Hazelwood Conman progeny Highlights 2019.

Hazelwood Conman, the results speak for themselves.

Winners of the major drafts in 2019 have one common denominator, their SIRE Hazelwood Conman.  These are just a few and each of those have multiple other major achievements. E.g.

🔷 Hingus & Kerry Turner also won the Barnes Trophy, Highest AGR over the Canning Downs & Gold Cup AND the Dolly Everett Memorial Ladies Series for the highest AGR in the Ladies draft over the Triple Crown.
🔷 Brittany & Pete Comiskey also won the Highest AGR over the Triple Crown.

Other successes over the Triple Crown include:

đź”· Chinchilla Grandfather Clock – Rohan Marks & Cowboy (Conman Grandson)
đź”· Chinchilla Novice Winner – Terry Hall & Composer.