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Wallabah Excel

Ridden by the whole family.  Winning for the whole family.

Wallabah Excel
Ridden by the whole family!  Winning for the whole family!

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The Dodwell Story

Simon and Debbie Dodwell have a simple vision for their Yalata Park Stock Horse Stud. They wish to be as successful as possible on home bred horses.

Simon DodwellBoth Simon and Debbie were involved with horses throughout their youth. Simon and his family were regular campdrafters and Debbie competed at Pony Club and hacking shows before becoming interested in the campdraft discipline.

After marrying they continued to compete in campdrafts within the Riverina area of NSW with their stock horses, but as Simon was a fan of the stock horse/quarter horse cross he started looking for a quarter horse colt to use with his mares. They purchased their quarter horse stallion A1 Tasso from Graham Amos as a yearling colt. Simon broke him in and took him successfully through his campdraft classes, eventually winning 12 Opens. Continuing to compete with A1 Tasso and his progeny and becoming more successful within their region, Simon decided it was time to take on the bigger competitions.

His first trip “north” was to attend the Jnr/Snr Quarter Horse Show in Tamworth in about 1989. Simon is happy to admit it was a learning curve that changed his life. It was the time when Mark Buttsworth was first campaigning Double Doc and it was the first time Simon had seen Mark compete. He was blown away by the intensity of the opposition and realised that there was a whole new level of competition to be experienced. There was also so much more he needed to learn.  Then and there he decided that he needed to get to Warwick and the bigger competitions. He needed to experience the bigger atmospheres, experience the pressure of competing against the best on a regular basis and to try and match it with them.

Jessica Dodwell riding YalattaAs the years rolled by Simon and Debbie started looking for a new sire to replace A1 Tasso. They decided on a Stock Horse to put over their A1 Tasso mares and Simon was interested in the Adios Reflect breed. He was impressed with how Reflect was crossing with Omega mares and Wallabah Excel represented exactly this cross.

Wallabah Excel is the horse they were hoping for. He is a horse that all the family compete on and his ability and desire to compete make him ideal for the Yalata Park Stock Horse Stud vision.  Excel has exceeded expectations having won numerous titles in the Southern Campdraft Association as well as taking his riders to title wins as well.

The biggest highlight to date with Excel is winning the prestigous JHS Barnes Memorial Trophy at Warwick in 2016. Simon and Debbie also get a huge thrill out of hearing from owner/breeders who are enjoying success with his progeny.


Winner of over 60 campdrafts, including 27 Opens.

Wallabah Excel & Simon Dodwell, Warwick 2015
Wallabah Excel & Simon Dodwell, Warwick 2015 Wallabah Excel winning his 25th Open at Brungle


  • Warwick
    • Barnes Trophy Winner for outstanding performance finalling in the Canning Downs, Ladies & Stallion draft. [View Rd 1 Video]
  • Brungle - Open - 1st  |  ResOpen - 1st


Read the excellent newspaper article on Simon & Excel's successes, written  by Cootamundra Herald.

[Top photo by Mike Kenyon Sports Photos
Second photo by Sport in Digital.  Warwick 2015.
Bottom photo: Wallabah Excel winning his 25th Open draft at Brungle, 2016.]

Wallabah Excel at West Wyalong
Ben Mooney & Wallabah Excel, Young Guns, Landmark 2014


  • Warwick Stallion Draft Finalist
  • Landmark Rd 2 Open Draft. [View Video]
  • West Wyalong
    • Open - 1st with Simon Dodwell
    • Junior - 4th with Brooke Dodwell

[Top:  Simon Dodwell & Wallabah Excel, West Wyalong.
Bottom photo: Ben Mooney & Wallabah Excel, Young Guns, Landmark 2014 Placed 4th with a 90 and 85.]

Jess Dodwell & Wallabah Excel, Mossvale 2013
Simon Dodwell & Wallabah Excel, Gundagain Giddyup 2013


  • Highest Scoring Australian Stock Horse in the SCA Open Horse Category.
  • SCA Runner up All Round Horse
  • 3rd SCA Open Horse
  • Champion Riverina All Round Horse
  • Champion Riverina Open Horse

[Top photo: Jessica Dodwell & Excel at Mossvale.
[Bottom photo: Simon Dodwell & Wallabah Excel, Gundagain Giddyup 2013.]

Brooke Dodwell & Wallabah Excel, Illabo 2013


  • Warwick CG Welding Ladies Finalist.
  • 2011-2012 SCA All Round & Open Champion Horse.

