Campdrafting’s Triple Crown gets underway tomorrow

We are only a day away from the start of Campdrafting’s Triple Crown which is held during October every year leading up to the Warwick Rodeo. There is $30,000 on offer for the winner.

The same horse and rider must win all three open drafts at Condamine Bell, Chinchilla Grandfather Clock and Warwick Gold Cup.

The Condamine Bell Open Campdraft starts the Triple Crown.  The winner there, is the only person and horse able to win the ‘Crown’.

The second leg of the Triple Crown is the Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Open, with a prestigious grandfather clock as the major trophy.

The final leg is the Warwick Gold Cup, the most covetted and sought after title in campdrafting. The Gold Cup is believed to be the biggest ever horse event in the world, where competitors and their horses gather at a single venue to compete for a single prize, the Warwick Gold Cup. The prizes are great, but the prestige in winning is greater.

The three committees from Condamine, Chinchilla and Warwick each contribute $10,000 should the Triple Crown be taken out by the single horse/rider combination.

It has never been won, yet!

Select Sires looks forward to bringing you the action!

Triple Crown Highest Aggregate Prize

The Triple Crown has a second component where the “Highest aggregate over 9 rounds” wins $3,000 in prizemoney plus a service to Hazelwood Conman donated by Terry & Chris Hall plus an embryo package to the value of $1,500 donated by Equivet.

Last Year this was won by Ben Hall & Eltorrio (by Daley’s Playrio) whose aggregate scores were: 86, 84, 90.5, 90, 89, 22, 88, 86, 86.

Ben & Eltorrio, 2016 Triple Crown Champions
Ben & Eltorrio, 2016 Triple Crown Champions

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