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Steve Smith Story

Steve Smith is a dedicated horseman with a passion for what he does best, breaking horses.  Born and raised in the Gumdale area, west of Brisbane he has always been a horse fanatic.  As a youngster he was always around horses and soon found a way to be involved in what has become his life’s occupation.

Early in his teenager years he started helping a western pleasure breaker and trainer, Robbie Wright. He accredits Robbie with being a big influence on his current breaking style. He feels that the Western Pleasure discipline requires horses to accept their training with a certain awareness of their rider and their surrounds before they continue into their education.  This brokeness is something Steve still aims to achieve with every horse he starts.

Steve Smith & Redneck Chic
Steve Smith & Redneck Chic

After a short time shearing as a young man, he started working full time on a property west of Goondiwindi. As an after hours diversion he started breaking in horses for Phil Dawson and soon by word of mouth he had up to 6 breakers all the time for various owners.

His reputation continued to grow and he soon had more horses than he was able to handle on a part time basis, so after 13 years on the property Steve and Stacey decided to move on to their own property, ”Waldron”, and Steve would set up as a full time horse breaker. With the support of Stacey and their three children, Phillip, Tom and Lillian, his business prospered.

Steve’s ambition was to keep riding and doing a good job on the horses that passed through his facilities. He enjoyed watching the horses he started continue on and seeing them perform at the top level, such as the 2013 & 2016  NCHA Futurities where two of his breakers, Foo Licious & Moore Metal won the Futurity and in 2018 the DDCC Futurity saw Shines Like Metallic win.

In October 2018 Steve decided to go Pro, it was a natural progression. It was business as usual for Steve with his breaking in program with the added bonus of him being able to train horses as well as start young horses on cattle & Sale prep.

Training Program
Steve Smith Horse Breaking
Steve Smith working a breaker.

Steve now handles up to 20 breakers at a time with a standard format to his breaking program.  Steve likes to keep his breakers for 6 to 8 weeks and rides them six days a week. His motto is “every ride counts” and this is his philosophy. He ensures that every day some positive ground has been made. That leaves the horse in a good spot at the end of their program with a foundation that will stick through whatever discipline they are directed into. It is important that they have a level of discipline that they accept.

Steve Smith Horse Breaking facilities
Steve Smith Horse Breaking facilities.

Although his main clients remain from the cutting field, he also breaks campdraft horses and whatever comes. This has included Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds and a little bit of everything.

Steve’s facilities are purpose built to ensure safe preparations for all horses with individual paddocks and lanes between paddocks to minimalise paddock friction. Sanded arenas, round yards covered tie up rail ensure horses are protected from the elements as much as is practical.


Asa Cat

Owned & ridden by Steve Smith.



  • Burrendowan Novice NP CHAMPION (74)
  • NCHA NP Derby Champion
  • Condamine – Open NP – =3rd (74.5)  |  Novice NP CHAMPION (75)
  • CCCC Goondiwindi Open NP CHAMPION
  • Wildhorse Cutting Novice NP CHAMPION (73)
  • Armidale NP Derby – 3rd
  • Breeders Incentive NP Derby – 3rd
  • Killarney 5000 Novice – 2nd
  • SQCC, Chinchilla – Novice NP – 4th


  • DDCC Open Futurity – 3rd
  • CCC Futurity – 13th
  • CCC NP Futurity – 5th

Currell Cherry Red


  • 15000 Novice CHAMPION (74)
  • NCHA NP Futurity – 3rd.  [View Video]

Oaks Sledge Hammer


  • SQCHA Kilcoy Novice NP Champion


  • Breeders Incentive NP Derby – CHAMPION


  • NCHA NP Futurity Finalist Tamworth
  • DDCC NP Futurity Finalist Toowoomba
  • Comet Futurity RESERVE CHAMPION

Kittys Da Vinci


  • NCHA NP Derby finalist
  • Condamine – Open NP – =3rd (74.5)
  • SQCHA Kilcoy
    • Novice N/P – 3rd
    • Open N/P – 3rd

Neat Chic


  • SQCC, Chinchilla, Open NP – 3rd


  • NCHA National Finals, Novice NP – 2nd
  • CCC NP Futurity – 8th

Aged Events

Redneck Woman

Won in excess of $40,000.

