Break Free from Big Head & Lameness

The problems of oxalate containing tropical grasses have been with us for many decades and over the years graziers and campdrafters have been offered a vast aray of calcium supplements to fix the apparent calcium deficiency. Despite this the problem persists and horses seem to suffer from varying degrees of lameness, tight muscles, bone and dental issues and general ill thrift. So it is refreshing to find a firm that has challenged the conventional wisdom, conducted field trials and developed a completely new approach based on the concept that actually there is plenty of calcium in the diet – it is the regulation of calcium that goes wrong.

BREAK FREE, BREAK FREE Elite and BREAK FREE Essentials Lick are a family of products designed to help oxalate affected horses of different ages and workloads and under different management regimes.

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Louise Comiskey & Warren Thompson discuss their results using Break Free.