Landmark Success stats for John Brekelmans

Out of the first 17 horses sold by John Brekelmans at Landmark, 14 have won drafts. 7 competed at Warwick 2018.

The horses that have not won a draft are- Ducks and Drakes- placed in numerous drafts. Duck Dundee- 2nd in Landmark Classic and placed in numerous drafts. Lucky Duck- Won Landmark Masters Cut Out and placed in drafts.

Draft winners are: Dynamic Duck, One Duck An Acre, Destinys Duckling, Seducktion, Wataduck, Humducker, Duck Rey, Duck N Daisy, Duck N Weave, Fancy Rey Duck, Breks Conducktress, Duckdown, Sophie Duck

John’s saddles have also been well represented as last year’s Landmark Classic winner and top priced sale horse were both ridden in one of his saddles.

John would like to thank all past buyers of both horses and saddles, and wish everyone good luck at Landmark 2019.