2nd in Chinchilla Grandfather Clock and won the cut-out with a 24 the same year.In 2014 Miss Heart Acre had 5 runs at Springsure Draft to average 90.2 points. Mac continue's to have a lot of fun on her. We have retained a full embryo sister, the same age as Miss Moore.High Def is a lot clearer if your device can handle it.

Posted by Gayle Shann on Thursday, 26 January 2017

Landmark 2016

Cantaur Park Cleo
  • 3yr old filly (2016)
  • 15.1 ½ hh
  • Out of Expected Magazine (by Holrose Lawmaker)
  • [View Video]
  • SOLD for $41,000
Cantaur Park Lady Jane
  • 3 yr old filly
  • 15hh
  • Out of El Pascol Jasmine
  • Pre sale video – [View Video]
  • Sale video – [View Video]
  • Sold for $40,000.

Landmark 2015

Durkins Ruby
Daddy’s Amber
  • SOLD $30,000
Soda Moritz – Now deceased.
  • SOLD $46,000

Landmark 2014

Cantaur Park Deception
  • SOLD – $21,000
  • Registration #: C1-197078
  • Sex: Filly
  • DOB: 30/10/2010
Cantaur Park Moorae
  • SOLD – $30,000
  • Registration #: C1-197077
  • Sex: FILLY
  • Age/DOB: 12TH JAN 2011

Landmark 2018 Results

Landmark 2019 Results

Cantaur Daddys Dealer

Cantaur Park Daddys Olivia

Hayes Grazing Daddys Girl

Cool Mandy


One Moore Daddy has a beautiful elevated action. He is narrow through the chest, has a good wither and sloping shoulder. He is as smooth to ride as the best of the Australian Stockhorse breed and he has the exceptional temperament and trainability associated with the Quarter Horse.


Sire: DMac Daddy

DMac Daddy is the highest earning son of Smart Little Lena in Australia, with current earning of approx $40,000.

Achievements include:
5th in the 2002 NCHA NP Derby;=2nd in the 2002 DDCC Classic;1st in the 2003 Gold Cup Open NP;1st in the 2003 CCCC NP Classic Challenge;1st in the 2004 NCHA NP Classic

Dam: One Moore Spin

One Moore Spin is the 2nd “Highest Money Earning Cutting Horse” in Australian history. She has an exceptional track record as both a performance horse herself, and also as a broodmare, producing outstanding progeny who have broken records in the sale ring thus earning her the title of  Australia’s highest progeny earning mare of all time.  Her achievements as a dam have not been surpassed by any other mare in Australia.

One Moore Spin was also inducted into the Hall of Fame.  A full biography, entitled “One Moore Spin, The little one with the big heart” is available on The Australian Quarter Horse website.

Paternal Grand Sire: Smart Little Lena

Achievements include:
The All-Time leading money earning cutting stallion: LTE $743,275; The All-Time leading living sire of producing daughters. His daughters are producers of offspring earning $34.6 Million; Sire of Red White and Boon, the All-time highest money earning cutting horse: LTE $922,063; Leading Sire of NCHA Money Earners.  >$36.8Million; 2008 NCHA Hall of Fame Inductee; NCHA Triple Crown Winner.

Paternal Grand Dam: Mom's Stylish Cat

Mom’s Stylish Kat ($85,985) #3 Highest Money Earning mare in 1998.

Achievements include:
NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic Reserve Champion; Abilene Spectacular 5/6 Year Old Open Reserve Champion; Finalist in the NCHA Open Derby; Augusta Non-Pro Classic, Bonanza 5/6 yo Open.

Maternal Grand Sire: Doc's Spinifex

Doc’s Spinifex is renowned as being one of the most influential sires Australia has ever seen. He is the #1 All Time Leading Sire of Cutting Horses with a convincing $3.671 million.

He is the sire of the top 2 leading money earners in the NCHA – One Hellofa Spin: $153,306 & One Moore Spin: $111,859.

Doc’s Spinifex is also the sire of the famous campdraft mare Roanies Chex, winner of ACA Open Horse Titles, Paradise Lagoons Open, Chinchilla Grandfather Clock & Warwick Gold Cup campdrafts.

His progeny performance record includes:
7 NCHA Futurities, 8 NCHA Derbies, 3 NCHA NP Futurities, 2 NCHA NP Derbies, 2 NCHA Classic Challenges, 1 NCHA NP Classic Challenge, Warwick Gold Cup & Cloncurry Stockman’s Challenge winners.

Maternal Grand Dam: One Moore Roc

One Moore Roc is the #2 Leading Maternal Grandam ($448,155). She has produced champions such as: One Moore Spin (see above); Spin N Roc – Winner of 1995 NCHA Futurity & 1996 NCHA NP Derby; Just One Moore – Winner of 2004 CCCC NP Futurity and finalist in the NCHA Futurity.


Foaling Date: 08/11/2003
Colour: Chestnut
Height: 15.1hh
Breeder: Bunyarra Park
Current Owner: Mac & Gayle Shann

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ONE MOORE R1-10265

Information provided courtesy of the Australian Quarter Horse Association.

Video Gallery

One Moore Daddy

2013 Warwick

2013 Landmark Classic

Visit Cantaur Park website to view excellent video footage of One Moore Daddy competing in different disciplines.


Daddy’s Girl

  • 2014 Warwick Gold Cup, with Mac Shann – =6th (259).  [View Video]
  • 2013 Warwick Gold Cup, with Mac Shann – Rd1 (178).  [View Video]

Durkins Ruby

  • 2015 Landmark Classic Horse Sale.  SOLD – $35,000, Vendor: RJ & WM Durkin – [View Video]

Cantaur Park Daddy Who

  • 2018 NCHA Snafflebit Futurity GR2, with Luke Bennett –  [View Video]
  • 2017 Landmark Classic Horse Sale.  SOLD $52,000.  [View Presale Video]  (When window opens, click on the image to view video)

Cantaur Park Miss Moore

  • 2017 Landmark Classic Horse Sale.  SOLD $49,000.  [View Presale Video]  (When window opens, click on the image to view video)

Cantaur Park Moorae

Cantaur Park Lady Jane

Cantaur Park Cleo

Durkins Gem

Daddys Heart Acre

Bungarby Daddys Alias

Nibbereena Miss Minaj

Cantaur Daddys Dealer

Cantaur Park Daddys Olivia

Hayes Grazing Daddys Girl

Cool Mandy

  • 2019 Landmark Classic Sale – Lot 577 –  Sold $25,000.      [View Sale Video]


2019 Landmark Classic Sale progeny

Lot 413 – Cantaur Daddys Dealer

Lot 413 Cantaur Daddy's Dealer

Posted by Karin Howard on Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Posted by Karin Howard on Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Lot 577 – Cool Mandy

Lot 577 - Cool Mandy. Landmark 2019


Mac & Gayle Shann
“Cantaur Park”
Clermont  QLD  4721

Tel: (07) 4983 5246

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