[Photo by Jenny Solomon: Brooke Dodwell (13yrs old) drafting Excel at Illabo, 2013.]


Excel progeny are stacking up!

Wallabah Excel’s progeny are EXCELLING in the led, hack and working and more recently campdraft arenas.

Type, temperament, trainability and a flare for the flat work disciplines are proving to be the standout qualities of these young offspring as they enter their various show programmes.

Excel progeny are also doing very well in the sales ring, having topped their category at various sales:


  • Berragoon Dune, top priced mare at Berragoon ASH Stud Production sale @ $22,000


  • Yalatta Park's Excess, equal highest priced open aged gelding, Landmark Classic @ $25,000
  • Berragoon Suga Fix, highest priced 1 year old fill at Berragoon ASH Stud Production sale @ $8,000
  • Royalle INXS, equal highest priced filly at Fountain of Youth ASH sale @ $15,000
  • Shadowpark X-Rated, highest priced colt at Fountain of Youth ASH sale @ $7,000


  • Eulo Glen Calico, highest priced open aged mare at Landmark Classic @ $46,000
  • Royalle X-Factor, highest priced 1 year old colt at Berragoon ASH Stud Production sale @ $8,250
  • Berragoon Daydream, highest priced 1 year old filly at Berragoon ASH Stud Production sale @ $6,750
  • Rosebrook Gleam, highest priced 3 year old at Rosebrook ASH sale @ $10,400

Eulo Glen Calico
Eulo Glen Calico
Eulo Glen Calico
Sold LANDMARK 2015 - $46,000


  • West Wyalong Novice - 1st
  • Tallangatta Maiden - 1st


  • West Wyalong Novice - 2nd (only her second draft)
  • Illabo Novice - 6th (88 & 84).  225 competitors

[Photo by Jenny Solomon.] 

Freemans Cocombah Yindi

Freemans Cocombah Yindi

Freemans Cocomah Yindi

Breeder/Owner/Rider Kellie Freeman.

2016 - Here are just some of her highlights:

  • 1st 4yr old Hack Central Vic ASH Show.
  • 1st 4yr old Working Central Vic ASH Show.
  • 1st Led Mare 4yrs Albury Show.
  • Champion Led ASH Albury Show.
  • 1st Led ASH mare Nathalia Ag Show.
  • Reserve Champion Led ASH Nathalia Ag Show.
  • 1st Ridden ASH Nathalia Ag Show.
  • 1st Led ASH Corowa Show.
  • Champion Led Junior Exhibit Corowa Show.
  • 1st Working ASH Corowa Show.

[Ridden Show photo taken by Paul Bird.]

ExcelsiorExcelsior & Adele Warner

Owned and shown by Adele Warner.

South Queensland Management Council ASHS Yearling Futurity Series Winner for 2016.

Dayboro Show:
- 1st 2 yr old and under ASH Filly
- 1st 2yr old and under buckskin filly.
- Champion ASH Mare
- Supreme ASH Exhibit

Redcliffe Show:
- 1st 2 yr old and under ASH Filly
- 1st 2 yr old and under buckskin Filly
- Champion Buckskin
- Supreme Dilute Exhibit

[Bottom photo taken by Oz Shotz Photography.]

Berragoon Suga Fix
Berragoon Suga Fix
  • Filly
  • Dam - Berragoon Paris
  • Purchaser - John Mitchell
  • Top priced yearling at 2016 Berragoon Annual Production Sale, selling for $8,000 - [View Video]
Allhours Cruz
Allhours Cruz
  • 4 yr old mare (2014)
  • Owned by Chalker Family.


  • Winner of feature Maiden Draft, Cobram.

  • Mare, owned by Rick Munt & ridden by Lachie Sim.


  • She placed 4th in her first start at drafting in the Maiden at Tallangatta in November 2014.

  • 2 yo filly who has just been broken in. (Nov 2014.)
  • Owned by Sandy McAntee.

Yalatta Parks Excess

Yalatta Parks Excess

Yalatta Parks Excess


Shadowpark Roselane
Shadowpark Roselane
  • 6 yr old gelding (2015)
  • Owned by Stacey Rogers. 

[Photo by Jenny Solomon. Stacey Rogers, competing at Camden 2013]

Yalatta Parks Expert & Simon Dodwell
Yalatta Park’s Expert
  • 2 yr old gelding (June 2014)
  • Dam: Stephdon Mable
  • Owned by Dodwell Family.
  • SOLD Landmark 2015 - $6,500.

