Brekelmens Ducks – Your chance to buy a piece of Australian Performance Horse History

The sale of John Brekelmans – Ducks horses is going to be very special, for a multitude of reasons. These horses are John’s legacy and go back to the one horse he bought out of a mob of station horses when he was a ringer in the Gulf Country in 1974.

As Alana says in the video below, they are a continuation of John’s passion to “breed better horses…refining bloodlines.”

Get your bid cards ready, this is your chance to “Buy a piece of Australian Performance Horse History!”

Listening to the interview with Margit and Alana about Saturday’s dispersal sale made us think of the story John told us about Breks Duck Yeah for his page. At the time we thought it was more of the “Ducks” story than just that of Duck Yeah, but we came to realise each of John’s horses tell the story not just of the Ducks, but of John & his passion to “breed better horses”.

John told us he tries to balance up a horse’s best attributes between stallion and mare. He added that very seldom does this balance actually happen. But, he believed he achieved it with Breks Duck Yeah.

Read the story of the Ducks horses on Breks Duck Yeah’s page >>

Nutrien Equine – Margit & Alana – ESTL of John Brekelmans – Interview

John Brekelmans horses have been a huge part of the Nutrien Equine sales over the years. The Ducks brand is well recognised throughout the performance horse industry as a mark of quality on some of the best performed and bred horses throughout Australia.Earlier last month Simon Booth from Nutrien Equine caught up with Margit & Alana to discuss some of the beautiful horses that they have on offer in next months sale.‘ESTL of John Brekelmans Dispersal & Kylie Graham Mungalla Stud Reduction Sale’13th of June 2020Live Auction interfaced with Auctions Plus- Nutrien Equine Website – ⬇️ Online Sale Catalogue available now – ⬇️ Online Sale Videos available now – ⬇️ Auctions Plus Sale Page – ⬇️' Duck Horses Mungalla Stud#performancehorsesale #nutrienequine #horsesale #performancehorses #campdraft #challenge #equine #johnbrekelmansducks #mungallastud #auctionsplus

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