Hazelwood Conman Landmark 2019 Summation

Hazelwood Conman‘s service fee is $5,500 inc GST.  A couple of things to ponder when you consider your return on investment.

Landmark 2019:

  • Conman’s progeny has won the Landmark Classic 4 times, plus 2nd last year!
  • Averages surpassed sale averages in all categories.  Overall average: $24,715.
  • 85% clearance in the Sale.
  • Most progeny sold by a single sire.
  • Topped Stallion category: WESTLAKE CONFEDERER.  Vendor: Jessica Turich. Purchaser: Craig McNabb. Sold $86,000.  [View Video]
    • Other top Conman sales:
      – Lot 290 – AMAC COTTON.  Vendor: Ben McNaughton. Purchaser: Acton Family Trust. Sold $60,000. [View Video]
      – Lot 106 – Royal Comedienne.  Vendor: Kandee & David Thorn.  Purchaser: BG Stockdale.  Sold $42,500.  [View Video]
      – Lot 289 Mewburn Contoria.  Vendor: John Mitchell.  Purchaser: DL Smith.  Sold $40,000.  [View Video]
      – Lot 456 Kydras Casino Man.  Vendor: Scott & Amanda Waters.  Purchaser: Ford Helicopters PL.  Sold $40,000.  [View Video]

2019 Averages


2019 Landmark Horse Sale Results for Hazelwood Conman