Banimboola Edge of Time
Banimboola Edge of Time

Banimboola Edge Of Time
  • 2 yr old filly (June, 2014)
  • Owned and bred by Kate Thomas.


  • 1st Led ASH filly, Goulburn Murray Branch Show

[Top photo, approx 3 months old.]

Berragoon Expose
Berragoon Expose
  • 2 yr old colt
  • Standing at Berragoon ASH Stud, Holbrook

Kelly Park Extreme
Kaylee Park Extreme
  • 3 yr old gelding
  • Owned by Les Godfrey & Melissa Walmsley.
  • Scored in first run at 2014 Lucindale Campdraft

Yalatta Parks Exceptional
Yalatta Parks Exceptional
  • 2 months old (June 2014)
  • Owned by Dodwell Family

Exceed n Excel
JH Exceed n Excel
  • Owned by the Ross family of Narrabri.
  • 2 year old colt bred by Elite Equine Embryos.

Hulms Shining Star
Hulm’s Shining Star
  • 5 year old mare.
  • Owned by Stephen and Maureen Hulm.


  • Runner Up Southern Campdraft Association Maiden Horse of the year.
  • Winner Riverina Zone Maiden Horse of the Year.
  • Runner Up Riverina Zone Novice Horse of the Year.
  • Winner of Braidwood Maiden.
  • Winner Tumbarumba Open.

Yalatta Parks Exhibit
Yalatta Parks Exhibit
Yalatta Parks Exhibit
  • 2 yr old gelding (June, 2014)
  • Owned & shown by Michelle Gilham. 


  • 3rd Led ASH Gelding under 3yr, Melbourne Royal


  • Reserve Champion Led ASH @ Yarram Show.
  • Winner of Yearling Male ASH at Melbourne Summer Royal.


  • Champion Led Yearling, Dandenong ASH Branch Show at Dandenong.

[Bottom photo by Bridey Lee Livestock Photography.] 

Yalatta Parks Exceed
Yalatta Parks Execution

Yalatta Parks Execution
  • 2 yr old gelding.  (June 2014)
  • Owned and bred by Simon & Debbie Dodwell.
  • Dam: Roanies Cut em Loose.


  • Sold for $8,000 at Landmark to Ben and Emma Mooney.

[Top photo 12 months old.]

Shadow Park Rose Lane
Shadowpark Rose Lane
  • Owned by Stacey Rogers.
  • Champion Working ASH and Reserve.


  • Champion Hack at Frenches Forest

Yalatta Parks Exceed
Yalatta Parks Exceed

Yalatta Parks Exceed
  • 3 yr old.  (June, 2014)
  • Owned & Shown by by Michelle Gilham.


  • 1st Ridden Buckskin Gelding, Royal Melbourne Show.
  • Reserve Champion Ridden ASH, Yarram Show.


  • 2nd Led 2 year old ASH Colt/Gelding at Melbourne Summer Royal.
  • 2nd Led 2 year old ASH Colt/Gelding at The Victorian ASH State Championships.


  • Champion Led Male, Dandenong ASH Branch Show.

[Bottom photo by Derek O’Leary Photography.]

Remix Matilda

ASH National Fountain of Youth Sale, Tamworth

  • Filly
  • SOLD: $12,000 - [View Video]
  • Vendor/breeder: Ricky & Erica Mitchell (right)
  • Purchaser: The Pederick Family from WA.

[Image courtesy of The Land.]

Shadowpark Ruby Rose & Jaqui Long
[Photo by Angie Rickard Photography. 
Jackie Long, 2014]

Shadowpark Ruby Rose 2013
[Photo by Tania Hobbs.  Jackie Long, 2013]

Shadowpark Ruby Rose
[Photo: Competing at Canberra Royal 2012]

Shadowpark Ruby Rose
  • 3 yr old.  (June 2014.)
  • Owned by Alex Crawford.
  • Shown by Jackie Long


  • 1st Led ANSA Filly, Melbourne Royal
  • 1st Ridden ASH under 4, Melbourne Royal
  • 1st Led ANSA 3 yr old, Sydney Royal
  • Champion Open Working ASH, Minto Ag Show
  • Champion ANSA Junior Led, Minto Ag Show


