One Roan Peptos makes history

One Roan Peptos and Teresa Russo have proved that dreams can and do come true.  A girl, her pony and a journey that could never have been imagined.

Congratulations to Teresa and Roanie who has won the 2018 NCHA High Point Open Horse of the Year & High Point Stallion of the Year…for the 4th time.  He he is the only horse to ever achieve this.

His lifetime earnings are over $173,000 and he is the second highest money earning Cutting horse of all time in Australia and the HIGHEST money earning Stallion of all time in Australia.  He is one very special cutting horse! 

Teresa Russo said, “Feeling so very privileged to have the most special cutting horse in my life… One Roan Peptos… for many many years now he has taken me on such an extraordinary and adventurous journey. So many special memories & moments to cherish.”

“He is now officially retired from the cutting pen and enjoying the green grass of home. The cutting shows will never be the same for me without him there…”, she said.

Roanie has has earned his retirement to stud and will always remain conspicuous by absence in the cutting pen.

The Dream Team, Teresa Russo, Heath Sinclair & his family.
The Dream Team, Teresa Russo, Heath Sinclair & his family.

We will miss you Roanie!