  • 2008 NCHA NP Derby Tamworth RESERVE CHAMPION
  • 2008 DDCC NP Derby Finalist Toowoomba
  • 2009 NCHA NP Classic Challenge Finalist Tamworth
  • 2010 DDCC NP Classic Challenge Finalist Toowoomba
  • 2010 CCCC NP Classic Challenge RESERVE CHAMPION Goondiwindi
  • 2011 NCHA NP Derby Finalist Tamworth
  • 2011 Comet NP Derby RESERVE CHAMPION
Mudslide Shorty
  • 2012 NCHA NP Classic/Challenge Finalist Tamworth
Horses broken in by Steve

Clients horses include:

  • 2018 DDCC Futurity Champion – Shines Like Metallic ridden by Phil Dawson.  [View Video]
  • 2018 NCHA Futurity Champion – Duplicity ridden by Todd Graham.  [View Video]
  • 2018 NCHA Derby Champion – Beccy’s Merada ridden by Phil Dawson [View Video]
  • 2016 NCHA Futurity Champion – Moore Metal ridden by Trent Smith.  [View Video]
  • 2013 NCHA Futurity Champion – Foo Licious ridden by Phil Dawson.  [View Video]
  • 2013 NCHA NP Derby Champion – Moss Calamity Jane ridden by Lincoln Verrart.  [View Video]

Steve broke in a great little gelding BABY CARLOS for his son Phillip.

  • 2012 NCHA – NP Futurity Finalist
  • 2012 DDCC – NP Futurity Finalist
  • 2012 Comet – NP Futurity Finalist – Amatuer Champion
  • 2013 NCHA – Open Derby Finalist – Shown by John Mitchell

Steve’s own horses include:

Moore Metal


Foo Licious


Whos Dat Puddy Tat


  • NCHA NP Futurity Finalist Tamworth
  • DDCC NP Futurity RESERVE CHAMPION Toowoomba

Whos a Monty Carlo


  • NCHA NP Futurity Finalist Tamworth
  • Comet Futurity Finalist


  • NCHA – NP Futurity Finalist
  • DDCC – NP Futurity Finalist
  • Comet – NP Futurity Finalist – Amateur Champion




  • NCHA Futurity Champion – Duplicity ridden by Todd Graham.  [View Video]


Shines Like Metallic


  • Victorian Open Futurity – 5th.  2nd GR1
  • DDCC Open Futurity CHAMPION.  148 points (7 point margin)
    • Highest AGR score.
  • NCHA Open Futurity – =3rd.
    • GR2 Winner.

Darlea Double Scotch


  • CCCC Derby Champion.


Video Gallery

2018 Victorian Futurity

2017 NCHA National Finals

  • Thomas Smith & Asa Cat, $7500 NP Champion marking 228 – [View Video]

2017 NCHA Futurity

  • Steve Smith & Kittys Davinci, NP Classic GR2 – [View Video]

2016 NCHA Futurity

2014 NCHA NP Futurity

  • Steve Smith and Redneck Chic.  GR1 – 143½ – [View Video]

2013 NCHA Futurity

  • Steven Smith and Whos a Monty Carlo.  NP Futurity GR1 – 143 points.  [View Video]
  • Phillip Smith & Whos Top Cat. Senior Youth Res Champion – [View Video]

Horses broken in by Steve

  • Shines Like Metallic & Phil Dawson.  2018 DDCC Futurity Champion – [View Video]
  • Moore Metal & Trent Smith.  2016 NCHA Futurity Champion – [View Video]
  • Darlea Double Scotch & Phil Dawson.  2016 NCHA Futurity Finalist – [View Video]
  • Foo Licious & Phil Dawson.  2013 NCHA Futurity Champion with 151 points – [View Video]
  • Miss Calamity Jane & Lincoln Verrart.  2013 NCHA NP Derby Champion – [View Video]


Goondiwindi  QLD  4390

Mob:  0427 595 166

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