  • Supreme Champ Led ASH, St Ives Show
  • Winner Led 2 year old Filly, Canberra Royal
  • 4th Ridden 4 year & under ASH hack, Sydney Royal
  • 4th 2 y.o. Led Filly at ASH Nationals, Tamworth
  • Champ Led & Ridden ASH, Youngstock Show


  • 1st led 2yo Filly, Cumberland
  • 1st 2yo Snaffle Bit, Mossvale
  • 2nd 2yo Futurity, Gunning
  • 2nd 2yo Futurity, Mossvale
  • 1st in led ASH mare 3 years and under
  • Highest placed 2yo in ridden ASH any sex 3 years and under

Charlie McKinnon & Kellyville Mack
Kellyville Mack


  • Bundarra Juvenile - 1st (93) with Charlie McKinnon - [View Video]
  • Inverell Show - =7th/8th with Joe McKinnon
  • Ashford Show, with Charlie McKinnon
    • Open - 2nd (84, 89)
    • Juvenile - 2nd (88)
  • Landmark Classic Rd 1, with Charlie McKinnon (89) - [View Video]
  • ABCRA Finals - Rd 1 - 90, with Charlie McKinnon
Adios Reflect
Sire: Adios Reflect

As a sire Adios Reflect represents everything a campdraft breeder would be looking for.  He comes from a very strong mare family, which includes Warwick Gold Cup winner, Bruce Hollis’ Abel, and Graeme Clarke’s Gold Cup 2nd placegetter, Direct.

Other quality mares from this family include Bruce’s other mares, Yvonne and Select.

He then boasts another great campdraft family through his Gold Cup winning sire, Abdul.

Lindsay Knight & Warrenbri Omega
Maternal Grand Sire: Warrenbri Omega

Warwick Gold Cup winner and more importantly the sire of many great performance horses. Warrenbri Omega horses have been the sale toppers at Stock Horse sales throughout the last decade and his contribution to the industry can only be described as phenomenal.

Stud book details

ASH Registration #:  172196 
AQHA Registration #: FS-24994
Foaling Date:  20/09/2003
Colour:  DUN
Height:  15.0hh
Exceptional Horse Status:  Heritage Stock Horse
AQHA Foundation Sire
5 panel genetic screening: N/N
Breeder:  Mr MB Whale
Current Owner:  Mr S Dodwell
Progeny:  [View]

Clicking on the link will lead to the horse's listing on the Australian Stock Horse Stud Book register. 
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Information provided courtesy of the Australian Stock Horse Society.

Video Gallery

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Landmark Classic

  • Open Draft Rd 1, Simon Dodwell & Wallabah Excel - [View Video]



Landmark Classic

  • Rd 2 Open Draft.  [View Video]
  • Lot 87. Yallatta Parks Excess.  Equal Top Priced Open Gelding - $25,000.  [View Video]



  • Champion of Champions - Eq 4th (88, 88.5)
  • National Campdraft rider of Australia (NCCA) - 2nd, with a 3 round total of 256.5 (78.8, 89, 89). 
    • Champion cut out horse with Rd 1 Cutout of 24 - [View Video]  (Click arrows bottom right hand corner to enlarge.)
    • Rd 2 - [View Video]  (Click arrows bottom right hand corner to enlarge.)
    • Rd 3 - [View Video]  (Click arrows bottom right hand corner to enlarge.)

Geurie Golden Bit Campdraft  90 (23, 63, 4) - [View Video]  (Click arrows bottom right hand corner to enlarge.)

Landmark Merial Stallion draft - 3rd (89, 90, 23)


Warwick Stallion Draft


2013 Landmark Classic Campdraft


Yalatta Parks Excess

  • 2016 Landmark Classic - Lot 87 - Equal Top Priced Open Gelding - $25,000.  [View Video]

Eulo Glen Calico

Remix Matilda (filly)

  • ASH National Fountain of Youth Sale, Tamworth
  • Vendor: R. & E. Mitchell - SOLD: $12,000 - [View Video]

Kellyville Mack

  • 2017 Landmark Classic Rd 1 with Charlie McKinnon - [View Video]
  • 2017 Bundarra Juvenile - 1st (93) with Charlie McKinnon - [View Video]

Contact Details

Owner: Simon & Debbie Dodwell Standing from end of October:

Bethungra  NSW  2590
(between Junee & Cootamundra)
Ph:  (02) 6943 4241
Simon: 0428 405 112
Debbie: 0428 434240

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Tansey  QLD  4601
Contact Huon and Colleen Smith for bookings
Mob: 0427 687130


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